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Would Kirklees tape up our mouths?
Letter of the week: Tim Conolly, Mirfield
Dear Sir,
The alterations to Coun Bolt’s report to Kirklees Council by the ‘Thought Police’ is just appalling – George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.
To check councillors’ reports for libel or defamation is one thing but to change wording to be more ‘appropriate’ or to use that other weasel word ‘proportionate’ is a disgrace.
A problem with overpaying people is that they begin to think they are more important than they are and feel that they can represent us more adequately than the people we elected.
For my money the issue of the threatened closure of the excellent Castle Hall School was complete lunacy, but the original attack on Castle Hall came from the controlling Conservative group later to be reaffirmed by the Lib/Lab coalition in Kirklees, so every party other than the BNP is guilty.
Being close to the action I know that the then MP Shahid Malik’s involvement in defending the school was important from day one, but I also understand that some voices are raised against him no matter what he does. That is their opinion and they are entitled to it. I will make up my own mind and ‘speak as I find’.
In a democracy you are by right allowed to speak as you find – but not in Kirklees apparently where people must not get angry or overstate their case when they feel strongly about something.
Better tape up every mouth in Kirklees, starting with mine (and the editor of this paper) as this idiocy was guaranteed to make me apoplectic with rage.
I hope this upstart spokesperson for Kirklees will have a very short career on my payroll – I cannot afford to pay for rubbish like this.
Our money would be better spent on 20 more roadsweepers and the saving on paper would pay for two more.
I think we owe it to ourselves to dig out this worm on our payroll on a Freedom of Information request and chase them out of the district.

Birkdale insult
From: Steven Wood, by email
Dear Sir,
I am a former pupil of Birkdale High School in Dewsbury.
It is 25 years since I was there but within those 25 years, thanks to both good teaching and being in a very positive school environment, I have done well in my own life.
I am deeply insulted by Kirklees Council’s suggestion to close  Birkdale down.
If anything I would rather see the Town Hall closed. Kirklees seems not able to contribute anything positive to the community and town of Dewsbury.
I was born in Dewsbury so that’s where my heart lies and it is very sad that such a unique school as Birkdale should be put under this kind of pressure without good reason.
During my days there we had some remarkable teachers and that gave us a sense of worth and a determination to achieve our aims.
I really believe that the council should review their own people before attacking Birkdale. After all, being a Dewsbury lad, Birkdale is the very heart of this town and community.
Thank you so much, Birkdale, for all those special moments and memories that stay with us all our lives.
Here is a picture of me from 1983 during my Birkdale years.

Parking mad
From: David Field, Dewsbury
Dear Sir,
I fully agree with the comments by Janet Wilby in last week’s Forum regarding the Kirklees policy on parking in Dewsbury.
Common sense needs to be applied. Several weeks ago I purchased a parking ticket for the Wellington Road car park.
After I had conducted my business there was still over one hour left on the ticket. Whilst driving home I decided to call and collect some ink for my printer from the shop situated at the bottom of the Cliffe Street car park.
I use this shop frequently and my visit is, on average, one (or a maximum of two) minutes.
I saw the parking warden in the car park and told him what I was doing and roughly how long it would take me.
Would I be okay “nipping in”? I was told that “No, you need to buy a ticket”. I explained that I had already bought a ticket in a Dewsbury car park with one hour unused.
After all, these are all Kirklees car parks and they still owe me one hour.
He referred me to the “not transferable” note on the ticket. What a meaningless statement that is. What is not transferable?
I was using it in the same car so I wasn’t transferring it. All this fell on stony ground and I was left with the option of a fine or buying yet another ticket that would, yet again, have time left on it.
All good revenue for Kirklees but not an encouragement to shop in Dewsbury.

Always away
From: Name and address supplied
Dear Sir,
I’m writing about the lack of a suitable indoor football facility for Mirfield kids.
My son goes to the White Rose Soccer Academy on a Friday teatime which for years has been held at MFG.
After months and months of complaints by the coach about the state and safety of MFG’s goal posts and nets which some weeks weren’t even there and cones had to be used for goal posts, the venue has now been changed to Heckmondwike Grammar School.
Whilst the venue is a lot better and the goalposts are a simple yet safe and effective idea, I am disappointed that we have to travel to Heckmondwike at rush hour when MFG was on our doorstep and there was the option to walk.
For those that have a car it isn’t far to Heckmondwike but not good for that old carbon footprint. Kirklees are always pushing for people to take exercise and the healthy option yet in this scenario where people may have walked to the venue they now either can’t get there or have to take the car in order to get their kids to football.
I do feel that Mirfield youngsters deserve to have a decent, safe and suitable indoor facility to enjoy all sports safely.

Reluctant trio
From: Mark Eastwood, Earlsheaton
Dear Sir,
What a privilege it was to be a part of Saturday’s march against the proposed travellers’ site on Owl Lane.
There was an immense sense of togetherness and community spirit, as more than 700 residents from Ossett and Dewsbury merged at Ossett roundabout, joined together for the final leg of each respective march, symbolically passed the proposed traveller site and finished up at Dewsbury Rams’ stadium.
Congratulations should go out to Simon Reevell, Conservative MP for Dewsbury, and the Ossett people who organised such an uplifting, spirited and yet peaceful event. Hopefully, Wakefield Council will take note and cancel the alternative plans for their waste recycling site and look elsewhere for a suitable venue.
As good as the event was, I do have concerns with regards to the local Labour councillors who supposedly represent Dewsbury East.
Although Cathy Scott and Paul Kane were seen at the event, why were they not at the front of the march with Mr Reevell?
Where was their backing for the local residents who voted them into their privileged positions? Why haven’t they come out and publicly declared their opposition to the Owl Lane site?
On the march, they appeared to look disinterested and almost as if they were there begrudgingly. I’m not even sure they bothered to turn up for Mr Reevell’s speech at the end of the march.
With Wakefield Council being Labour held, it seems to me that political expediency overrides the opinions of the majority of local residents within Chickenley, Shaw Cross and Earlsheaton who they represent.
Complacency seems to be the order of the day and maybe the three councillors think that no matter what they do, or don’t do in this instance, that their large majorities will protect them at the next local elections.
Well, the people of Dewsbury have spoken once already, ensuring Shahid Malik was sent back to Burnley with his tail between his legs.
Maybe the residents of Dewsbury East will speak and give the three councillors a shock that even their large majorities may not even protect them from.

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