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We need to keep it, whatever the cost

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Dear Sir,

I have just experienced first-hand how marvellous our NHS is, despite the Tory government slashing its funding.

I recently took part in the national bowel screening programme.

My first sample was unclear, so I had to submit another sample.

I was shocked when on November 17, I received a letter telling me my second sample was abnormal.

An appointment was made for me to see a specialist screening nurse, who explained in words that I could understand that although the sample was abnormal, there were many reasons for this and only a small number of abnormal results actually turned out to be cancer.

I was given an appointment to have a colonoscopy on December 9.

Thankfully, although two small polyps were found, which were removed and sent for a biopsy, everything else was clear.

Our NHS is still brilliant, but it can’t go on for ever without proper funding.

Our NHS has to remain funded by public money for the benefit of all of us.

Our NHS is the last service still accessible to us all, and whatever the cost, we must keep it that way.


Town is turning into Wild West

From: Name & Address Supplied

Dear Sir,

At times Batley seems to be showing the symptoms of a Wild West town, contrary to what it used to be like only a few years ago.

On weekend nights you see cars shooting along Commercial Street at high speeds, and people parking anywhere they want at the ‘fast food takeaway’ end of town.

Also, even in daytime, it is obvious ‘furtive deals’ are being done, often in cars.

I thought it was an offence to park causing an obstruction; well, for months some joker parks a silver grey van just where cars turn into the bottom of Soothill Lane, from the town end, near the doctor’s surgery.

It is an accident waiting to happen; cars swerve into the middle of the road and lorries not able to get past halt rapidly, until all traffic coming down the hill comes to a standstill, causing congestion.

Double yellow lines are needed urgently, which has been obvious for years.


Don’t forget about trees

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Verdun in France was subject to a most terrible battle during World War One, where more soldiers were killed per square mile in defence of this small town with a population of 20,000 than anywhere else.

Nearly 300,000 Frenchmen and Germans died and another 450,000 were wounded.

After the battle, acorns and chestnuts were gathered from the devastated battlefields and taken to Britain, where they were planted alongside railway lines across the country.

They were to grow into mature trees as a lasting memorial to those who fought and died.

Unfortunately where they were placed wasn’t documented very well and the Woodland Trust is trying to locate where they may be.

The Whitby Civic Society has asked us at the Spen Valley Civic Society if we know of any in our area.

Thanks to the efforts of Batley councillor Gwen Lowe we now know that some trees were planted at Beaumont Park in Huddersfield.

Are any readers aware of any of these trees in their areas so that we can compile a list to ensure these brave men are not forgotten?


My views on BBC bias

From: BW Pearson, Norristhorpe

Dear Sir,

People find it strange that thousands of Jeremy Corbyn’s comrades have signed a petition to sack the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg, who has been named Journalist of the Year.

The reason? For being biased.

Then why don’t they sign for the following to be sacked, who are undoubtedly biased lefties, when Laura seems both excellent and impartial?

Evan Davies – in my opinion an entirely biased, objectionable character who is damaging the BBC’s viewing figures for Newsnight.

Victoria Derbyshire – Miss ‘Politically Correct’.

Andrew Marr – clearly biased, especially in the days of Scots Blair and Brown, whom he gave a very comfortable time when interviewing them.

The Scottish guy called Bill, who is on Radio Four to start the day. It seems none of them wanted Brexit. How out of touch!

Also, for year after year, we had to endure that true ‘lefty’, with his dreadful, grating, Northern Irish accent, as BBC’s chief correspondent.


Why would we want to stay?

From: Craig Westwood, Cleckheaton

Dear Sir,

Now that MPs have voted to exit the European Union, many fear losing their seats at the next election, which could be sooner than people think.

Hopefully we will have heard the last of the following:

Statement: There are two million Brits living and working in Europe.

Fact: There are nearly a million of these taking money there for retirement, houses or businesses.

Does any reader know anyone who can speak fluent Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian etc, and is working there?

Statement: People from overseas are good workers.

Fact: They generally are, but they get benefits, tax credits, housing, doctors and schooling.

Their friends tell them where the jobs are, and they could put a local job-seeker, with a family, to the back of the dole queue, at great expense to taxpayers.

Statement: We need to be in the EU to stop foreign criminals coming to the UK.

Fact: That is the biggest joke of all!

They come in seemingly at will from Bulgaria, Romania etc.

It was Germany’s idea to form the EU shortly after the war. The whole shenanigan is in deep trouble, and the plan for German domination should and will be ended.

From the top four – David Cameron, Hollande (France), Renzi (Italy), and Merkel, only the German will be left.

Also Obama, who has messed up a lot of the US economy, will not be able to put the UK ‘at the back of the queue’, as he stated.

Angela Merkel has the cheek to make some of the most extreme u-turns in political history, mainly on immigrants, so as to remain in power.

She is telling the people what they knew years ago, which she opposed, and now has failed.

‘Remoaners’ who kicked democracy in the teeth by opposing the Brexit vote – five out of the eight Lib Dems, 53 SNP MPs and 23 Labour should study closer what state EU countries, their people and their banks are in.

Do they want us the same?

Senior Labour MPs who want details of Brexit plans should refresh their memories about their party’s plan under Tony Blair for immigration, which was done secretly, thinking that the three million immigrants would all vote Labour and keep them in power forever.

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