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MP Wood should apologise and retract

Letter of the Week: Open letter to Mike Wood MP (Lab, Batley and Spen)

Dear Mr Wood Re: The future of health services in North Kirklees.

I write to take issue with a number of public comments you have made in recent weeks and ask that you stop misleading the public and causing anxiety for our staff.

Firstly, it is simply nonsense to say Dewsbury & District Hospital will close by 2016.

The fact you have stated this whilst standing in front of the hospital site where there is clearly development currently taking place makes these comments frankly ludicrous.

Our plans have secured the future of Dewsbury & District Hospital. It will be seeing 14,000 more patients by 2017 – making it busy, vibrant and more financially viable.

The changes also mean we are more likely to sustain a high level of clinical quality.

You also seem to suggest there are somehow connections between our trust and the events that occurred at Mid Staffordshire Hospitals.

This is undermining the integrity and professionalism of our frontline staff and I would ask you to retract these comments.

Our quality and performance have shown major improvements which have been recognised in a wide range of independent assessments.

For example, we were the top-performing Trust in the country bar none for meeting the four-hour A&E standard during March.

We were also named one of the most improved hospital Trusts in the country for our mortality rates in the most recent Dr Foster Hospital Guide.

To say there is collusion between the Trust and central government is, again, simply nonsense.

The 290 recommendations made by Sir Robert Francis QC in his report published last year were designed to create a patient-centred culture across the NHS and ensure such circumstances could never be repeated.

We, like all NHS Trusts, have been actively implementing these recommendations since they were published.

Finally, you are asking your constituents to “continue to resist” plans for Dewsbury & District Hospital.

As a responsible parliamentarian we would ask you to reconsider this position and encourage people to work with us rather than against us so they can play a role in shaping our plans for the future.

Who’s closing town shops?

From: Coun Paul Kane (Lab, Dewsbury East)

Dear Sir,

Re. Forum, April 4th.

Well, at least something can motivate the “chattering classes”, albeit none of them could have read the original story and one of them had a vested interest as one of their family works in the bookies!

However, not once did we mention closing any bookies, just to make it harder to open any more bookmakers, a policy the Government has signed up to this week!

The reason for my letter is not to be critical of the letter writers, I actually welcome them, but please get the facts right!

The shops in the town do not belong to the Council and we have no control over them; over 80% are owned by absent landlords.

We have in the past offered these people grants to improve the look of shops without any take-up.

Where we have control, we have invested millions into the town centre. In your paper last week, you reported on £3.4 million to be invested in the Pioneer building and the surrounding shops.

What does get me is the constant talking-down of the town by people who complain about the town but when asked if they shop in the town they say ‘No’!

Who then, is closing these shops?

Adding insult to injury

From: Robert Cowan, Wakefield

Dear Sir

How utterly shocking that Levi Bellfield, the convicted murderer of 13-year-old schoolgirl Milly Dowler, has been awarded a £4,500 pay-out by the Ministry of Justice to compensate him for an attack launched on him by another inmate in Wakefield prison in 2009.

The solicitors he engaged in his subsequent legal action argued that the prison was in breach of its duty of care to him, even though the injuries he sustained were apparently of a minor nature.

It is events such as this that make me think the whole world has gone completely mad.

While I do not condone violence, how, I wonder, can it possibly be right for a convicted murderer like Bellfield to gain financially from our legal system?

Some, no doubt, will argue that even he has human rights, but in my view his utterly inhuman actions - which incidentally extend to two further murders, as well as an attempted murder of young women -make him inhuman and therefore unworthy of so-called human rights.

I simply fail to understand why, time and again, it is the perpetrators of crime whose rights are upheld, while the victim and the victim’s family are often short-changed to say the least.

What Milly Dowler’s parents must think of Bellfield’s recent windfall I cannot imagine.

The suffering they have endured after losing their daughter in a horrific manner - compounded by the scandal surrounding the hacking of her phone - has now culminated in a further slap in the face for them by the distasteful and totally unjustifiable award of damages to their daughter’s killer.

As for the Ministry of Justice, on this occasion at least it should be known more accurately in this topsy-turvy world as the Ministry of Injustice.

Na then, tha’s on t’reet track

From: The Tewitland Bard 

“A Journey Too Far (Yorkshire dialect about our  hospital situation)”


I hed ta goa ta Pinderfields fower times in t’last 10 days.

It capped mi when ah got theer, ’cos place were like a maze.

Ther’s corriders ta t’reight of thi, an corriders ta t’left.

Tryin’ ta find t’reight gate tha wants gives thi a pain in t’chest.

Tha wanders rahnd or taks a lift until tha finds thi spot.

Tha’s ta give thissen loads a time ta get theer on t’dot.

Staff wer great an’ helpful an’ so were t’doctors.

Thev plenty of equipment theer ta sort thi problems through.

It’s all t’travelling that gets thi, an tryin’ ta park thi car.

Lord help the folks withaht one an ’em from homes afar.

We’d like ta goa to DDH, it’s nobbut a mile from home, instead a trailin’ all that road. It maks thi mouth fair foam.

T’boffins that advise us say it’s all for ahr own good.

They ferget it’s fowk ther dealin’ wi’, an not just lumps a wood.

Consider our furry friends

From Kate Fowler, AnimalAid

Dear Sir,

Spring is here, and that means wild animals will be searching out safe, warm, dry places to nest and raise their young.

Inevitably, this means that some will come a little closer to people than they might like.

There is no need to panic and call in pest controllers. There are simple measures that can be taken to encourage unwanted guests to leave without harming them.

And it is best to do this as soon as they are seen to be taking an interest in attics or garages, rather than waiting until there are babies to evacuate, too.

Animal Aid has a series of free information sheets that give useful tips on deterring birds, squirrels, rodents and foxes. You can order these from, or by calling 01732 364546.

 Poison in our water supply

From: ‘Medical Watcher’, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

Are the people of Kirklees aware that for some years now they have been drinking poisoned water?

If you listen to the medical world, politicians and most of the mass media, you will have swallowed the hype. Don’t!

Sodium fluoride is a waste product both of the aluminium and chemical industries.

Originally used in rat poison, it was introduced into medicine, not by doctors or dentists, but by businessmen and politicians in the USA.

When it comes to light all these professionals will be furious at the way they have been duped, (though it was through their own lack of moral courage and self-importance that they  refused to admit their ignorance of the subject, but which has led to thousands being subjected to mass medication, which is causing illness and death, so that this waste poison may be sold at a profit!)

Here are a few undisputable facts. In the USA where this criminal business began, it was not universally adopted.

Hundreds of towns that had it put into their water supplies have thrown it out because of an increase in ill health and problems with brittle teeth by the time patients were in their 20s.

By 1964, Denmark had banned its manufacture, sale and advertising.

Norway and Sweden had refused its use, Germany dropped it like a hot potato.

After much sickness, Andover in England abandoned it after two years.

Yet our politicians surreptitiously ordered its use and since 2002, we in Kirklees have been imbibing this poison.

If, during this time, you have started with an illness, such as alzheimers, or joint disease, it could be because of sodium fluoride.

What can we do? Write to your MP, the Prime Minister and the media to demand that this cumulative poison is withdrawn immediately!

One other thing: sodium fluoride collects in the left occipital lobe of the brain, the area from which we get our ability to resist oppression!

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