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Bookies witchhunt misses point

Letter of the Week: Safiq Ali Patel, by email

Dear Sir,

What lunacy again from Paul Kane.

Now the witchhunt has turned on betting shops. For those seriously struggling with gambling addiction, Gamblers Anonymous provide support.

To blame the gambling shops alone is a bit of a scapegoat. I’d urge Paul Kane to get his priorities right.

It’s been years since I’ve seen a decent number of adequately-trained police on the streets of Dewsbury.

Betting shops or too many of them are not the greatest peril facing large numbers of people in this town.

Wake up Paul Kane and see the disasters we are living with as residents of this town.

Paul Kane and all our members of council have fallen asleep to the nightmare of serious crime around here.

Betting shops are the least of people’s worries. Restoring law and order should be top priority as should coming up with a plan that listens to all of the public’s opinion and acting on it.

I feel a little speechless that triviality is top of Paul Kane’s priorities.

From where most ordinary people stand the floor has fallen in here in Dewsbury and Kane and the council seem blind to the deep-seated problems and hazards facing people.

Insanity has taken over where power and compassion should be.

The suffering in Dewsbury and the blatant denial of it is betrayal of people’s hopes and aspirations.

Hospital fight will continue

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

An open letter to Stephen Eames.

Further to your assertion at the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust board meeting in public on Thursday March 27, that Kirklees Council had given support to the proposals for the reconfiguration of Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust hospitals.

This is not strictly true. You were at the meeting in Ossett both times and the first time to launch the consultation,  Kirklees Council was not able to comment.

The second time to go forward to the full business case, one vote was predicated on a question which was answered obliquely with platitudes, (and I shall never understand why it was accepted as an answer), and the other vote was an abstention.

It seemed to me that people on Wakefield CCG readily gave assurances about issues over which they have no control.

Is this now easy for them to do because they are not accountable, in the same way that Findus were not accountable for the horse meat in their beef lasagne?

The Kirklees residents know it is essential for EVERYONE who has a problem or complaint about their hospital appointments, due to cancellations, misinformation, redirections, in-patient stays or anything else, to get in touch with the North Kirklees CCG or Healthwatch and tell them.

Healthwatch Kirklees, Unit 11 Empire House, Wakefield Road, Dewsbury, WF12 8DJ. Tel: 01924 450379.

The people of Kirklees will make you accountable, Mr Eames.

Let down

From: Pat Crisp, Cross Bank Road, Batley

Dear Sir,

It’s no good blaming the goverment for everything. It’s the bad housekeeping our council put in place.

We don’t need a dictionary to describe what they have done.

Just four short words. THEY LET US DOWN.

Bookies aren’t main problem

From: Mrs D Philbrook, Chickenley

Dear Sir,

I read the interview you did with Coun Kane.

I am the first to admit that we do have a lot of bookies in Dewsbury, but it’s time the council did more worrying about the number of empty premises in the town.

It’s a known fact that shop owners say the rents and rates on their premises are what is killing the town centre.

I was born in Dewsbury and can honestly say it sickens me to see how the town has gone downhill. My sister, on a visit from Canada, was shocked to see the town centre.

So, Coun Kane, it’s time you and your fellow councilors gave more thought to getting Dewsbury back on its feet because it’s an eyesore to go through the town and see the number of empty shops, Daisy Hill, Pioneer House, Jack Fulton’s old store still standing empty.

There is nothing in Dewsbury to bring shoppers to the town.

So, Coun Kane, tell us what you are going to do for Dewsbury and if you close the bookies, what do you intend replacing them with?

Mini Las Vegas is preferable

From: Mr A Marshall, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

Coun Paul Kane is absolutely right about the ridiculous over-population of Dewsbury town centre by bookmakers’ shops, as is the always sensible George Carrigill about most matters affecting local life.

I wish Coun Kane well in his battle to bring proportionality to this matter and, after that, to limit the number of charity shops, pound stores, payday lenders and pawn shops.

Perhaps we can even look forward to the return of M&S, Woolies, Bickers, Hudson’s, J&B and a myriad independent quality retailers.

I jest obviously because they are just pipe dreams.

But as correct as Coun Kane’s case is, he must know that it is not the biggest problem facing the declining town centre that he and his mostly worthless fellow councillors have presided over this 20 years past.

Is an empty shop front any better than a Ladbroke’s, Coral or William Hill? No, of course it is not.

Short of telling people how to spend their money or making gambling illegal, there is nothing wrong with this situation.

It is hardly ideal, but any occupied retail premises is better than an empty one.

That is where Coun Kane and his colleagues should be focusing their attentions.

If bringing a casino into Dewsbury and turning it into a poor man’s Las Vegas is the answer, then surely that is better than the current death by doing nothing.

Ed’s mistake

From: Ms A Rawat, Batley

Dear Sir,

To correct information given out previously by Danny Lockwood, I do not work for any ‘race relations’ industry.

Apologies for the mistake, Ms Rawat. According to online sources, someone of the same name from the same postcode worked for Northern Race Relations Advisers Group.

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