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Politicians, thank you for your support

Letter of the Week: Stephen Crossley, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

Can I be the first to congratulate our politicans on the successful campaign which has resulted in the obvious closure of our A&E and will probably result in the closure of the entire Dewsbury Hospital in the not-too-distant future.

I quoted in a recent letter, the closure campaign resembled the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Forget that, your campaign made that look a military success.

Firstly, I would like to thank the man at the top, Simon Reevell. Thanks Mr Reevell for your loyalty to the electorate of Dewsbury.

Had this been a military campaign, you may have been shot for desertion. In the end you were like a rugby league referee, afraid to make a decision.

You held your hands up, put it on report and let the committee decide.

It would be nice if the people affected by the closure could be told who this committee are.

The people of Dewsbury needed you in their hour of need, Mr Reevell, where were you? Stood voting with the enemy.

Let’s hope you don’t have a nightmare about an old lady trying to get to see her husband at two in the morning.

Labour are right, the NHS is not safe in Tory hands. However, let’s not forget under what government this monster was created.

The Labour approach to this has also been disgraceful. All you have done is to use it as a points-scoring opportunity against the government.

This was clear at the last protest outside the Town Hall, which you allowed the Socialist Workers Party to take over and attack the government on all fronts.

As I said at the beginning, one and all. Thanks for your support and dedication.

Here’s hoping the people of Dewsbury remember in a few weeks’ time.

Village will dig deep for cash

From: Jack Bunn, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

I have lived on High Street, Hanging Heaton about 70 years.

All this time, windows at St Paul’s Church, and the church hall, have continually been broken. The windows in the church hall have even been bricked up, just leaving a 12 inch gap at the top.

Myself and other residents have reported to the police when they have heard glass breaking, but no-one has been caught.

Through the goodness of their hearts, Kirklees Council have decided that if they provide half the cost of steel window guards, the church will have to match the amount to pay the bill.

So, the villagers of Hanging Heaton have to collect the other half.

This is a magnificent gesture on their part, but, to collect the other half is a great mountain to climb – but we are going to have a go.

I am not what you call a regular church-goer, but, as a family, we are giving our small donation to the fund. I am all for these culprits being caught and brought to justice.

For many years the church car park has acted as a playground for the local kids, and recently as the local skate park.

They often come for wood to make or mend ramps – they are good kids.

It is my considered opinion that, over the years, because the police have not been able to stop this, Police Commissioner Burns-Williamson should make up a grant out of police funds, owing to failings in their duties over the years.

I have all the reports etc in my files, from when I was President of Hanging Heaton Village Residents Association.

Bankers still able to shock

From: Robert Cowan, Sandal

Dear Sir,

I find it both incredible and shocking that our banks continue to lavish huge remuneration packages on their top executives despite widespread job losses in their industry and often sharply declining profits made, if any.

The latest shocker is the Co-op which seeks to defend its pay award of over three and a half million pounds to its chief executive by saying that this sum is “in line with comparable firms”, even though its banking arm has a one and a half billion pound hole in its balance sheet, forcing it to make large-scale job cuts throughout the company.

After the banking debacle in 2008 brought about by the sheer greed and recklessness of top bankers, you would hope that lessons had been learned.

Unfortunately however, some of our banks are reverting to form as they continue to make grossly inflated pay and bonus awards to their top people at the same time as offering derisory returns to their customers.

Both Lloyds Bank and Barclays are now resorting to paying executives in shares in addition to salary and bonuses in order to avoid the bonus cap imposed by the EU.

In the case of the latter bank investment profits are down by over a third, yet so-called performance rewards for its bankers are up 13 per cent. I am all for rewarding success but since when was it acceptable to reward failure so handsomely?

We frequently hear bankers trot out the excuse along the lines of  ‘if we don’t pay prime international rates our top executives will seek employment elsewhere’.

I do not think it would be such a bad thing if some of them did go elsewhere, preferably though without taking enormous ‘golden goodbyes’ with them!

But what I find particularly galling is the lack of political will on the part of the government to actively promote a culture of moderation in the banks, especially RBS and Lloyds, large chunks of which it owns on behalf of hard-pressed tax-payers.

Without firm political intervention I fear that the worst excesses of the banks, as current evidence suggests, are set to re-emerge.

Council still wasting cash

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe

Dear Sir,

When are some Kirklees councillors going to get some things right? A short while ago, there was an article in your paper about the ex-Labour leader of the council having a go at the officials of the union, wasting money, when savings needed to be made.

In the edition of The Press dated 14/2, there is a column about plans to spend £60,000 at the front of Dewsbury Town Hall in making an amphitheatre (for who?) It’s not too long ago £4.5m was spent on the same building.

Coun Cathy Scott would be better looking at pavements and roads that need repairing.

Part of the money to be spent is on new paving outside the building. May I suggest she look at the pavements outside Wilkinson’s store on Crackenedge Lane?

It is a danger to the public, and has been for some time.

Also, to look on the market at the hundreds of lights burning with nobody at the stalls. Just think how much money could be saved.

Also, the town centre, which gets to look more like the Kasbah in Algiers, not as good as the old Dewsbury.

I am sure the general public would like their money spent on something useful, and not on something which is not required at the present time.

Labour governments and councils have wasted that much money, is it any wonder we have had all these cutbacks?

I would also like to make a comment about a person who has written about your owner and his unfortunate run in with the law, and who wishes to remain anonymous. I wonder what he is frightened of?

I suggest he reads the owner’s column (Feb 28), the same edition as his letter. It explained what I have been thinking about for some time.

Well done Mr Lockwood. If ever I need someone to help me if I was in trouble I would prefer you rather than Mr Anonymous.

Up in arms over hospital

From: Shaun Gardner, via Facebook

(In response to the news that maternity and A&E services at Dewsbury District Hospital are set to be downgraded....)

Dear Sir,

People should be up in arms about this. It is very simple, people will die. Our MP supports the closure. Write to him, email him, tell him lives come before money and his party ideology.

Tell the patient with a heart attack in Heckmondwike that it’s in his best interests as he is driven past DDH on his way to Wakefield.

Shame on everyone involved. Fight for your hospital before it is gone.

From: Barry Michael Waterworth, via Facebook

Dear Sir,

This course of action will put patients’ lives in jeopardy, but those in charge don’t care.

It’s all about saving money, although they deny this is the case. Outrageous!

The best MP we’ve ever had

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

There are weeks when I agree with all of the Ed Lines from Locky.

Then there are weeks when he just loses the plot completely. Last week was an all-time low.

Locky, Mike Wood is the best MP we have ever had in the Heavy Woollen area (though he is much too modest to ever think that of himself).

Mike has always been a tireless worker for all his constituents, and will continue to be so right up to his last day in office.

Can I remind you Locky, of when you ran that childish Woody Watch in your Ed Lines.

Nobody dished the dirt on Mike. And do you know why? There’s no dirt to dish.

For the last two years the biggest threat, not only to our area, but nationally, has been the Tory-led governments attack on our NHS.

Mike has been a beacon of hope in the fight to not only save Dewsbury District Hospital, but to stop the privatisation of our NHS.

It now seems certain there is no hope of stopping the down grading of DDH, but our NHS is still there to defend.

If only there were more people of conviction in parliament, more people like Mike, this once-great country of ours would still be great.

Hero or villain?

From: Ms A Rawat, Batley

Dear Sir,

Yes, of course Danny Lockwood is a racist. Anyone with half a brain and wants to be honest would say that. But without him and his paper, journalism round here would be bland.

We need investigative journalism and Danny comes closest to providing that. He exposes shoddy behaviour and gives frank opinions. If he did that across the board and with less nastiness and vitriolics, I would hail him a hero.

Oh, and also, I would need to be sure that his facts are correct, which I often have to wonder about.

Hey ho, his paper and his column is always worth reading though. He often enrages me but also at times has me in stitches.

Why the ‘R’ slur still hurts – Ed Lines

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