School pick-up nightmare

School pick-up nightmare

From: PM Robinson

Dear Sir,

Is this a car boot sale? No. Is it a stock car rally? No. It must be a car auction – no.

It’s just the school pick up time from Batley Boys High School (September 24, 2018), which residents of York Grove and York Road have to put up with every day, not to mention bad language from the boys and then there’s the litter.

God forbid if an ambulance or fire engine needs to get through – who will be to blame?

I readan article from the Daily Mail (regarding schools enforcing parent parking bans on surrounding streets) which gave me some hope that times are changing throughout the country, because to do nothing is not an option.

Co2 emissions, gridlocked roads, (child) obesity and general nuisance value are all spoiling the are we live in.

There are plenty of large car parks in Batley, quiet at the time of day that are ideal for pick up areas.

The time has come for action.

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

About the same time as the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust decided to close the Ambulatory Care Unit at Dewsbury Hospital, the NHS bosses who ‘buy the services in,’ canceled a quarterly ‘engagement’ event with stakeholders and the public, saying it was through “low take up”.

Are North Kirklees and Wakefield people so cowed that when their services are further reduced or further overburdened, they lie down and let themselves be trodden underfoot?

People denied treatment at Dewsbury have to go to Pinderfields. Top NHS bosses have been warned that any change or removal of local health provision without the public being involved beforehand is unlawful!

Later in the autumn, a Judicial Review will rule whether the Government plans for a new Provider contract is lawful or not. I’ve been told it potentially means physical health provision is on the same sort of contract and funding as mental health provision and funding is now.

Mental Health services are woefully inadequate. This new contract will be the last nail in the coffin of our right to a comprehensive health service, according to need.

Hospitals in England are set to reduce like HRI, from 140 with full A&Es in 2013, to between 44 and 70, whatever they can get away with.

All localities are gearing up to have the new Integrated Care Provider contracts, to ‘manage’ – ie ‘cut’ – demand. Next up, dwindling numbers of GP practices.

From: Ben Marshall

The focus on World War 1 is a good idea to help people who can’t relate to it because of the lapse of time, and perhaps understand it a bit more.

It’s very sad that in the news we see students disrespecting the whole idea of “remembering” because it’s not trendy/relevant, but probably because they want to make a name for themselves in the media as rebels etc.

Sadly these ‘toffs’ aren’t criticising an event that caused social uproar in the vein of mass protest, as the students and regular citizens did railing against the Vietnam war conducted by Presidents Johnson, followed by Nixon.

Indeed both of these wars are such a long time ago, and we live in such a different place in time, perhaps social renactments might be the way to go, to be relevant.

I watched this week’s special 1918 Emmerdale and was impressed how they showed how life was. However in the end it confused itself by portraying something somewhere that wasn’t and isn’t real to try to get a message across, including respecting a memorial to the fallen which can only be 10+years old, not 100!

The show was paying its respects to Esholt near Bradford, where the programme was originally filmed, for many years, not today’s show. Surely to goodness it would have had more meaning filming at the actual place these ‘real’ people really lived?

It did do a good thing though, by showing us that people did object (to the war) for whatever their reasons and that they should be remembered too.

With a little more planning by Yorkshire TV, it could have been relevant, historical and what we all should be – respectful to those who gave their today for our tomorrow.

From: Tim Wood, Mirfield

As a young lad, my grandfather Jack used to take me up to Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury and point out his older brother’s name on the war memorial, Private Harold Coope of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry on the Somme where he was shot and badly wounded.

He was eventually stretchered to a field dressing station, where a German shell landed and blew them all to kingdom come.

A little bit of family history, a small piece on the bloodiest war ever fought on European soil.

My grandfather used to tell me that after the Great War the troops returned as heroes but nothing had changed in the mills and factories – hard work for very little pay and the privileged few were still top dog. The saying on the streets at that time was “in a hundred years from now it will all be a joke”.

There is a grand swell across the country that is saying a big thank you to all who fought and died in the First World War.

I’ve just been out delivering poppy trays, boxes, tins etc in time for Remembrancetide and we are always greeted warmly. There are special lessons in all the schools throughout the district and county to educate our younger generation.

We’ve also been out trimming up the town with big poppies and banners, we are doing our best to inspire others to do their bit.

When it comes to commemorating the 100th anniversary of the armistice, last Saturday a fundraising event was held to raise funds for new kit for 868 Squadron’s band. It was a success.

We’re taking out more poppy boxes than ever before and adding more trimmings to the parade route through Mirfield.

The tickets and programmes for the Festival of Remembrance concert at St Mary’s Church on November 9 have been printed. Lots of people are trying their best to work together to make this concert special but we need to sell tickets. So it’s up to you folks, Hammonds Brass Band is famous throughout band-land and the concert is evocative and well structured.

Please give us your support, you always do on the Remembrance Sunday Parade – let’s make this year special.

From: C. Hirst, Mirfield

Why should we keep these sex monsters in our jails (20 men jailed for 221 years)? It reportedly costs around £85,000 (per annum) to keep a prisoner at HM Prisons. If the grooming gangs are not British citizens then they should be deported. I would like to know if any of them do get deported after finishing their sentences?

From John Moss, Mirfield

Kirklees NHS bosses, not content with downgrading Dewsbury Hospital’s A&E, (patients including elderly and infirm, having to travel for ages across the miles to Pinderfields) and putting in an Ambulatory Care Centre instead, then think it is ok to cut this Ambulatory Care Centre.  

This was stopped in July 2018 and is to stay closed for the whole of winter 2018/19.  

This special centre was lauded by the bosses as the best thing to get patients seen, checked out and back to their homes ASAP.  So what are they thinking of?

They do not care about us and our health and well-being that’s for sure. So much is now geared by them and the Government to degrade the abilities of our NHS more and more, daily, weekly and monthly.  

It’s not just the patients who suffer, our NHS health workers do too, doctors, nurses and paramedics who are dedicated and do a wonderful job under vile and uncaring authorities.

It is now a precarious and unsafe situation. Urgent action is needed.  Action like the JR4NHS campaign, can and has made an impact on those messing with the running of our NHS. Please take action and learn what’s going on, for the future of your children at least.  

 We won’t put up with Government harming us like they are are doing.

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