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Experts are ‘winning’ Trust argument

Letter of the Week: Andrew Farrow, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I went to my first Dewsbury Area Committee Meeting last week to hear the arguments for and against the local NHS changes.

I’d just assumed that I was against these changes having read that the consultation would be a joke and that local doctors were letting down the public.

At the meeting I asked Dr Matt Shepherd, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Alison Grove, Consultant in Obstetrics and Dr David Kelly, a local GP, to stand in front of the meeting and say that in their opinion these changes were good for the people of Dewsbury.

These seemed pretty switched on people who, in turn, said that if they didn’t genuinely believe these changes were for the better they wouldn’t support them.

As a lay person I can’t profess to know the details of the case, so you have to rely on those who seem to know what they’re talking about.

They came across as experts.

It’s for the Trust to put forward their reasons for doing this, but they seem to be winning so far in my opinion.

Big not beautiful in our hospitals

From: Name & address supplied

Dear Sir,

Re the NHS – big is not always beautiful or efficient.

These are my own and friends’ experiences in recent months at our Dewsbury & District Hospital and Pinderfields Hospital.

Last May I was admitted, by ambulance, to Dewsbury & District Hospital, and spent eight weeks there.

The medical and nursing staff were very supportive, but their morale was very low as they worried about their jobs, and the possibility of having to move to either Pinderfields or Pontefract.

My friend, a terminally ill cancer patient had a suspected stroke.

They had no places at St Gemma’s for her and they had to take her to Pinderfields A&E.

She waited all day to see a doctor, who told her they had 80 patients waiting for a bed.

During this time my friend developed a huge bedsore.

What good is it sending patients so far away from home if there are no beds, and when waiting hours for a bed can cause other problems?

It’s alright saving money, but patients are no longer cared for in a safe manner.

I am 87 years old and rely on taxis for visiting hospital, or a friend or relative when they are available.

I would hate to be in the same situation as my friend with nobody able to visit me in Pinderfields.

All my friends are of a similar age and the cost of taxis is too great when we are living on a pension.

What can we do to stop the powers that be from closing our facilities at Dewsbury?

Selling Britain down the river

From: RRB Mallaband, Hightown, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

The present Cabinet are selling the country down the river. They are making England a laughing stock.

Here are some of the reasons why.

The government is not in touch with the people. It is not stopping immigration, they do not listen to what the man in the street is saying.

I cannot think of a country that has an all-comers welcome policy for immigration.

Look at the Australian immigration policy, they have a fixed number of immigrants per year, and those who are permitted entry have to have a job, speak the language and have to have the funds to support themselves until they get settled.

It would be unlikely for any immigrant to this country to already have a job as there are not enough jobs for the people who are here already.

The more people who come into this country the more water, gas and electricity will be needed but the government are not addressing this problem, we buy gas from other countries and prices are soaring.

We are not building new power stations or creating new reservoirs. The next conflict we encounter will be the fight for water and energy.

We are still waiting for a vote on the European Union, we were not asked if we wanted to join when it was the Common Market and we are still waiting.

Why do we have to put up with the European Union telling us we can’t conduct our own business? England was once great, we didn’t need anyone to tell us what to do then.

Our armed services are being stripped of their machinery, ships, planes and personnel.

Cast your minds back to just before the Second World War, we were disarming then and when war was declared we had to send soldiers to fight in France with one rifle between three soldiers.

We were not prepared then, when the next conflict arises we will not be ready either.

Now it has been announced that our rescue services will be provided by an American company who are well known for charging extortionately large fees which we will now have to pay.

Why do the wealthy not contribute more, can you say that the percentage of tax that the wealthy pay is the same percentage that the ordinary worker has to pay?

The wealthy get away with murder and the poor don’t stand a chance.

Stopping Legal Aid for family-related issues is going to impact on the poorer families who are going to lose contact with children because they will not be able to afford to go to court.

A man who is divorced and in another relationship, who is supporting his children from his first marriage and his present family, will not be able to pay for legal action to get to see his children. Once again the poor are being targeted.

It would also be an advantage to not send hundreds of millions of pounds to help other countries when people in our country are in real hardship.

We still think we are the great country we used to be, when we had the money to be helping any country who asked.

We are now a poor country and our people are suffering.

If the money we send in aid to other countries was ploughed into this country we could overhaul the NHS, raise pensions and give a boost to the welfare state. Charity begins at home, it is a good maxim to live by.

The more I look at it, the more UKIP seems a good option.

One law for Patels and one for us

From: ‘Taxpayer’ (name and address supplied)

Dear Sir,

Re. the letter from M Patel (Forum, March 29) and his support for Labour councillor and local undertaker, postmaster and part-time accountant for part-time taxi drivers, Abdul Patel.

What planet is (Mr or Mrs) M Patel living on, saying that money within the Muslim community is theirs and nobody else’s business?

Does M Patel pay taxes? Does M Patel’s family pay taxes?

I’ll bet they get their share of benefits – so where do they think that money comes from?

Grows on trees maybe? Perhaps it grows on trees planted in a cemetery where men run a private and profitable business.

My family lost a close relative recently and the cost of the funeral, to a well-known local family of funeral directors, was substantial.

I am absolutely certain that that firm pays a VAT bill every quarter, tax and National Insurance on behalf of all of its employees, plus all its many dues to other statutory bodies.

Patel and his crony Maniyar are no different.

If the rubbish about running their cash-cow on behalf of mosques is true, how much profit had they given to each mosque before they were caught with their hands in the pot?

It would be simple to tell us.

No, they systematically ignored agreed rent demands and played the system which most people who read The Press know is this – we’re Muslim, we’ll get away with it.

They paid no taxes and broke a whole coffin-load of laws and guess what? They’ve gotten away with it.

They said at the time they would pay their dues. I wouldn’t mind a bet that they never do, and that Kirklees don’t enforce the debt either.

M Patel clearly shares the belief that there is one law for the members of his/her community and one for the rest of us honest, taxpaying idiots (does ‘M’ stand for Mrs Patel perhaps?)

Nothing about this entire tawdry affair has done a single thing to disabuse us of that notion.

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