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Keep voting for Corbyn and you’ll get Tories

Letter of the Week: D Johnson, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I read with some amusement in last week’s Forum, letters from two readers who appear to desire a return to a socialist Government under Jeremy Corbyn.

I find it difficult to comprehend the thought processes of such people.

If this country ever did something so stupid as to elect a Corbyn-led Government then the consequences would be catastrophic in the extreme.

Thankfully most people know this.

It is the few who live in Jeremy’s bubble that need to come to their senses and if they want a socialist-leaning party in charge then it must be more centrist.

If Labour continue on the present course then it will allow the Tories to move further to the right in the full knowledge that the electorate have no credible alternative.

Many Labour supporters clearly dislike the Blair/ Brown years but at least they were in power and did a mighty fine job of upholding the Labour tradition of borrow and spend until the country is broke.

Corbyn is a disgrace to politics and the Labour party, he only seems to believe in democracy when it agrees with his point of view and his cowardly method of hiding behind the hecklers and bullies who intimidate anyone who dares to challenge his policies is quite repugnant.

Labour, who are currently campaigning for an end to austerity, seem to have conveniently forgotten that it is a consequence of the last Labour Government.

Corbyn’s recent comments on immigration and the Brexit vote show just how out of touch he is with a large majority of Labour voters, so if you really do want a right-wing Government then keep voting for Corbyn.


Don’t sign up to this scheme

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Here is an open letter to my GP practice:

Dear GP,

I am concerned that the new private GP company Doctaly is to roll out a national ‘pay to see a GP’ scheme that patients and GPs can sign up to via the Doctaly website.

I very much hope that GPs at our GP practice do not sign up to this Doctaly scheme.

This scheme signs up GPs to work for Doctaly, in their own practices and in their ‘spare’ time; and it allows patients who want to pay for GP appointments to book and pay via the Doctaly website.

The cost of a 15-minute appointment varies between £39.99 and £69.99 depending on the time and day of the week.

Patients choosing and booking an appointment through the Doctaly website are asked to confirm they are not registered at the GP practice they choose.

Doctaly does not employ GPs directly but takes a cut of their fee for their Doctaly ‘pay to see GP’ appointments.

I am amazed that Doctaly thinks GPs have any spare time. We are led to believe that because of sustained underfunding of GP practices, GPs are so overstretched that their working lives are almost impossible.

In addition, the Doctaly scheme undermines the principle that the NHS is a comprehensive service that is free at the point of use to everyone, based on their clinical need, not their ability to pay.

Dr Jackie Applebee, chair of Tower Hamlets LMC, said that the Doctaly scheme is “very worrying” and would “further destabilise general practice”. In addition, Dr Applebee said: “This sort of service is the slippery slope towards privatisation of the NHS.

“It introduces the principle of topping up NHS services with purchased services if one has the disposable income.

“If the more affluent begin to do this in significant numbers it is only a small step to an insurance-based health service.”

GPC deputy chair Richard Vautrey has said that with the Doctaly scheme, “the risk is a more fragmented service and patients having remote consultations with doctors they don’t know and who won’t have full access to their NHS medical record.”

I look forward to your reply and as a patient at this practice, hope that this GP practice will decide not to give any time or space to this Doctaly scheme.


How can they afford them?

From: Scott McCall, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

As a van driver I have seen our roads get busier by the day.

Driving school cars are springing up like mushrooms. It can only get worse.

And who are the 20- and 30-year-olds shooting around in high-powered, newish Audis and BMW’s?

How can they afford them, even the insurance?

What do they do for a living, because I’d like to work alongside them so I can upgrade  my old Nissan Micra?


Searching for Taylor history

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

I paid a short visit on Saturday to the Scarecrow festival held at St Mary’s Church, Gomersal, but my main purpose was to find the grave of Mary Taylor, who is buried in the grounds of the church.

Mary was a feminist, successful businesswoman and a very close friend of the novelist Charlotte Bronte, whom she first met at Roe Head School in Mirfield.

The Taylor family built the Red House in Gomersal in 1660 which the family owned until 1920.

In 1969 Spenborough Corporation acquired the house and turned it into a museum and whatever the future holds for the museum, it is imperative that the building is preserved as it represents a very important part of history in the Spen Valley.

Alongside Mary Taylor’s grave is a small memorial to her younger sister Martha, who died at the young age of 23 in Brussels, where she is buried.

Mary Taylor was born on February 26 1817 and members of Kirklees and Calderdale Bronte Society, along with other local groups, will be commemorating the 200th anniversary of Mary’s birth next year.


Huge thank you for support

From: Albion Mount Medical Practice, Thornhill

Dear Sir,

We want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who attended our first-ever

coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event was brilliantly organised by our very own Amy and Sarah, with help from friend and patient Jeanne and many other fine bakers of the local area. Over £200 was raised on the day and we still have donations coming in.

We are proud of everyone who came along in aid of a fantastic cause ... we can’t wait for the next time.

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