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Dear Sir,
I am appalled by Kirklees Council’s proposal to remove the last bastion of free offstreet parking on Commercial Street, Dewsbury.
This measure clearly demonstrates breathtaking hypocrisy that regeneration of the town is a top priority!
Dewsbury is desperate for more free parking, not a gradual erosion of what remains.
However, we have never been told by the Cabinet of whatever political persuasion, why free and unlimited parking still exists in the rest of North Kirklees.
Also, why are the repeated recommendations of the allparty scrutiny committees, regarding this contentious issue, continually ignored?
Meanwhile, we are told that there is no such thing as “free parking”.
Surely then, if revenues from car parking fees are falling, motorists who park in Batley, Heckmondwike and Cleckheaton  should pay their fair share into the coffers?
Can we now have an explanation from Kirklees as to whether it is actually council policy to discourage commuter parking?
If so, why have we the continuing intolerable situation at the Station Road car park in Mirfield, whereby shoppers and visitors cannot find a space because that car park is filled by commuters from 8.30am every day?
Charges there of 20p for 1hr, £1 for 4 hours and £2 for over 4 hours (as proposed for Commercial Street), would ensure a regular turnover of traffic to allow everyone an opportunity to park in the centre of Mirfield.

From: Jack Bunn, Hanging Heaton
Dear Sir,
Here is my advice to Boris Johnson, David Cameron and the rest of those idiots down there at the trough in Westminster, and to successive governments who have run our country the last 20 years or so:
1) Bring back corporal punishment, cat ‘o’ nine tails, the birch etc, and the death penalty for murder.
2) Revise the Human Rights laws and kick all those so called ‘Do Gooders’ into touch who say ‘the name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons’.
3) If our prisons are full and brimming over, why not use some of those Nissen huts left over in the Outer Hebrides and bring our soldiers home to guard them as ‘prisoners of the people’.
4) I don’t know whether to blame the top people of the police who, for a few years now have in my estimation been failing in their duty and not been sacked, or the MPs who have been making these silly rules.
We do not need new rules, we just need the existing rules implementing.
5) Use the lottery money to build new hospitals and prisons instead of frittering it away on silly causes, half of which nobody gets to know about.
6) Put the railings up and do not let any more immigrants in and to HELL with EEC in Brussells.

From: Adele Latham, Soothill, Batley
Dear Sir,
So, in their effort to attract more shoppers into Dewsbury town centre, Kirklees have suddenly decided to demand that shopkeepers give their ‘untidy’ shops a makeover.
Is this the same council, who with a similar idea in mind, are actually paying for several shops on Huddersfield Rd, Ravensthorpe to install new fronts, fascias and signs?
Surely Dewsbury town centre is a priority over Ravensthorpe? I wonder!

From: Harold Laycock, SunnyBank Avenue, Mirfield
Dear Sir,
Further to the front page article “Fronting Up”, Dewsbury traders are receiving letters from Kirklees Council demanding that they spend thousands of pounds giving their untidy shops a makeover. Kirklees Council need to set an example and put their own house in order before requiring others  to upgrade their premises.
The frontage of empty Kirklees Council Tax Office, ajacent to Ings Grove Park in Mirfield, is an eysore and in need of urgent attention.

From: Fred Wilby, Dewsbury
Dear Sir,
Having read a certain chapter in The Press, I was very displeased.
Main Exchange, on Daisy Hill, was labeled a bit of an eyesore regarding their upper windows, as against other local properties.
It doesn’t say much for the Coop Funeral Parlour and The Pioneer building on Northgate, does it, Kirklees?
All of which seem to have had a total blitz for many years.  Talk about regeneration; you should change the ‘r’ to ‘d’, then you’ve got it right. For many years Mark Rourke at Main Exchange has kept a brilliant shop and is improving. Well done Mark and staff.

From: Derek Cartwright, Soothill
Dear Sir,
Why does an 11year yearold feel they can riot? Forget that, where were the parents? The parents don’t even turn up in court.
Some have made a kneejerk reaction and commented without evidence that the rioters are those on benefits, there has even been a call to make people homeless.
Yet the reality was they were from many sectors of society, soldiers, students, the welloff, you name it they were almost all there – well if they were under 40. In London half the known rioters were under 18 ... where were the parents?
We seem to have become a country without responsibility and with no morals, a country of thieves, be they politicians, policemen, bankers or TV collectors. Bankers misselling is just another form of theft, as for policemen some seem have been selling information to journalists.
As someone who has attended too many public meetings, been thrown out by the police from Batley Town Hall (along with everyone else) I’ve come to believe that government does not listen to the people. We’ll see that locally with the LDF! They will build on your green fields.

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