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I’ve made up my mind based on competence

Letter of the Week: Philip Tolson, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

You know it is election time when, perhaps annoyingly, you are bombarded with leaflets, phone calls and tea-time knocks on the door.

Noticeably, with the Labour pamphlets, their candidate seems to be living up to her ‘One Policy’ nickname.

It will be interesting to see if she finds another before May that might offer us an intelligent insight into why she should take a hand in the serious responsibility of helping run our country in these changing and dangerous times.

Then again there is the  UKIP party which does not seem to have anything to say apart from the negative fact that it’s not too keen on foreigners.

There has been nothing from the Lib Dems or Greens, who look like they’ve both decided to sit this contest out.

That leaves us with the Conservatives, who, whilst I have not agreed with all they have done in their five years in charge, have at least managed to turn round the mess Labour left us in.

The fastest-growing G7 economy, low inflation and record employment are all testament to that.

The worry is that all this will be thrown away come polling day, leaving us with the nightmare scenario of a profligate Labour/SNP coalition surely meaning that Scotland gets it all, leaving England with the scraps.

I am not going to throw away my vote so I’ll be voting Conservative on May 7 based on economic competence and because the Labour/SNP alternative is too frightening to contemplate.


Jack’s pulling up the gangplank

From: Jack Bunn, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

It’s voting time now, and all the half-forgotten ex-public dignitaries are coming out from under their logs, to try to get back into the gravy train down in London; and telling us what they will do for us.

Why didn’t they do it when they were in office?

Probably their pockets are not jingling like they did when they were active, and need topping up.

If there is anybody fit to run this country, I would like to know them.

All we get in Parliament is one party slagging the other off.

In my opinion they are not old enough to run the country; no-one should be an MP under the age of 50, as they lack experience.

Since World War II this country has become a second-hand junk shop.

My next remark will get me into trouble; too many women MPs are putting their feelings into decisions.

I think on my last remark I had better pull up the gangplank and prepare for other opinions, etc.


Don’t let them down – vote

From: Pat Crisp, Batley

Dear Sir,

Every time we switch the TV on it’s all about the elections, but are we hearing or seeing any of our local canidates?

I’ve only met one, the lovely Jo Cox, who has been working very hard in the community over the past year.

What have the others been doing?

Also where are the people who want to be councillors? No idea. How can we judge  when we don’t know them?

This happens every year, so we end up with the same council and still the same complaints.

So it’s time everyone got out there and voted. Don’t forget ladies, it’s only 90 years since our sisters fought for the vote, so don’t let them down.


Festival needs your pledges

From: Donal O’Driscoll, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

The second MFEST Mirfield music festival may not happen.

For many years I’ve been organising the Heckmondwike Crown of Lights music festival.

This event has become hugely popular because it’s designed to be family friendly, has a wide variety of excellent acts and children’s entertainment and all in a safe environment.

After four years of living in Mirfield, I’ve now got to a point where I’d like to do the same for Mirfield every June.

I organised the first MFEST on Mirfield Showground last year and that too was a huge success.

However, I’ve come to a point where the financial risks associated with such events are just too great for me to bear.

One solution is crowd funding, whereby people pledge for their tickets.

If there aren’t enough pledges made very soon then MFEST just won’t happen on June 20 and 21.

Please visit to read about it and then hopefully pledge.

Thank you.


Tory hopeful’s ‘fresh ideas’

From: Mark Eastwood, Conservative Council Candidate, Dewsbury East

Dear Sir,

Having read The Press’s latest report regarding the millions wasted on the Kirklees Council-funded ABLE2 project in Heckmondwike, as someone who helped expose the £1m plus (and still counting) the council wasted on a failed local development plan, it came as no surprise that Kirklees continue to pour hard-working taxpayers’ money down the drain.

It also came as no shock that the Labour leader of the council reverted to his stock answer to everything of pointing the finger of blame at the Government.

Once again, the Labour leadership at Kirklees has been shown to be completely incompetent and lacking in any imagination.

At a time when we need a business-like approach and fresh ideas to enable frontline services to cope with reduced budgets, all we get is money disappearing and finger-pointing.

Why not look at sharing back-office services with other councils to reduce costs?

Why not look at outsourcing services if a better deal can be found elsewhere?

Why not devolve more power to Dewsbury, so money raised in Dewsbury gets spent in Dewsbury?

These are just a few of the ideas that local Conservatives are proposing so that our council can be more efficient and at the same time protect valuable frontline services, yet for purely ideological reasons Kirklees Labour seem all too happy to waste money and slash and burn essential services.

Come election day, not only do the people of Dewsbury have a choice of economic competence over chaos nationally, the same applies at a local level.

Please remember this when casting your vote on May 7.


O’Donovan is best choice

From: Jabar Khaliq, Dewsbury Moor

Dear Sir,

I am writing to the papers because I feel it is a privilege to tell your readers how active Councillor Darren O’Donovan has been in Dewsbury West.

In his term of office as ward councillor, he has done excellent work for his constituents, more than the previous councillors who had served Dewsbury West but who got nothing done.

I thank Coun O’Donovan for doing his utmost in bringing improvements to the ward, as well as having regular surgeries and attending individual constituents who needed his assistance.

That’s the role of an elected councillor, and he performed his duties to the best of his ability.

He deserves to be given a further opportunity to serve as councillor.

Please vote for Coun O’Donovan, a person who is approachable and reliable.

His track record speaks for itself. Some of the work he has done includes:

Zebra crossings for Ravenshouse Road and Heckmondwike Road, to start May 2015;

Road ramps on Staincliffe Road, completed;

Helping bring the Big Lotto fund to Dewsbury Moor;

Environment grants for houses to be protected from flooding.

As his constituent I know we need a hard-working councillor and, looking at previous years, none of the above have been done, and I can see what Coun O’Donovan has done which other Dewsbury West ward councillors didn’t do.

Elect Darren O’Donovan in Dewsbury West Ward for the good work he has done.

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