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Experiment with free parking for three months

Letter of the Week: Name and address supplied

Dear Sir,

First of all, I agree with everyone who has commented recently regarding parking in Dewsbury and charges which are an issue.

After returning from a holiday in Scotland I was surprised that I did not pay at all for parking anywhere all week.

It made me nervous at first as I was looking for parking meters and checking with everyone including tourist information to make sure that this was correct.

There was no-one patrolling the car parks or just suddenly appearing from nowhere with their ticket machine in hand.

We should take a lesson from them. You can park on the main street in towns usually for up to two hours, or use the car parks with unlimited time free of charge.

The towns we visited were really busy and there was plenty of space for all.

With the money I saved I bought a lovely bag and other items to bring home, supporting the local community.

We should be doing all that we can to save Dewsbury. I work in Dewsbury and find it intimidating going out at lunch time. There seems to be groups of people sitting around drinking and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

There is also a lot of begging going on and it is surprising the number of people who have lost their wallets or travelled a long way and need £1 for bus fare to get home!

After living in Dewsbury all my life I am dismayed at what the town has become and can understand why people do not bother to come into town at all.

Something needs to be done and quickly.

I agree with many people who have said abolish parking fees for, say, a three-month period and see if it helps.

It is such a shame that once a vibrant town is getting such a bad reputation.

Wake up, Kirklees!


Missed opportunity

From: Ian Fitton, via email

Dear Sir,

I was disappointed to read in this week’s Press that the Labour candidate turned down an invitation to appear on the pre by-election hustings.

Surely this would have been an ideal opportunity to inform the local electorate of her views on the important matters that effect us all, immigration, Brexit, the NHS and her views on the state of the party and local issues.

Also this was a chance to face the other prospective candidates and challenge their views and policies.

This would have been an ideal opportunity for the voters to see the calibre of the MP who is being foisted upon us.

If she thinks that this election is not a shoo-in and wants hope not division, this was the time and place to start the process.


No way out for the world

From: Name and Address Supplied

Dear Sir,

Many years ago, teaching in a Leeds middle school, I recall often reading a certain poem to my class during English lessons.

It was all about a school outing, but no ordinary outing. The pupils were not on their way to see some historic building. They were going to see a rabbit. The very last rabbit in the very last field.

The children were quite amused by this, maybe I smiled too.

I am not smiling now.

You must have noticed thousands of acres of this once green and pleasant land are being developed, and at an ever-increasing rate.

This process is set to continue, with no end in sight.

Of course, I’m aware of the root cause of the problem. So are you. So are our political lords and masters.

Over-population, on a global scale.

Now at this point I would  love to be able to reassure you and say it’s okay! Following a global conference on population control there’s now a firm enforceable policy in place!

But as far as I am aware I don’t think any such policy has ever been agreed. Has there ever been such a top-level conference? I doubt it.

Of course the conservationist, environmentalists et al are doubtless doing their best.

They may actually believe (bless them) that innumerable meetings to debate global warming, and so on, will really make a significant lasting dfference to the long-term future on the human race.

They won’t. It’s rather like trying to treat a fast-growing malignant cancer with over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy.

You see, the root cause of the problem is not being tackled! I have to say this: I don’t think it ever will be.

Why am I in such doubt? Well can you really imagine our world leaders all agreeing on this? No chance!

Well, I’m nearly 84. Not long ago, I might have said yes, I reckon civilisation is doomed – but not in my lifetime! Now I’m not so sure.

It’s a tragic situation. We still have a beautiful planet here. The only one we shall ever have. But while the human race is permitted, nay positively encouraged, by governments to breed like rabbits, the future looks bleak.

It seems there will have to be some unimaginable catastrophe to suddenly, drastically reduce our numbers.

A terrible way to go.

I imagine you may now be waiting with bated breath for me to announce some amazing miraclous, never-been-thought-of-before solution?

You wait in vain.


Expect more profit-seekers

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

At the first meeting in public, of the North Kirklees CCG governing body in February 2013, the audience was provided with a glossary due to the huge number of acronyms used by the members.

One term, ‘clinical pathways’, was explained as: “Medical guidelines (...) on evidence-based practice, for a specific group of patients which improve health results.”

How far we have come! Today some local NHS clinical pathways are decided by private companies who sift out the expensive patients and move them on to public providers.

Profit-based practice. The Children’s Services pathway is so changed there can be no evidence base anywhere locally.

Will this deter public providers like Mid Yorkshire from bidding? Probably!

Applying for contracts is additional expense when you are complying with Deloitte, at considerable expense, trying to save a share of £22bn.

So we can expect more profit-seekers!


A bunch of hypocrites

From: A Roberts, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Don’t be governed by leftie hypocrites.

After Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour reshuffle, we now have high-profile jobs for Shami Chakrabati, ‘Baroness’ to plebs like me, who sends her son to a top private school.

Diane Abbott, who spent hours of parliamentary time criticising private education, but has now got her son into the private City of London School, and Emily Thornbury who sends her two young children to a selective school. Talk about ‘do as we say, not as we do’!

Thankfully both Corbyn  and John McDonnell went to grammar schools.

Many re-moaners have crept into their shells after the referendum.

One example is lefty Guardian columnist Polly Townbee, who has probably flown to her holiday home in Italy.


Please support Poppy Appeal

From: Mayor of Kirklees, Coun Jim Dodds

Dear Sir,

Through your newspaper, could I please appeal to local people to once again support the Poppy Appeal this year.

The link between our local communities and the sacrifices those in our armed forces make for us has been brought into sharp focus in recent years.

We marked 60 years since the end of the second world war last year, and this year, 100 years since the Battle of the Somme.

Present conflicts involving our local soldiers continue, and Kirklees has experienced more than most the sad losses which take place.

I, and many others I know, have seen active service. While conflicts can seem like a world away, the impact is being felt at home.

The families who suffer loss in those conflicts rely on support they get from the appeal fund.

Welfare services linked to the Poppy Appeal spend more than £1million a week, with services ranging from helping bereaved families through an inquest, to ensuring an elderly veteran can stay independent in their own home.

The demand for services continues to increase and the need for public donations to buy a poppy or offer time gets more urgent every year.

Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are not just about the names carved onto the war memorials, they are also about the great dignity shown by the veterans and serving members who proudly parade.

It is our opportunity to say thank you, and wearing a poppy is a visible sign of our gratitude.

So I would urge people to be as generous as they can with both time and donations in support of this year’s Poppy Appeal.


Decision was total nonsense

From: Paul Inglis, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I see Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour have been refused planning permission for seven wooden camping pods and an amenity block as unsuitable for green belt land.

I remember them being refused planning permission for a pitch and putt on such grounds. Who makes these decisions? It’s such nonsense!

Aren’t barns made of wood? Perhaps they should apply to build houses and have more luck.

Here is a business that’s wants to succeed and promote our area getting no help.

I would come to stay in their pods and I live in the area. Appeal!

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