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Why doesn’t same law apply?


Letter of the Week: C. Riggs via email


Dear Sir,

I was thoroughly disgusted to read the front page story about the gypsies camped out on Shaw Cross playing fields, and at the same time glad to see this story have front page status.

In the past gypsies have entered/trespassed upon Dewsbury Rams land, Bywell school fields, Earlsheaton park, Sands Lane cricket and football pitches, Birkdale school fields and Shaw Cross, on more than one occasion. So they enter these areas, that have already had obstacles or locked barriers put in place, and upon leaving leave their waste. But the thought of human waste also...

If you have a dog, and it squats down in the street to do its business, almost immediately someone will come flying out of their house, remonstrating with you for your dog’s bowels. So you clean it up anyway, however you can be fined for that – so what’s different for these people? Maybe a dog is an animal, singular – these others are animals, plural, so the law doesn’t apply to them. Or for illegal entry and trespass too.

You will get chewed out for a dog poo, but if someone fronted these people and tried to be reasonable and polite, I would expect they would see where you live and you would end up with their waste in your garden.

Whether the law can do anything, whether the police have any power or can’t be bothered (Undercover Copper, Panorama is an example of police showing little interest) I don’t know.

On a last note, Southern Ireland, last time I watched Father Ted, it looked like a pleasant place, peaceful and lots of space. No low flying rugby balls either, but maybe these people prefer to be somewhere they can wind the locals up.


Labour don’t get our anger

From: Colin Auty, by email

Dear Sir,

On Tuesday I sat in wonder watching Yvette Cooper talking about immigration, and I struggled to understand what goes on in people’s heads that defies any common sense or logic.

The lady stated that we as a nation can and should accommodate some 10,000 so-called refugees, this statement coming when immigration is the biggest topic that’s turning voters in droves to seek solice with Ukip and causing all manner of election woes for Labour as the general election recently proved.

How many times after this election did I hear Labour folk on TV state that Labour was not listening to the public (honest of them, that)?

So you would think that Ms Cooper would have more sense than blabbering away, beating the immigration drum.

Talk about self destruction, this lady is oblivious to this country’s number one public worry and frustration.

They see it most days on news recently, and they worry!

Not to mention the farce called Calais, immigration concerns are many, housing being a priority, but add the security of this nation to the pot – who the hell will screen these immigrants Miss Cooper?

Can you be sure they are ALL refugees?

I truly do despair if this lady is the calibre of person who has expectations (and may do) of leading my Britain to be “Great” again.


Thanks to Rev Partington

From: Bill Robinson, frequent Dewsbury Minster visitor

Dear Sir,

I thought it would be very appropriate to write a letter of thanks on the imminent retirement of the Rev Kevin Partington and his dear wife, who have worked tirelessly within the team parish of Dewsbury over the last 13 years.

They have given all their energy to the work of spreading the faith of God in most areas of our town. They have helped to build up a very active congregation both at the Minster and churches within the local area forming the team parish.

Rev Partington has orchestrated many changes that have helped with the comfort of worshippers and also the introduction of a new organ system which has enhanced worship very favourably within the Minster.

The refectory has also been of considerable assistance and well used by local residents and also visitors to our town.

One of the very important ministries close to Kevin’s heart has been for the homeless and those struggling to cope in today’s society, offering them food and sustenance when it was most required.

Under their leadership, annual civic services have been fully accommodated within the church. They have also worked tirelessly with other faith leaders around the district to foster cooperation and working together for the good of the community.

I am sure this is but a mere snippet of the work they have accomplished but I invite you to join with me in wishing them a long and happy retirement together and give thanks for all that they have accomplished during their ministry in our town.


A waste of our hard-earned

From: Mr A Wilson, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

What a massive waste of our cash. Yes that’s right, OUR cash, yours and mine, hard earned cash, being frittered away on the Battyeford re-run by-election.

Michael Hutchinson who forgot to follow due process by registering his claim after winning the election is to blame and so are the Conservatives in Mirfield for not allowing him a bit of leeway.

How many co-opted councillors has Mirfield had in the past? Dozens, absolutely dozens of co-options onto the council, but on this occasion the Piltdown politicians decided NO.

The questions we have to ask is, could two Labour councillors have made any difference to the major day to day decisions the mighty Town Council has to make. The answer is a big resounding NO.

It wasn’t even a storm in a teacup, not even a thimble full of fury. Two vanity projects from equally opposed sides wasting our money yet again in the name of questionable democracy rather than common sense.

The money they wasted would have been better spent on measures to stop random gangs of travellers camping on our doorstep.

Obviously the Conservatives still can’t forgive Labour for making them do a u-turn over Castle Hall School. We are the victims of their vanity.


Hospital being decimated  

From: Wendy Senior, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Attending Dewsbury Hosp-ital for an appointment, I thought I would settle the argument: is or isn’t the coronary care unit closed? The ward is closed.

I asked a doctor near the coronary care unit, who told me “yes, the ward was closed, but there were a few cardiac patients dotted around the wards”.

I also noticed walking through the Boothroyd Centre, the Cavell Ward where patients with cancer receive their chemotherapy treatment, had been moved.

I asked at reception where the ward was, I was told it had gone upstairs to ward 9.

Whoever made this decision should think how it affects cancer patients walking further for treatment. It was easily accessible in the Boothroyd Centre.

I had a look round ward 9. There were people sat in chairs having chemotherapy treatment, but only one small room with one bed!

What would happen if more than one person felt ill during treatment?

Back to the coronary care unit. I attended most of the CCG and Trust meetings and I cannot remember this ward being moved to Pinderfields mentioned. I have all the agendas for the meetings and it’s not in there.

David Kelly, chair of the Clinical Commissioning Group, and Stephen Eames, chief executive of the Mid Yorkshire Trust, make their own rules. David Kelly keeps telling us services are moving back to Dewsbury Hospital.

I am not aware  of any clinic being brought back to Dewsbury Hospital.

We need our coronary care unit, children’s ward and maternity unit brought back and A&E, high dependency and intensive care leaving as they are.

The money wasted  by David Kelly and Stephen Eames on advice from Ernst & Young would pay for this to happen.

People I speak to are fed up of waiting times, appointments at the wrong hospital, parking charges etc. The Trust then ask people to fill in forms to say how good their services are: I put mine in the bin!

Some good news, Paula Sherriff, Dewsbury MP and Jo Cox Batley MP, want to see re-organisation stopped while a consultation takes place to assess the changes; which sounds better than Simon Reevell’s  “leave it to the clinicians” stance on the downgrading of our hospital, which is now being decimated.

I asked staff if they agreed with my assessment, and they did.

A friend told me recently about their relative having an accident at home.

He went to Dewsbury Hospital, where he was left 50 minutes without pain relief, when they said he would be seen to in five minutes.

They also forgot to give him a tetanus injection.

On being transferred to Pinderfields for plastic surgery, the ambulance man, who had come from Skipton, told him Dewsbury Hospital was now a walk-in centre, not a hospital.

This is what David Kelly and Stephen Eames have achieved with all their lies to our group.

Keep hospital services public!

We have a meeting on Monday, 7 September, at 7.30pm at the Women’s Clinic on Wellington Street, Dewsbury.

Come and join us.

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