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Booze ban? You’re having a laugh

Letter of the Week: Miss C Smith, Westtown, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

This letter (if printed) will appear a little bit too late to affect the local elections, but nevertheless I believe the plea I am about to make will stand on its merits with whoever is running Kirklees.

It appears from The Press that Coun Paul Kane is perturbed by people flouting the town centre public booze ban.

I have never met Coun Kane but from what I read he seems like the most pro-active and passionate of all the councillors in north Kirklees, whether in Dewsbury or Batley.

I rarely see or read about an Asian councillor taking on issues either in Dewsbury or Batley apart from Mr Iqbal who is not in power as I write. I am only 23 years old but try to follow local issues.

But to return to Mr Kane and the booze ban in Dewsbury. I am staggered that such a by-law even exists. You are kidding me!

I work in Dewsbury town centre in one of the ‘poundtown’ shops and it is a good place to work with a happy team of people working there and good customers who appreciate the value we provide from all communities, English, Asian and the increasing number of European customers.

But I would like to invite the council, all of them, to come to Dewsbury on a winter evening and walk the way home some of me and my colleagues have to.

And on a sunny day like we’ve had this past week or so, to come down at lunchtime and walk around streets just a few yards off the main roads.

Booze ban? The drunken and drugged gang who make Union Street an intimidating no-go area even in daylight, outnumber in any one afternoon the number of policemen we see in the town from week to week or month to month.

If crime in Dewsbury town centre is down, it is only because people are increasingly afraid to use it.

I saw in the newspaper that Kirklees are building some new homes in the Pioneer site which is to be generally applauded I suppose but I’d like to know who they are going to get to live there.

I still live with my mum and dad but I wouldn’t have a place in the town centre given.

It takes far more than flats to make a place habitable and unless you know Dewsbury as well as some of us forced to come here, then the politicians are just talking crap, excuse my language.

Ticking plans timebomb

From: Derek Cartwright, Soothill

Dear Sir,

The time bomb is ticking ... it will soon be the 30th ... your chance to tell the council what you think closes then on the Local Plan, or rather what should be in it.

This plan, I think is more important than the Local Development Plan or its predecessor. Why do I say that? Simply because of the sheer amount of houses under discussion.

At least someone besides me is bothered as I gathered from last week’s column!

Labour comes out at election times, like Mr Drake blaming things on the ‘Tories’, others might say that they want more houses, (yet Labour nationally say the Coalition have not planned for enough houses.)

And what did the ‘out of touch’ Coun Scott say? The Tories want maybe 5,000 houses in Chidswell. This spin makes me sick … so you could say, does Coun Scott.

One writer wanted Coun Scott to explain where houses are to be built. I think you might have a long wait for that.

I would also ask why we need all these houses? The council has to prove its case.

Go into the Kirklees web site and in the search box type ‘SHLAA’ and a list should come up. Now click on your ward.

If you added all the plots for houses you have a potential for over 90,000 houses including 13,592 houses on brown field sites.

You should find a map of your area, remember painting by numbers, this is planning by numbers; the key colour is blue.

If you are in Batley East, then we can see as I have already noted plot 214/213 & 223 9 (2,000 houses) that have now come up the planning list for immediate consideration.

Chidswell is plot 715 and Coun Scott, that is for Labour’s 2,455 houses.

Plot 916, which is Lower Soothill, that was in Labour’s previous plan and is now not for at least six years, as is a neighbouring area to the back of Fort Ann Road.

Plot 185 at Hanging Heaton, to the north of the High Street, has 590 houses planned immediately for an 11-15-year time scale.

There are 6,303 houses ‘blued’ in for Batley East – with 337 on brownfield sites.

Now, let’s repeat the fact, this is a Labour plan, but the question still is, who is responsible for all this mess: councillors or officials?

Were the councillors lax in not pointing out that council reports did not substantiate the numbers in the plan, or insist that reports and fact sheets were incorporated into the plan’s paperwork?

How many councillors bothered to read their own fact sheets?

One showed he had not by heckling me at a public meeting!

But then there were not that many councillors there when the inspector spoke on that important afternoon for the LDP.

If you don’t try to fill in the Local Plan questionnaire don’t come back complaining if you find yourself surrounded by houses, and stuck in traffic jams.

Road to hell is in Mirfield

From Mr Brian Cross, Address Supplied

Dear Sir,

I fully understand the anger and frustration of the various groups of people in Mirfield over plans hither and thither to build new housing estates and crush more people and vehicles into an already congested district.

Mirfield’s problem to me, as someone who has to reluctantly drive through it, has been its road infrastructure.

It is effectively a two-ended bottleneck.

I can understand people wanting to live in a good neighbourhood with good schools, but surely the planning authority’s first priority has to be that question.

Who will live there, where will they work and how will they get there in a timely and efficient manner?

Not until Kirklees addresses the chronic transport issues should any more homes be built.

Thanks for protest effort

From: Keith Andrews, policy coordinator, 

Save Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Save Mirfield would like to thank every one of the 400 or so Mirfield residents who turned out for the rally against the proposed Bellway and Taylor Wimpy housing estates.

It was a great rally that featured on BBC Look North and helped expose the farcical Kirklees planning situation with Ben Bailey homes on Kitson Hill Road.

Side by side with Save Mirfield were Project Mirfield with their excellent banners and the Lady Heton Action Group.

Thanks also to our local police for their assistance and the Mirfield Community Trust for allowing the rally to end at the Gilder Hall playing field.

We need everyone to write into Kirklees Planning stating their reasons why the Bellway application (quote no. 2014/91282) for 135 houses on Balderstone Fields and the Taylor Wimpy 166 houses (quote no. 2014/90688) on Mirfield Moor should be rejected by Kirklees.

The obvious reasons for objection are our chronic lack of adequate roads and an infrastructure whether it be the roads, schools, health centre or dentists that cannot cope with any more houses.

Please don’t delay get your objection letter in straight away and let Bellway know it is No Way Bellway forever.

All that beer - Ed’s losing plot

From: Name and address 


Dear Danny,

I very much enjoyed your pub and club crawl through the Batley of yesteryear.

I too grew up in the hostelries you mention. It’s so sad that many are lost.

I must however correct you on one point. The Victoria at Carlinghow is certainly not defunct.

The Vic is very much up and running with mine hosts Dave and Anita and selling excellent Partners ales.

Meet me there for a pint if you don’t believe me, but it’s your round!

Ed says: Apologies – I’ll be in touch and I’m 


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