Speakers’ Corner: Paul Young

Speakers’ Corner: Paul Young

In this feature, we give a platform to local people to have their say. This week’s Speakers’ Corner is written by Paul Young, of the Batley Against Tipping community group

Making a real difference

I know what you are thinking – ‘Here he goes again with another fly-tipping rant!’

Correct and perhaps this time I feel I should be even more angry as things appear to be getting worse – as this week’s paper suggests.

However, behind the headlines is a glimmer of hope.

When I put the photos used in this week’s article on Facebook (along with a number of other sites I found on my travels last week), there was a huge outpouring of support for my efforts to highlight the issue.

There were a few calls of “What a nosey parker” or “Get a life mate”, but in the main 99 per cent of respondents were positive.

I have been contacted by four individuals looking to help. They have seen the problem in their neighbourhood and want to make a difference.

These are ordinary folk who have been inspired to pick up a glove (or maybe just a mouse and keyboard!) and get involved in helping tidy up our town. 

They are now actively helping, having been inspired by what we are doing.

As I was typing this article, I got a call from Kirklees Council.

They have agreed a better way for me to work with them, directing reports to the most appropriate teams.

I have already seen that some of the fly-tipping has been moved, so I know our efforts are not in vain and progress is being made.

Fly-tipping on private land is more difficult; the problem is down to the owner to sort out at their cost – I have heard from someone who had a wrecked caravan left on their drive.

I hope that the more we report the problem, the more the council will speak to the owners and the greater the likelihood they will fence off these areas or install CCTV to catch the perpetrators in action.

The council only has finite resources; they could put the money they spend clearing up fly-tipping into front-line services.

This can only happen when we pull together as a community; that’s you and I, the council and landowners, and stop accepting things are the way they are. Let’s all help make a change!

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