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Letter of the Week: Ian J Harms, Batley

Dear Sir,

How disappointing that your Letter of the Week last Friday, under the banner ‘This is what will happen to our hospital’, was a poorly-written and blinkered view of the future of Dewsbury Hospital.

As I see it, where resources are not unlimited, most sensible people would agree that one should make the best use of those one has.

The NHS does not have unlimited funds to invest nationally in new hospital facilities, and, as in other parts of the UK, the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is reorganising to meet perceived future needs.

Dr Kathryn Fishwick tried to explain what is to be done for Dewsbury Hospital at a public meeting (at the hospital), held on May 21, which I attended.

Unfortunately, a small group in the audience seemed only interested in wanting to go over old ground, and made it almost impossible for Dr Fishwick to deliver her presentation, to the detriment of all.

Some £40m is to be invested over three years in improving our local health service.

Come on Batley and Dewsbury, let us celebrate this, and support the Trust by making positive suggestions, looking forward to a better future.



Manage DDH properly

From: Mel Sullivan, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

After reading Wendy Senior’s letter in The Forum, about the goings-on and rubbish spoken at the meeting in Dewsbury District Hospital’s Oakwell Centre, I am even more dismayed (if at all possible).

I was a maintenance manager for several years before retiring, and I was responsible for £14m worth of plant, buildings and property.

They can’t tell me that the Bronte Tower costs too much to maintain, what a load of garbage they speak. Let’s see the figures of what they’ve spent on it.

Also the Staincliffe Wing, despite its age, is still a good building.

As for demand; last Thursday I accompanied someone to the Bronte Towers and it was almost impossible to find a seat.

As an ex-cancer patient who has to have six-monthly checks, I have been asked if I can make it to Pontefract Hospital for 5.30pm for my tests.

You can imagine my reply; I live in Mirfield.

Now I am told there is no-one available to see me at Dewsbury Hospital.

I have had my appointment postponed three times since March!

If they sacked some of the useless administrators and managed Dewsbury District Hospital properly, there would be plenty of money for the services there.



What a great Vintage event

From: Pat Crisp, Batley

Dear Sir,

What a fantastic Vintage Day and dance it was on Saturday.

There were great organisers and volunteers who worked so hard, and people came from all over the UK.

There must have been over 15,000 people. I’m looking forward to the next Vintage Day, on October 10 in Heckmondwike, so put that in your diary.

I feel proud to know and work with these volunteers in our area.



Beautiful game turned ugly

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Five years ago there were calls by some people suggesting the Government should consider stripping the BBC of the right to show games from the 2018 World Cup.

These people attacked the BBC ‘Panorama’ programme for claiming that three members of football’s governing body FIFA had taken bribes in the 1990s.

They also claimed that the BBC’s criticism of FIFA could cost England the chance of staging the World Cup.

Around 15 years ago the author David Yallop, in his book ‘They Stole Our Game’ ,echoed the sentiments of the BBC.

So why has nothing been done until now?

Am I the only one to be cynical of the American authorities’ intervention on this issue?

They clearly don’t want the World Cup to be held in Russia for political reasons, but for the rest of us we need to root out the corruption that has become endemic in football.

The beautiful game has become ugly.



Please write to your MP 

From: Mrs Jones, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

I read with dismay Wendy Senior’s article in last week’s Press re the changes at Dewsbury Hospital.

I think it is absolutely outrageous what they are doing to our hospital.

However, the closing of services and down-grading all the hospital has been on the cards for a long time.

Stephen Eames and others on the board have consistently lied and covered up the truth about sending the bulldozers into knock half of it down.

It is said that £21m will be spent on Dewsbury Hospital to knock it down and improve it.

How is cutting services an improvement?

As for demolishing the old Staincliffe building, I am not sure if this is a listed building, it used to be the old workhouse. Perhaps Wendy Senior could research this?

Dewsbury Hospital covers a wide area. To think that there will be nothing left but clinics, selective day surgery, a few maternity nurse-led beds, the elderly and stroke patients, this is not a hospital.

Also, downgrading A&E services, it is not rocket science to see more problems will be created, and lives lost.

I urge people to write to their MP.



Pandor could have done it

From: Ann Hayes, via email

Dear Sir,

I was upset when I found out that Coun Shabir Pandor was not going to fill the role of MP from Mike Wood.

Coun Pandor has always sorted problems immediately when I have asked for his help.

He cares deeply about his constitutents and is a very amiable person.

He assures me, though, that our new MP Jo Cox is just as dedicated to helping people and sorting problems out as they arise.



Thanks from a happy veteran

From: Jack Bunn, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

Last Saturday I spent one of the best days of my life at Batley Vintage Day.

Batley Business Association, along with chief organiser Andrew Marsden, deputy chairman Rob Oldfield, and everyone who was involved deserves a gold medal for a fantastic day.

I am in a wheelchair, due to my World War II wounds, and the stewards were really happy to help me, nothing was too much trouble, and they had a friendly word for everyone.

The highlight of my day was the flyover of the RAF Dakota, which brought back memories of the Yanks bringing me back on a stretcher when I was badly wounded in Holland.

I was introduced to a few local celebrities and old friends. I was pleased to meet Malcolm Haigh again; we fought many a campaign for the good and wellbeing of Batley.

I also met another old opponent, Coun Paul Kane, Mayor of Kirklees. We did not always see eye to eye in our political battles, but we always remained friends; I now know what he had to put up with.

I do think if this talk about a Mayor for Dewsbury takes fruition, Paul Kane is the man to lead us. If anyone can save Dewsbury, it’s Coun Kane.

He appears to be head and shoulders above the others. I would give him my full support.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Batley Vintage Day for giving an old veteran a very happy day, and here’s hoping I make it through to next year’s, as I am now 95.

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