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Col pops up with magic idea

Letter of the Week: Magic Col, Dewsbury Market

Dear Sir,

The charging of £16 a day per stall, £32 a double and £50 a day per unit at Dewsbury Market, while running Saturday and Wednesday at 60 per cent full, Friday at under 20 per cent full, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at four per cent full while charging 100 per cent rents is a definite policy statement by Kirklees.

The 90 empty stalls Wednesday and Saturday equates to over £2,000 per week in lost revenue. To regain this revenue by parking charges and tickets is a definite policy.

However as it relies on enough free businesses and shoppers left to pay these charges it is now self-defeating – you will get little revenue from an empty town.

Refurbishing the Town Hall inside is a definite policy – it’s called polishing the bonnet when your crankshaft, piston rings and cylinders have gone.

To try and save Dewsbury’s commercial centre at this late stage, to make a last stand for the small guy against international business, to pull those wagons in tight and hard there is only one policy – A FULL MARKET. Dewsbury must start again as a dirt-cheap, full, working town. The choice is that or a retail wasteland.

Of course a full market means huge rent reductions for traders, because necessarily Dewsbury must become a town where traders can make a decent living, a wage comparable to the public sector.

I do not accept that this will reduce Kirklees revenue in any significant way – it betrays a lack of intelligence or honesty by Kirklees. How can a full market, fuller shops, fuller car parks and more people be bad? Put your stalls at £10 (£5 Fridays) and watch people get sucked into the town.

As it stands, Magic Cols will have to cease trading this summer, that’s the spirit of the town.

However Kirklees may have shown me a way forward – the pop-up shop, a shop that just pops up, doesn’t pay any rent and just pops away.

Fabulous idea.

The simple things a PM must do

From: Mr AS Hemingway, Gomersal

Dear Sir,

Any Prime Minister, without the restrictions of a Lib-Dem coalition, wouldn’t be worth his salt if he didn’t act firmly on the following; and his working citizens would be far better off:

• Quell bankers’ bonuses ) 500 Barclays and RBS staff were paid more that £1m last year.

• Wipe out layers of middle management in the NHS, Westminster, BBC and councils.

• Implement big cuts on quangos, press officers, spin doctors and immigration appeals, which are enabling lawyers to make fortunes.

• Stop new arrivals holding out their hands for money and houses.

• With 250,000 primary school places needed, end the attraction of larger benefits for a bigger family or do we need 1m more unemployed youngsters wandering about?

• Halt clerics like Abu Qatada wasting taxpayers’ millions on appeals to stay in the country he hates.

Who is governing Britain – Parliament or lawyers and judges?

Finally, imagine the possible nightmare of a Labour/Lib Dem coalition opening up our borders again, with a heavily-regulated, shackled press unable to point out the disastrous, ruinous way the country would be run to its readers.

At present, more and more people seem to be thinking that UKIP have the best policies needed to turn our country round, before we are sucked into the abyss created by the European Union.

A super Spirit

From: Andrew Hutchinson,

vice-president Chamber of Trade, deputy chair Dewsbury Town Team

Dear Sir,

I attended the Spirit event on a cold and rainy evening on Saturday. Happily, I wasn’t the only one!

The town centre was packed with families, despite the inclement weather and we enjoyed another visual extravaganza of quirky performers and contraptions, music and fireworks.

Hats off to some of resident businesses which stayed open for the event, including Igloo and Val’s cafe.

The three ‘pop-up’ shops were another welcome sight, with home-made cakes and drinks in the Kingsway arcade’s old Hudsons shop, the West Riding pub’s pop-up pub on Commercial Street and Bradford Road’s Aroma restaurant which opened a mini restaurant in the Old Market Place, serving a variety of delicious Indian starters and main courses.

We at the Chamber of Trade and Town Team hope that the town centre and its evening economy can be stimulated and regenerated by further entrepreneurs trying out their business ideas in Dewsbury, perhaps in the form of future pop-up shops and restaurants, which is an excellent and low-cost way to test the water.

More madness from EU circus

From: John Sheen, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I must congratulate Danny Lockwood for highlighting, albeit lightheartedly, yet another unbelievable truth behind being a £55 million per day member of the EU subservience club.

Polish women having Polish babies back home in Poland and sending our NHS the bill. It would be laughable if it wasn’t a serious matter.

This is just another of Tony Blair’s legacies on top of signing agreements for automatic increases in the EU budget and allowing EU nationals working in the UK to claim child benefit for their offspring back home.

His open door policy, allowing three million migrants onto our shores has decimated our labour market and overwhelmed our generous benefit system.

It’s not just the fact that these policies totally undermine the British taxpayer but none of our 650 members of Parliament plus our MEPs supported by the supposed wisdom of the House of Lords have done absolutely anything to change it.

These are fundamental abuses against our membership, yet Mr Cameron puts ‘Gay marriage and wind farms’ at the top of his priority list.

If our Eastern European members’ have a legal right to claim NHS funding for medical support back home then it should be the UK Government’s right to claim the cost of keeping over 3,000 EU nationals in our prisons.

Home Office statistics show the cost at £44,000 per head. On these figures alone we could claim back £1.3 million per year.

David Cameron talks tough but he’s made more “ewe” turns than a Welsh ram (no disrespect to the Welsh rams).

The only policy he’s stuck to so arrogantly is the £12 billion foreign aid budget paid for on borrowed money and given at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.

I’ve nothing against foreign aid at an affordable level, and if these funds were given to the professionals within charities on the ground and not to corrupt governments like the £88 million to Zimbabwe, £102 million to Somalia and over £1.5 billion to other African nations, it would be more acceptable.

Whilst we continue to support the rest of the world and watch our own population suffer unnecessary hardship we should consider a complete rethink and use our democratic vote wisely and thoughtfully.

Only “the people” in numbers will send the required message. Enough is enough.

Kirklees must spend a penny

From: Mr Walker, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

All of god’s creatures use nature’s calling wherever and whenever. I as a human being wonder if I will be fined or arrested if I need to go to the toilet while out taking a walk as we are told by various sources to try and keep ourselves fit.

When I go out I take my dog with me and always take some doggy bags with me. Will I have to start taking a ‘humanly bag’ with me if I go for a walk in Mirfield?

I remember when there were seven public toilets on Huddersfield Road between Webster Hill and Mirfield, it seems as if public facilities were better in my younger days.

I live near Mirfield town centre so I use the local supermarkets to shop, but as I have prostate problems I have to use the public toilets near the library sometimes.

The government are wanting older people to be more independent and live in their own homes as long as possible, but losing facilities like toilets etc will restrict my ability to look after myself.

I am 82 years of age and I value my independence.

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