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Dewsbury has been left to decay

Letter of the Week: Helena England, Batley Carr

Dear Sir,

I have never written to a newspaper before, but I feel it is about time something was done for my home town.

I am feeling angrier every time I visit Dewsbury, with the way this council are letting Dewsbury fall into such the desolate dump it is becoming.

I am also disgusted at the proposed idea of erecting a bandstand on Longcause-way, and the changing of the car free pedestrian area in front of Yorkshire Bank, when this area only needs a tidy-up – there are other areas of the town that are in more need of serious regeneration.

Money is being spent on Pioneer House, how long before this also ends up the same as the town – desolate and empty?

I was proud to be born and brought up in Westtown, Dewsbury when Dewsbury was a thriving little town with full shops, a thriving market, pubs, picture houses and a lovely park (Crow Nest).

What have we now? a town that is desolate and decaying. Why can other small towns like Batley and Heckmondwike who, also, have some empty shops but manage without looking as decaying and desolate as Dewsbury.

And then we come to the proposed bandstand. Who, in their right mind, would put a bandstand on the Longcauseway, what purpose would it serve, and for whom?

What about the busy road that runs in front of it?

Go forward and we can all see what will happen. It will become just another eyesore in the town, because there will be no money to maintain it.

If someone wants to build a bandstand, put it back where it should be in the park.

Build a skateboard park for the older kids, make the park friendly and safe, and get visitors into using the facilities, but get them facilities brought up to scratch.

That in itself is another issue. Crow Nest Park is a disgrace to this town, the park has been left to decay.

Volunteers have worked hard on the walled garden and every credit to them in making a part of the park attractive to visitors.

But, it is not enough; Kirklees can spend thousands on a waterfall by Huddersfield Railway Station, and then decide not to let it run because of cost, money thrown down the drain.

When will the council start realising no one will be willing invest in the town if they, themselves, don’t show some interest in what is happening around them?

There are simple answers to some of the problems.

Cut the rates for the shops, give deals to encourage growth, help and encourage the young entrepreneurs into setting up and building business up.

We need something for the younger generation of the town – they are its future, if Dewsbury is to survive. Any shop let at a reduced cost and reduced rates must be better than empty shop.

Give something to encourage some business into the town, help the pubs regenerate, bring back a cinema, open a town centre theatre – both would be a benefit to the community, and could show matinees in the mornings for the younger generation, with pensioner deals in the afternoon and tea times, and cater for all age groups in the evening.

Talk to the people who live in Dewsbury you will find the answers you need to regenerate the town, if the people of the town have their needs met, then they won’t have to look eleswhere, it would also encourage others to visit the town.

This, in time would have a knock on effect, and the town of Dewsbury could, once again, be a buzzing part of a community that people would be happy to invest in and proud to work and live there.

Come on you councillors, get your thinking hats on and make the people of Dewsbury proud.

Proud of the town, proud of the shops which can provide the needs of the people without them taking their money to spend elsewhere and get the park back into shape, starting with the Crow Nest Park Lane.

If Batley and Huddersfield can have parks with nice lakes and surroundings to be proud of, why can’t Dewsbury?

And for all our sake don’t bring money and cost into it. Kirklees can find money for other things that have no benefit to any one, look to spend to benefit many. Speculate to accumulate.

Neither civil nor servants

From: RS Phillips, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Before the First World War it took 25,000 civil servants to run the British Empire. Now the figure is 440,000, albeit a more complicated workload.

The average council tax payer forks out about £40,000-£60,000 in their lifetime.

At last, a country, Greece, is showing some sense in getting rid of thousands of bureaucrats.

There is still far too much waste in councils and government, with higher management on unsustainable salaries and pensions.

Government example – the immigration officer, Steve Moxon, who in Sheffield “blew the whistle” on Labour’s plans to rubber-stamp all the backlog immigration applications, was paid £50,000 by Labour, after they sacked him, to reveal nothing further.

Council example – two years ago, Waverley Borough Council in Surrey held a secret audit of internet use by its staff.

The findings – they were on Facebook three times as much as the council’s own home page, with eBay, Yahoo, gaming site, and BBC News making it into their top ten!

Most councils, surely, won’t be the same, but council tax has doubled in 11 years.

Yes they really are all liars

From: Tony Spencer, Batley

Dear Sir,

Someone asked me why the Unions weren’t objective enough when Labour’s mass immigration programme was taking the jobs of mainly low-paid British workers.

The reason is that they PLANNED this deceitful act by stealth, their propaganda machine powered up to convince voters that it was all good for Britain.

They made sure that they chose ambitious politicos who were ‘economical with the truth’, to effectively brainwash the public, as Immigration Ministers.

Beverley Hughes was forced to resign after being found out  for lying on ‘Newsnight’, despite denials.

She had a degree in sociology and, paradoxically, three houses, in London, Manchester and the Lake District – some socialist!

Liam Byrne. He did, at least, have the courage to admit he’d deceived the public on immigration, and also as Finance Secretary to the Treasury left the note ‘Sorry! No money left!’ in a drawer for the incoming replacement.

Phil Woolas – sacked for a separate untruthful matter.

Are we proud of electing people like this to run the country?

Church group helps appeal

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

The latest contribution for Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Heckmondwike’s centenary book is a 1912 postcard of the May procession and a photo of the May Queen that year!

St Mary’s Theatre Group are giving us the proceeds of their show at St Mary’s Hall on Friday May 17 towards our centenary fund and we thank them sincerely.

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