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There’s only so much a community can say

Letter of the Week: James Spofforth, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

How many times will we hear from right-wing commentators that the ‘Muslim community’ must stand up, apologise and condemn terrorist outrages that are allegedly committed in the name of their religion?

For starters, a great many community figureheads have made public pronouncements saying that these acts do no represent Islam and are not perpetrated in their name.

It appears that some people just aren’t listening to, or are deliberately ignoring the statements put out by mosques, councillors, families etc.

Secondly, some people apparently seem to want one main, all-powerful UK Muslim spokesman to stand up and condemn terrorist attacks in all their forms.

The problem is, Islam doesn’t work like that – there is no pyramid power structure like there is in Christianity.

Of course there are influential local clerics and politicians who have spoken out, but there isn’t a single figurehead who can assuage the misplaced fears of Daily Mail readers everywhere.

And I’m still waiting to hear the same outraged commentators condemn the murder of nine black church-goers in the USA and ask the Pope to make a public apology.


End of road for pavement cars?

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Given the problems we pedestrians have with cars parking on our pavements, I was pleased to hear that Simon Hoare’s MP private members’ bill had its first reading in the House of Commons last week.

The bill is supported by the charity Guide Dogs and if passed the Act will come into force next year, allowing local authorities to prohibit parking on pavements in all areas, although certain streets could be exempt from the ban.

If implemented, the bill will in particular benefit the blind and visually impaired, the disabled and mums and dads with buggies and pushchairs.


Pub music a matter of timing

From: Bernard Cosgrove, Norristhorpe

Dear Sir,

On a two-week course for future pub landlords, we were taught the importance of the choice of music.

One large brewery used to give landlords tapes or CDs for early afternoon, afternoon, early evening and night, so people who’d been working hard all day weren’t blasted by heavy metal music when they’d just called in to unwind.

I have been where a young bar person had put on weird sounds at full volume when the place was full of pensioners having a meal.

Also, in pubs playing non-descript rubbish, not even by the original artists, like the BBC do, to save on royalties.

The best ever applause I’ve heard in working men’s clubs was for two Australian lads, working their way around Europe, who played only songs that had been in the Top 10.

However, I never became a publican because on asking around, I discovered a very major pub chain were going to open a pub a quarter-of-a-mile away. This saved me investing my thousands of redundancy payment.


Every excuse possible...

From: John Cross, English Defence League, Dewsbury Division

Dear Sir,

Firstly we express our sympathies to all the families affected by the Tunisian tragedy, and to the deceased.

Also, unlike our political leaders and local MP, we express sympathies to those affected by the same murderous act last week; no matter what nationality and no matter where a person lives, people deserve to go about their daily business without threat to their own safety.

What a difference a week makes. Last week a callous, cowardly attack was whitewashed, plain and simply due to the fact it was one of our own.

Every leading politician from Cameron down to our own Sherriff, came up with every excuse possible in order to lay blame elsewhere with this attack.

This weekend our so-called leader came out fist-thumping, calling as he should, an attack by a coward, a member of a gang of Islamic murderers.

Well, we ask the question, what divides one attack from another? When will we face reality?

Immediate action by the Tunisian government, far too late but nevertheless, is to close 80 of the radical mosques.

Until our government  realise you cannot label all Muslims under one tag; and there is a certain sect in Britain preaching extreme Islam that sets young Muslims on the radical path, further British lives will be lost.

For years we have warned of certain mosques known to overseas authorities for having strong connections to radical organisations worldwide.

When will our government stop surrendering to these organisations,

investigate them, and act to safeguard the safety of the majority of the British people?

When will our own Muslim community come out and expose the mosques in Dewsbury that are preaching extremism?

The silence is deafening, and until they come forward they will be tarred with the same brush.


Immigration policy farce 

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Dear Sir,

It has become a matter of official policy to uphold the view that mass immigration has benefited the country, especially if we are “taking everything into consideration”, as brilliantly satirised by Stephen Cass, (Forum, June 26).

To contradict such a view would threaten not only the career of someone in public office, but also the employment of somebody working for a public body. The arguments cited to justify mass immigration are nothing better than self-justifying rhetoric, and can be easily refuted.

Despite this, those opposing mass immigration are forced to take a defensive position, as accusations of rascism, xenophobia, intolerance, and other charges inevitably follows.

Despite seeing the consequences of such damaging policies, over the previous 50 years, we are still taking “everything into consideration” when extolling the virtues of diversity. Will such official stupidity continue in the future, or will a semblance of sanity finally prevail? However, “taking everything into consideration...”

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