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Show of strength for green belt Letter of the Week: Rod Lilley, chairman, Chidswell Action Group Dear Sir, As chairman and spokesperson for the Chidswell Action Group, I am writing to express my gratitude to the hundreds of people who turned out on a beautiful sunny morning, to march against development proposals for the Chidswell area. A huge vote of thanks must also go out again to the members of the group who ensured everything went without a hitch and everybody’s safety was guaranteed. Again, the strength of feeling and opposition to Kirklees Council’s plans for the area is there for everyone to see. For approximately 1,000 members of the community to turn out and demonstrate sends yet another clear message to Kirklees Council and its councillors. That message was loud and clear – the people of Dewsbury, Batley, Gawthorpe and West Ardsley do not want their green belt destroying and it is therefore time for the council to face up to its’ responsibilities and find alternative brownfield sites within Kirklees to develop. On the morning and prior to the march itself, myself and fellow action group leader, Jan Tate, were interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds. The interview included responses from Coun Peter McBride who is leading on the Council’s LDF proposals. In his opening statement, Coun McBride stated that no development sites had been chosen for Chidswell and it was purely a broad area that had been allocated for development. However, he later stated there could be two possible sites for proposed development at Chidswell as identified in the LDF! In my mind this clearly contradicts his opening statement and I think the local residents deserve a better explanation of what and where these sites are, or as was suggested by a local Wakefield councillor at the rally ‘a red herring’ that two sites are being discussed to confuse the issue further? We need to know. We are now nearing the final council vote to decide on where land is developed, which will be held at Huddersfield Town Hall on Wednesday November 23 from 12pm onwards. We will be hosting a peaceful demonstration outside the town hall, prior to the start of the meeting. Please come and join us if you can, to enable us to put more pressure on the council to make the right decision. Torch is a town boost From: Imelda Marsden, Mirfield and Haworth Dear Sir, Well done Dewsbury in having the Olympic torch passing through. It will give the town a boost after unpleasant media coverage. My husband works for Lloyds Banking Group in Normanton, and the bank are one of the sponsors for the Paralympic Games. He held one of the eight torches to be used for the Olympics and was photographed for publicity purposes. He saw where the torch was to travel – so one Mirfield resident has already held one of the torches! Parade was best ever From: Tim Wood, Royal British Legion, Mirfield Dear Sir, May I take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the Remembrance Sunday Parade and service in Mirfield. The parade and service this year was the largest we have ever experienced – 1,611 was the figure before our ‘statto’ lost count. The numbers lining the parade route were exceptional, and those marching through were applauded from front to back. Each year we plan something different into the parade, and this year the Royal British Legion Riders Branch led the parade, much to the surprise and delight of the many onlookers. I cannot thank people individually, the list would be endless, but our thanks, as always, to those who turn out each year in increasing numbers and support the national day of remembrance. There is an unofficial rumour currently being verified that Mirfield’s parade was the best attended in the UK, outside Whitehall. Now that is a major achievement for such a small town. Once again, thank you all, you should all be so very proud of yourselves. We hope that next year’s parade will bring in even more crowds and surprises. Hospital staff are angels From: Mrs J Rodwell, Dewsbury Dear Sir, Through your paper I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Dewsbury Hospital. All departments – I must have been in every one – all of the staff were wonderful. The nurses were angels, both female and male. First names all round, so different to the old days. I was discharged one teatime in a hurry and only saw one nurse that I knew, but I couldn’t remember her name, she rushed across to me and said: “Oh are you leaving?” She said: “I’ll miss you.” I asked her to say thank you to everybody for me. Dewsbury Hospital has had a lot of hammer one way or another lately. So I want your readers to read something positive about Dewsbury Hospital from a 76yearold who has just come out. Keep up the good work. You’re a wonderful team on Bay Ward. Funny world we live in From: Alan Carcas, Liversedge Dear Sir, It’s a funny old world. Tory PM David Cameron is attacked because his new planning laws give developers easy access to Green Belt yet Labour’s Mehboob Khan says we can only develop industrial sites in Batley by using Green Belt. Seven million British public service workers are set to strike to protect their pensions, which are paid for by the taxes on pensioners and fellow workers in private industry. Anticapitalist demonstrators occupy St Paul’s protesting against the very system that keeps them in work (and benefits), but have no coherent alternative. The money banks and big business have is what they get by investments – workers’ pension funds and profits from workers’ efforts. In reality all of it, one way or another, taxpayers money. So when the Archbishop of Canterbury suggests we should have a “Robin Hood” tax on the banks he is actually calling for us all to be taxed even harder. As I say, it’s a funny old world. Target area’s eyesores first From: F Barlow, Dewsbury Dear Sir, Before Kirklees Council start to desecrate our green belt, they want to start from Birstall all the way along Bradford Road and get rid of all the derelict buildings which, let’s be honest, are a complete eyesore. Then concentrate on the town centre, because that is not as smart as it once was –not forgetting to get rid of that ugly statue outside the Town Hall. It reminds me of someone being ill. There are almost 3,500 houses empty, so there is no reason to take over our green belt at Chidswell. To get more firms in the area, after the old buildings have been pulled down, new factories can be built on the same sites. Councillor Khan is creating problems where there aren’t any. Once green belt has gone, it’s lost forever, and you’ll find less firms will come to our area. Time is here to speak up From: Derek Cartwright, via email Dear Sir, This is the last time we can comment before next week’s Huddersfield Town Hall meeting. If this goes in favour of council officials there is no point in disputing anything ever again about the green belt, it is lost for North Kirklees, because the strategy will be agreed and the mandate for the overall council agreed. Will Labour councillors vote against their council leader? I know he is in favour of this job target. I think one of my local councillors has acknowledged my emails, but where they stand on this issue I have no idea. Indeed, who is against creating jobs in the private sector? Who does not need the need? If you have not told the council you want to speak, it will be too late I think by now. But why not be there? Show Kirklees that you don’t want the green belt built on by being there in numbers. Don’t let this go by with just 30 people there from the whole of Kirklees, as per the other Tuesday. For North Kirklees the time is from 12pm, though the meeting starts at 10am and will go into the evening. Don’t talk to each other on marches, show Kirklees that you care, be there! I only hope I can perform better this time than last!

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