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Still time to fight to ‘save’ Thornhill Lees
Dear Sir,
Just a bit of history to give background to the high level of feelings regarding the proposed massive increase of housing stock in Thornhill Lees.
In 1934 the old Dewsbury Borough provided the Thornhill Lees village with Lees Holm Park, a children’s play area, two bowling greens, two tennis courts, a pavilion and a rugby field.
The subsequent years took their toll and gradually all these facilities ceased being repaired and were eventually removed. Soon there was nothing left.
In the early 1980s a group of local people attempted to get a children’s area replaced without success. A campaign committee was formed funded with £500 earned by the local tenants and residents association and soon the kids had their play area (very basic). Next came the multicourt, and eventually the community centre and medical centre.
No other recreational facilities have been provided unless you count a few kiddies items when they build an estate. This area is seriously ignored by Kirklees – except when it comes to providing houses. The building on the old Transformer site bears no relation to the first plans issued.
Now we are facing a doubling of housing stock just in Thornhill Lees: 2,300 on the greenbelt, plus a total of 450 houses on the Transformer/ Austins site some already occupied, plus brown field sites.
These proposals affect us all, Thornhill and Savile Town and Thornhill Lees. If any of you experienced the bewildering chaos last week with road works and traffic control alterations think of the future, imagine the proposed 4,300 extra homes.
The Local Authority may be going to look at their consultation again. We must not take the pressure off, we must convince them that this level of housing will have serious effects upon us, loss of trees and fields, more pollution, more stress getting to work, the kids to school etc.
Once planning permission is granted it will happen, not immediately but it will happen. Attractive plans will be displayed but there is no guarantee that they will materialise; they have not down Brewery Lane.
The Action Group will be hosting another public meeting very soon to which Kirklees Leader Mehboob Khan has been invited along with our MP and local councillors. The date will be publicised and available by telephoning the Community Centre on 01924 468053.
If we stand together we can save our area – remember the post office on Edge Lane, and the public tip on Owl Lane.
We must be united.
Police should inform public
From: Name and address supplied
Dear Sir,
Thank you for bringing to light in last week’s paper this latest racial attack. How many more of these attacks are going to be swept under the carpet? Plenty, I should imagine.
I would like to know why the police won’t bring this to the public’s attention and give it front page coverage in our local papers.
We the public have every right to know what’s happening on our streets. To make us aware we should be shown that he police are acting on these attacks, which seem to be happening regularly.
I know there was a similar attack in Batley Carr a few months ago when a man was knocked off his bike and a knife was produced by a gang of Asian youths. This escaped the papers and again no witnesses were sought and there were plenty around. This happened in broad daylight.
Could the police give a reason why we the public are not being made aware of these attacks, or are they too frightened to act?
I suggest anyone involved in an attack should take their story to the local papers and get it published – make us all aware, because the police won’t act.
The people of Dewsbury know Dewsbury continues to deteriorate but we must try to make it safer for our children and grandchildren.

Thanks to all
From: Coun Kathleen Taylor, Mirfield/Northorpe
Dear Sir,
I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me in the Kirklees Council elections; to everyone for their kindness and support whether I was on their doorstep or just out and about locally.
My thanks also to the Labour Party Candidate Karen Rowling for putting up such a determined campaign and for showing her commitment to Mirfield.

KOYLI will march here
From: Peter Makin
Dear Sir,
At last a date for 3 Rifles to be given the Freedom of Dewsbury July 30.
They will march through Dewsbury, flags flying, drums beating, bayonets fixed on Saturday May 7.
The Rifles are also made up of the Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry; The Light Infantry; The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry and The Royal Green Jackets.
Let’s hope we have bigger Union flags flying from Kirklees town halls, not the postage stampsized ones, and also on Remembrance Sunday will the Philistine councillors of Kirklees take their hands out of their overcoat pockets when wreaths are being laid on Longcauseway?

Sign of the times, Labour
From: Coun James Taylor, Mirfield Town Council
Dear Sir,
After voting in the local election and referendum in Mirfield I thought that the elections were over until next year. I must be mistaken, or at least the local Labour Party must be.
After weeks of delivering leaflets and campaigning, as election day gets nearer my other ‘occupation’ is that of chief sign erector climbing lamp posts and putting up signs for the Tory party helped by my ‘apprentice’ Coun Alan Burton.
Putting up election signs is no easy task and we have strict guidelines from Kirklees. One of the other rules is that they MUST be taken down by the end of the week after the election.
I have taken down all the Mirfield Tory ones and I know my colleagues have done the same in neighbouring areas.
If Mirfield Labour Party and their colleagues in Dewsbury West aren’t capable of following Kirklees Council’s policy on this issue, not forgetting that Kirklees is run by Labour, surely this is a sign (no pun intended) that if they can’t stick to the rules they are unfit to run the Council.

My decision was right
From: Andrew Hutchinson, Dewsbury
Dear Sir,
In response to Alan Burton’s letter, I didn’t join the Lib Dems because I spotted an opportunity. I joined long before they surged in the public eye.
The party didn’t do particularly well in the General Election either, though I got 3,000 more votes than my predecessor, hopefully because people trusted me, a local man to keep my word.
Had I won the election I would have put 100 per cent into being a fulltime MP and serving my town loyally.
I resigned on principle from the Lib Dems last October, mainly because of the 180degree turnarounds on the policies and promises that I had gone on doorsteps with, and due to the cuts to public services, which are too deep and too fast.
I joined Labour six weeks ago because I genuinely believe that party offers the best hope for the regeneration of Dewsbury, having dealt with their councillors many times through my community commitments and being convinced that they are serious about reviving the town, so I want to support them. I am simply a member of the Labour party, nothing more, by the way. I wasn’t the first person to change parties either, locally or nationally, and I won’t be the last.
As for Mehboob Khan, in all my dealings with him over the years via several organisations, he has ALWAYS honoured any promises he has made to the organisations I represented, to do things in Dewsbury.
He is one of the people who are now pushing the town’s regeneration forward, despite the recession. It is a shame some other politicians don’t keep their promises.

Make your mind up Khizar
From: Mick Adams, Sprinkwell Mill, Dewsbury
Dear Sir,
I wrote in a few weeks ago criticising Khizar Iqbal for his active support for the Tories, despite being an ‘independent’. Mr Iqbal must have been reading because last week I read in your paper that he’s now rejoined the party.
You cannot make this stuff up. He was elected as a Tory. Then he leaves the party (keeping his councillor job and salary in full). Then he embarrasses the Tories (and himself) by standing in the General Election against them. Then, two years later, he is back in the party.
How can the local Tory party have any credibility when even their own councillors are not sure if they are for or against them?
Dewsbury South has been let down badly. They elected a Tory who has spent roughly half of his term attacking Tories. Now he is asking them to vote Tory again.
Mr Iqbal should do today what he should have done when he left the party in the first place. Stand down and give the voters in Dewsbury South a byelection. If he wants to stand maybe he could decide what he stands for, and stick by it this time!

More on LDF consultation
From: TW Beattie,
secretary, TLCAG
Dear Sir,
In view of the fact that Kirklees still intends of build 4,250 homes within our village of Thornhill Lees, can we let people know the situation.
The committee are still continuing with the housetohouse petition collecting signatures against this proposal.
Coun Khan (Leader of Kirklees) has agreed to attend a public meeting at the Community Centre along with his officers.
This will enable the residents to question them as to why our greenbelt is to be sacrifced for the whims of some unelected planning officers. We have forwarded him some dates.
On confirmation of this date we will notify the residents and hopefully exceed the 120 people who attended our first public meeting.

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