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Is town council surplus to requirements?

Letter of the Week: Phil Glass, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Danny Lockwood’s comments in last week’s Ed Lines about the Battyeford by-election being a total waste of our money is something we can all agree with.

So what does our town council do for us then?

And no, it isn’t going to be a sketch from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

What events stand out in most people’s minds when it comes to what makes Mirfield people happy?

Well, there is the Mirfield Show, professionally organised and run largely by Mirfield people, and it’s a great community day out.

Then there’s the bonfire and fireworks held on the showground, again run and organised away from the council’s grasp; a great event for young and old alike.

In November we see the Remembrance Day march, again organised independently away from the town council.

People pack the town to watch and take part in what has become the largest march of its kind in the UK.

There’s Brass in the Woods, pantomimes and a full concert with a brass band in the church down Newgate. Lots going on, all organised by someone else.

What about the Christmas lights switch-on? Whoopdee doo!

Yes, the town council are on top of the game there. Hardly Blackpool I know, but after the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, Santa and invited guest press the switch and pop! Half the lights go out on Huddersfield Road, yet again. Brilliant.

So, back to your remark about the feelgood factor of the council buying everyone a pint instead of wasting more public cash.

Great idea Danny, but there’s one problem, there ain’t a boozer big enough in Mirfield to acquit the said task.

But there’s plenty of breweries with massive facilities for brewing and pouring pints on the scale required.

Only one more stumbling block; it would have to be the town council that would have to organise it.

Damn, back to the drawing board.


Let’s all rally together

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Desperate refugees have died in their thousands over the summer trying to escape war and poverty, and while this Tory government has displayed a callous attitude, many ordinary people have got together across Europe by opening their houses to refugees who have nowhere else to go, they have collected food and other supplies.

Cafes have let migrants use their bathroom and electricity to charge phones, and people have protested to demand that refugees be made to feel welcome.

Football fans are waving  ‘welcome refugees’ banners at their grounds.

Let’s all rally together like we did when thousands of Jewish refugees found shelter on British shores during World War Two and during the deadly Balkans conflict in the 1990s, when Britain provided urgent relief for persecuted families  and in the 1970s Vietnamese  boat people fleeing war were even re-housed in empty hospitals.

This is British people at their best and the last thing we need from David Cameron and his government is to drop bombs on Syria, thus exacerbating what is already a human tragedy.


Bins revamp is rubbish

From: Harold Laycock, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to the genius who designed the new bin collection schedule in Kirklees.

Our collection day has changed from Monday to Wednesday, commencing Wednesday September 9.

As the green bins were emptied last Monday, one would expect that the grey bins would be emptied this coming Wednesday?

But no, the green bins will be emptied once again this week. The result, overflowing grey bins by Wednesday September 16.


We’re under strain already

From: Stephen Hopkins, Batley

Dear Sir,

Though we all feel for the refugees trying to come to this country, it is not the responsibility of the British government, they are coming through other Muslim countries to get to the west.

Why don't they go to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or the Emirates, all wealthy Muslim countries?

Aren’t the government taking into account our schools are full, the NHS is under great strain and we have too many of our own people homeless and unemployed?

Also, why the outcry on the news on Monday night about two ISIS thugs being killed by an RAF drone?

Let’s be grateful our armed forces are on top of these situations and give them more support.


Support our historic event

From: Tim Wood, MRV, Old Colonial, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

75 years ago Britain was facing the realisation that invasion by Hitler’s Nazi forces was within the shake of a dice away.

Hitler and Goering knew that in order to break us they had to win air superiority in order to invade.

An outnumbered Royal Air Force fought the fury and might of the Luftwaffe over southern England, and won for us a victory that was soon dubbed the Battle of Britain.

On Saturday September 12, Mirfield Rifle Volunteers are holding a fundraising event for Mirfield’s very own 868 Squadron ATC; it will cumulate our efforts for the RAFA Wings Week appeal.

Over the years Mirfield’s 868 Squadron, officers, cadets and Corps of Drums have accompanied the Royal British Legion, combined services parades associates, and Mirfield Rifle Volunteers on parades, Armed Forces Day gatherings and ceremonial and fundraising events.

So it’s payback time, as we say in non-military terms.

The fundraiser is to be held on Saturday September 12 from 8pm onwards at the Old Colonial in Mirfield.

There is a live band – Mid Life Crisis – a free supper, no entry charge, but we will be pressing people to take part in the raffle and auction as part of the evening’s events.

So we hope you can brace yourselves to your duties and come along and support this historic event.

It will be a very enjoyable and worthy occasion.


Actions would speak louder 

From: R Taylor, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Last week’s letter from K Brown hit the nail on the head over comments by Mirfield Mayor, Lady Lees-Hamilton.

Applications over road closures are published on websites and in the newspapers, so we are all better informed and that includes our lethargic Kirklees ‘Gang of Three’.

Coun Bolt has just gone public about travellers in Knowle Park.

It’s all very well calling for national action etc, but locally things can be done; a small ditch around Knowle Park, gated to allow access for locals to get in and help cut the grass.

Surely the money we are saving on grass cutting should pay for a contractor with a JCB to dig the defences.

Just food for thought Martyn, we know you mean well.

A couple of weeks ago another pointless vanity PR exercise saw Coun Cath Taylor and co looking glum, standing outside the Nat West Bank in Mirfield, which is earmarked for closure.

Let’s face it, if George Osborne can’t get at the core of frustration that belies our cavalier cash and grab banking system, how on earth are we supposed to have any confidence in the posturing portrayed on numerous occasions by our elected councillors.

Our advice to you is get a grip and do something meaningful and positive.

Actions speak louder than words and hot air.


It’s our money

From: John Scatchard, Batley

Dear Sir,

Could I remind Michael Hutchinson that the ‘council’ have no money. It is the council tax payers who are footing the bill for his failure to take up his council seat in the first place.


Voicing concern

From: Mr P Rhodes, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

The BBC produces some of the best programmes in the world, but spoils itself with political correctness and left-wing bias.

Too many news reporters have the accent voted the most annoying; the Belfast/Northern Irish, which they try to get rid of with elocution lessons.

Whether it’s equality or something, now I’ve never known as many presenters who roll their ‘R’s.

France becomes ‘Fwance’, and Red Cross becomes ‘wed cwoss’. This is on TV and ‘wadio’, and is very irritating.

There are two well-known men on nature programmes  alone like this.

Surely broadcasters need clear diction and, if possible, agreeable voices like the late Peter O’Sullivan, the racing commentator, and Joanna Lumley.

Channel Four racing are wondering why their viewing figures are dropping!

Could it be they have, in my opinion, the most dour, annoying voice in broadcasting; that of Mick Fitzgerald?


Our best plan is to leave EU

From: Bernard Cosgrove, Norristhorpe

Dear Sir,

The first duty of any national government should be to protect its own people.

Most citizens are sick and tired of career politicians who neglect this duty, such as Yvette Cooper, wife of the notorious Ed Balls, who wants to put immigrants into housing before our own youngsters.

She has suggested, probably not her own thinking, a quota for every town and city.

They will most likely move to where their friends and relatives live, or where the jobs are, thus putting more of our people onto the dole.

European Union laws state that immigrants should seek asylum in the first country they land in, but they are trying to get to the richest soft touches – Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Surely our best plan is to vote to leave the EU.

The leaders seem to have no idea how to solve problems, and we pay £53m a day to be a member of this corrupt, muddled set-up.

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