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Little Christmas spirit at hospital?

Letter of the week: Mr R Clough, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

My father was admitted to Dewsbury District Hospital last week so, as a family, we went along to see how he was going on.

Whilst there we commented on the fact that there were no seasonal decorations to be seen other than a small Christmas tree in the ward entrance.

My father, wife and myself had assumed that it must be due to the MRSA bug.

I visited the hospital today (Monday December 21) and along with my niece and her father, we once again commented on the lack of decorations.

I mentioned this to a member of staff and was absolutely flabbergasted to find out that the reason was not due to any health issues, no, I was told that there were no decorations due to local ethnic groups being there as well!

We were told by the staff member that the hospital was lucky to even get the aforesaid Christmas tree. I have to say that if this is the case, I am absoloutely disgusted and ashamed to say that I am from Dewsbury.

We are asked to be more friendly and tolerant towards our local ethnic community.

I ask everyone (and that does mean everyone): Would you not agree that something like this happening will only serve to drive the wedge even deeper and make the gap wider into creating a more racist country?

Please, please, please, give a thought to all the the poorly people who are forced to be in hospital at this time of year and now without knowing it is Christmas at all.

This is a hospital in a mainly Christian England where we are obviously now not allowed to celebrate it.

If what I have been told is true, I would like to get the powers that be to come and help me understand why. I probably wont be hearing any more though will I?

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