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I witnessed shocking scenes

Letter of the Week: Christine Warrilow, via email

Dear Sir,

Having read your article about Dewsbury A&E over the festive period, I felt I had to get in touch.

My mother-in-law is one of the constituents that Tracy Brabin MP refers to.

In the article it states that people were using A&E that didn’t need to.

I would like to point out my mother-in-law started with a common cold which left her with a bad chesty cough.

I contacted the 111 number at lunchtime on  01/01/17 and asked for a doctor to visit her as she is elderly and disabled.

We were contacted over five hours later to advise us over 100 people were in front of us waiting for a doctor and would have to wait until the next day.

Within a couple of hours she deteriorated and we called 111 again, they then sent an emergency ambulance.

So after trying to avoid putting pressure on our local A&E department we were forced to use Dewsbury A&E.

I witnessed some shocking scenes that evening in the department.

We were left waiting 19 hours for a place on a ward.

Once on a ward I witness nursing staff left with no choice but to put two patients in a cubicle.


A national health scandal

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

The NHS is in crisis, the Red Cross has announced it is providing humanitarian assistance to the NHS Trusts that simply do not have the resources to cope.

People are lying on trolleys in hospitals waiting to be seen, the NHS and Social care are at breaking point.

This is a national scandal made in Downing street by this Government who failed to spend a single extra penny for the NHS in their autumn statement. The NHS needs our help and support and I am pleased that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a day of action on January 21 to take action to protect our NHS.


Send it out on a UK tour

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Why can’t our forward-thinking council send the Francis Bacon painting on an annual tour of the UK?

This could start at the Hepworth Gallery, on to the Hockney Gallery at Salts Mill and Cartwright Hall in Bradford, then moving round the country, ending at the Tate St Ives.

The council could use this tour to promote Kirklees as a vibrant multicultural area, ripe for investment in the arts and media.

This could be linked with Tracy Brabin’s idea of a Batley film/acting/media hub..

I’m sure some local property developer could stump up for any insurance needed.

They could send it round with a collection tin for contributions to the council’s stretched culture budget.

A win-win.


What is it?!

From: Janet Black, ‘non art historian’

Dear Sir,

Following the stories in The Press at the moment on the Francis Bacon painting worth tens of millions of pounds, could I just ask this – what is it supposed to be?

It’s orange – that I’ll give you – but is it a half-naked woman looking under a large plant or as my friend thinks, someone bending over being sick in the corner? I mean just what exactly is it?

If she is looking under something at something, then it’s all out of proportion, surely?

I’m not the most knowledgeable of arts or culture however I really wouldn’t give you 10 pounds, never mind 10 million.


Thanks for help

From: Stephen Burnley, via email

Dear Sir,

On December 29 I was run over by a car at the junction of Leeds Road and Moat Hill Farm Drive at Howden Clough.

I fractured three bones in my left foot. I would like to thank some people who helped that day. Firstly, to all the cars who stopped to help, secondly to the lady who lived close by who came out with a pillow and blanket and thirdly to a lady known as Jennifer who was pregnant with twins who knelt down on the hard, cold road to administer help while the ambulance arrived.

I was laid out for over 40 minutes on that really cold road, then in the ambulance for 35 minutes before the road was cleared.

Four police cars attended, as did two ambulances and a passing responder who stayed with me until I reached hospital.

Human kindness was shown to me that day and I was so grateful.

The lady who came out with the pillow and blanket – we have looked to find you and failed. So if you ring The Press office I will leave my telephone number so we can return your goods. Many, many thanks to all who helped.


New trustee is needed

From: The Trustees of Mirfield Educational Charity

Dear Sir,

The Mirfield Educational Charity exists to advance the education (including social and physical training) of persons under the age of 25 years who are resident or who have a parent or parents resident in the areas of the former Urban District of Mirfield.

They can do this in a number of ways including the awarding of grants, the provision of financial assistance towards, for example, preparing for a profession or trade, or to provide special benefits not normally provided by the local educational authority.

The trustees comprise nine competent people who through residence, occupation, employment or otherwise have special knowledge of Mirfield.

Three of them are nominated by Kirklees and six are co-opted on to the committee.

A vacancy has arisen for what is known as a co-optative trustee who is appointed for a term of five years.

The charity has over the years supported many individuals, sporting organisations and schools in advancing the education, social and physical training of the young people of Mirfield.

Most recently it has approved in principle grants to Battyeford Sporting Club, an application by Mirfield Rotary Club to support two awardees to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Training Course, an application by Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form to purchase two cameras to enable staff to watch the impact of their teaching on children’s learning to assist them to improve student progress and an application by Old Bank Junior Infant and Nursery School to take 25 year five and year six children to Robin Wood Activity Centre to develop teamwork and increase their confidence as they prepare for the year six SATS and moving on to high school.

If there is anyone who feels that they would like to make a positive and real contribution to the advancement of the objects of the charity, please write to The Clerk to the Trustees (Malcolm G Parkinson) 7 King Street, Mirfield, WF14 8AW.


Meeting chance

From: Pat Crisp, chairperson of N. Kirklees Neighbourhood Watch Association

Dear Sir,

I've belonged to neighbourhood watch for over 10 years and have seen first-hand terrible anti-social behaviour.

I became chairperson of the North Kirkees Neighbourhood Watch Association a few months ago.

My challenge is to get more people involved with their watches. It’s so important to our community to help each other to fight these problems. We meet every six weeks - if you are interested please contact me.

We're holding a crime prevention night on January 25 at 7pm at St Mary's Social Club in Batley.

Please come along, there will be police officers, councillors and other agencies to answer all your questions.

We will be holding these meetings all over Kirklees. If you want one in your community, let me know. Email

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