Solicitor speaks out on fraud

From: Chris Peace, Criminal Solicitor

Dear Sir,

With reference to The Press’s article on jailed solicitor Linda Box, I am concerned your readers may have been given a false impression by the spokesperson for the male members of the Box family who said her husband Richard and sons Edward and Andrew had been ‘cleared of any involvement’ and spoke of their ‘shock’ and ‘devastation’.

There is a subtle difference between being ‘cleared of any involvement’ and not being prosecuted in the first place because the police cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they knew or believed the money was stolen.

That it was stolen is a matter of record.

That Eric F Box and Co. Limited and members of Linda’s family benefitted to the tune of over £1million is also a matter of record, as The Press’s article pointed out:

+ £800k wine collection of Edward Box paid for by Linda Box

+ £236k marketing and public relations bills of Eric F Box and Co Ltd paid for by Linda Box

+ Multiple mortgages of family members paid off by Linda Box

+ Credit cards, council tax bills, school fees, holidays, stays at the Ritz Hotel etc, all paid for by Linda Box for members of her family.

Just how much did they think a solicitor in a small provincial firm earns?

Whether it can be proved they knew the money was stolen or not, Eric F Box and Co Ltd, Richard Box, Edward Box and Andrew Box all benefitted from Linda Box’s fraud.

Police Property Act proceedings will continue over the coming months an effort to trace and recover the proceeds of her crimes.

The spokesperson’s comments would appear to be an effort to distance the male members of the Box family and the company of which they are all directors from their benefactor Linda who was, until her crimes were discovered, the Company Secretary of that company.

Your readers will have to decide for themselves.

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