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A case of ‘them and us’ on LDF?
Letter of the Week: Peter Barrand, Hanging Heaton
Dear Sir,
Re: Windsor development site, Shaw Cross, Dewsbury. So, Coun Paul Kane thinks it is a great idea to propose that Grange Road should be developed as an industrial site rather than Leeds Road.
We all walked proud on the march, shoulder to shoulder and all for one, to object to ALL the development. Now what do we find? The snobs on Heybeck Lane and Leeds Road showing their true colours NIMBY rich kids don’t want to look out over a towering tin shed on the Windsor site. Well neither do the residents on Grange Road and Hanging Heaton, but hey, we’ve looked out at that for over 20 years. Remember, we got absolutely NO support from you when the UDP was in progress.
You need our help now so why, Coun Kane, do you regard us as second class citizens by dumping all the development down the valley out of sight? Of course, silly me – that’s Batley, and you’re in Dewsbury. The campaigners are only looking after themselves and stuff the rest of us.
Don’t forget Coun Kane, over 100 of your supporters came from Soothill, Hanging Heaton and Grange Road.
At a stroke you have just wiped out that support.  Your objection to the development is “the additional burden on the road infrastructure would be immense”. So, do you honestly believe that by shifting the proposed development just 300 metres away will remove the traffic problem? Get real.
Perhaps it’s time we followed Wakefield’s lead and got independent councillors in place that actually cared for their constituents, instead of those that have to toe the party line, and cannot be honest. At least they got their development stopped – full stop.
In response Coun Kane (Lab, Dewsbury East) said: “What I think Mr Barrand refers to is a leaflet recently sent out by our team which, in fact, asks a question rather rather than offers a proposal. The question to the community asks for opinions whether Grange Road industrial estate should be extended rather than the Windsor site being utilised.
“He is quite welcome to pass his comments on to us for us to pass on to officers, there is a freepost address so it will not cost him anything but an envelope. There are no specific sites in the proposals anyway, so this is purely hypothetical. I would also tell Mr Barrand that I was not on the council when the UDP was decided.”

In honour of our son
From: Mr Fell & Mrs Sullivan, Mirfield
Dear Sir,
I am writing re the article (Nov 18) about adding the names of deceased relatives to the Crow Nest Park war memorial. I got a surprise when I saw the name of our son, Anthony, on page three.
Anthony was an exmember of 96 Squadron (Dews) ATC, where he gained the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
He also represented West Yorkshire at Bisley, where the team won the junior shooting championships. Anthony was the highest scorer, he was also a glider pilot. After leaving ATC, he joined the RAF Regiment (51 Sqdn), where he served in Northern Ireland, Germany and Cyprus.
We were relieved when he was recalled to Catterick from Northern Ireland to be trained on a new type of tank, I think it was a Scorpion. He was the youngest tank driver ever, later to become a tank commander.
He loved the regiment, and I think if his name is added to the memorial, he would prefer to be known as RAF Regiment, as he was very proud of his squadron, the purpose of which was primarily airfield defence and sometimes recapture, hence the tanks etc.
He died in an accident in Cyprus, whilst serving in relief of 34 Squadron.

Fools on foreign crime
From: Tim Conolly, Mirfield
Dear Sir,
I had hoped my letter on capital punishment would have provoked a response but to emphasise the point I was trying to make we have had two particularly nasty murder cases being decided in the space of two weeks.
First in Mirfield, Nadia Ondzule was killed by her Estonian ‘boyfriend’ Mr Matjuhha, before he took her money and fled. Then Mr Tabak, in Bristol, was found guilty of murdering a young woman with whom he had no connection at all.
So we have a Dutchman serving a minimum of 20 years and an Estonian serving a minimum of 19 years. Two imported murderers serving at least 39 years at £40,000 per year – £1.56 million.
This at a time when some of you may be looking at the high cost of having your child at university, or you are concerned at the poor level of care that can be afforded for an elderly relative.
In addition to these known costs there will be queues of legal aid lizard lawyers at the prison gates fighting for their human rights to be allowed to spend the day with their mother on her birthday, view pornographic films, be respectfully called ‘Mr’ by prison staff, be protected from other prisoners, allowed to keep ketchup in their cells, have softer pillows and of course compensation for any failures to observe these and other ridiculous rules.
Given that they are both young enough to survive their sentences, there will inevitably be a multiplicity of expensive parole applications in their final years on the grounds that they have become bornagain Christians or something similar.
Also recently, while we on the outside may struggle to find an NHS dentist and have to go private, prisoners in our jails get significant compensation if they are kept waiting for free dental treatment.
Some 24 inmates in Wakefield were paid £47,000 compensation, with legal costs of £300,000, for toothache. I wonder how their dental treatment compares with yours?
For those of us not in prison, we have freedom to struggle with the complexities of real life, including paying our bills for food, dentistry, electricity and gas.
Of the 85,000 people in British jails some 11,000 like Mr Tabak and Mr Matjuhha are foreigners. So we are paying £440 million annually to accommodate them here in warmth and comfort and we are further required to support their vexatious legal challenges to every perceived slight – and against their deportation after the completion of their sentences.
Can anyone offer me a better cure than hanging as an option for murderers, and for housing foreign criminals in a purposebuilt jail in Romania at a contract cost of £10,000 per year per prisoner?
If not, we can at least try to embarrass our cringing politicians to debate the issue by signing on in large numbers to one of the epetitions. There are several petitions in favour of capital punishment and you can sign on to the one that you most agree with.

Democratic disgrace
From: Francis Murphy, address supplied
Dear Sir,
Can anyone answer me a few questions that are troubling me? Number one: For the past six months have we been paying for a war in Libya so the people could elect a democratic government for the first time?
Number two: Have we been paying both in money and lives for the last six years for conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan so the people can vote and elected a democratic government?
Number three: Have we seen two governments formed in Europe (Greece/Italy) of nonpoliticians who have not been voted in but are made up of bankers and finance people  – the same people who have got us into the mess we are in?
Is this a very dangerous path we in Europe are going down? We may have Cameron and Osborne, but at least someone voted them in.

More town closures
From: Name & address supplied
Dear Sir,
I was sorry to see that the Chinese restaurant in Daisy Hill appears to have closed down, like the Greek restaurant near the bus station.
What a sad, sad reflection of our town from not many years ago when we had such a thriving town centre both during the day when we might have luncheon in Bickers’ cafe overlooking the town, and at night when it might be dinner across the road in Roberto’s.
What is Dewsbury coming to?
I am long past the age of going out ‘pubbing’ but with no disrespect to the landlords doing their best in the town centre these days, there is nowhere for a couple to go any more.
And as for a time when we could have a night at the theatre or a choice of several cinemas? My, now I really am showing my age. Rather like Dewsbury I am afraid to say.

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