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Mount CC were a credit to district

Letter of the Week: Mark Griffin, Batley

Dear Sir,

A big thank you to everyone at Mount Cricket Club for doing Batley proud on Monday night at Headingley.

We sat in the posh seats (thanks to Yorkshire County Cricket Club) and cheered Mount to a tense, one-ball, Twenty-20 victory against the St Peter’s Vatican cricket team.

Mount were then presented with the Sir John Major Friendship Cup.

Mount visited Rome last year to play St Peter’s in their back yard and this was the return fixture in Yorkshire. The series stands at 1-1.

I am really looking forward to hearing where the decider will be played!

Mount CC are terrific ambassadors for Batley and beyond.

Many thanks.


Blind would lead the blind

From: MT Oldroyd, Cleckheaton

Dear Sir,

What a strange, illogical set of people we are persuaded to trust to benefit our futures.

LIB DEMS: Led by wally Tim Farron; they want some sort of second referendum on the EU, and more immigration.

Nigel Farage tied him in knots on TV. Farron went red and started raising his voice in rude interruptions.

He couldn’t stand hearing common sense truths!

LABOUR: Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to stay in the rapidly disintegrating European Union, which is riddled with trouble after trouble.

I’m sure British workers would be pleased about more zero-hour contracts, and more competition for jobs from immigrants – NOT!

GREENS: A family from Eritrea, Sudan or Somalia  are not heavy polluters, but once they get to our overcrowded country they become just that, especially if their benefits can get them a car. Yet Caroline Lucas and Co believe in more immigration.

SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY: Can anyone sensible believe that Nicola Sturgeon wants to desert the UK, which gives Scotland billions, to join the more undemocratic, demanding EU, which takes money to blow on ludicrous schemes and undeserving, poorer EU countries?


Glen was right about parking

From: Brian Howram, via email

Dear Sir,

I read in this week’s Press Glen Riding’s ideas on how to save Dewsbury, controversial yes, but he’s at least trying to do something to save our town.

One thing is for sure, parking restrictions and costs in Dewsbury have almost killed the place.

Yes, the traffic attendants are only doing a job, earning a wage to pay the bills.

Just about everybody in Dewsbury can see that the main trouble is parking and if the powers in Kirklees can’t see this they are not fit for office.

A six-month experimental lifting of ALL parking restrictions, just to see how things would go, would be a start.

Wake up Kirklees, our town is almost dead.


Town needs traders’ input

From: Mrs E Chappell, Ossett

Dear Sir,

Since my husband and I retired and moved ‘over the border’ to Ossett a couple of years ago I have rarely been into Dewsbury town centre, unless visiting for something specific.

Why? A couple of reasons, the first being that it doesn’t have very much that I need that isn’t available closer and more conveniently.

The second is that whereas in past years you might go into Dewsbury just to wander around for a visit, to have a coffee – or go to Caddies! – and bump into friends or relatives, now all you bump into are the abusive Market Place drunks and women whose faces you cannot see.

And lastly as Glen Riding so rightly pointed out last week in The Press, there is the parking. Earlier this year I needed to go into the bank on my way back from Mirfield.

It was a Wednesday and quite busy and I was near the top of Bond Street but when I got out of my car I found I had no change. A Kirklees warden was about 30 yards away watching me, but there was nowhere nearby to get change from – and that could be the case in many parts of town.

My fault for being unprepared, true, but I ended up getting back in my car and swearing I wouldn’t come back.

If market trader Glen can have such a clear and proactive view, and more and more people like me are giving up on Dewsbury, why can’t its town councillors see the same and do something about it?

The traders are the town’s lifeblood and if Kirklees isn’t listening to them, no wonder Dewsbury is dying.


Why so keen on migration?

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Throughout the referendum and even to this day I have been waiting for someone to enlighten me as to why poorer Eastern European countries are avid supporters of the EU’s seemingly carved in stone policy of free movement of people (workers).

There must be some of your readers out there who are members of the Labour Party and toed the party line when voting in the referendum. They must surely know, and it would be nice to hear from them.

In the meantime I can only think of the following scenarios:

1. The free movement of professional people, eg doctors. This group must have had a university education paid for by the taxpayers of their home country. Then they migrate.

Do they then leave their home countries short of doctors, thus creating a skills shortage? How does this help the poorer Eastern European countries?

Do they invest their pension pot back home? Do they repay their educational costs?

2. The free movement of low skilled workers.

Are this group unemployed in their home country thus causing a drain on public finances and infrastructure to support themselves and their families?

Do they then send most of their earnings back home to support their families?

If so, then this will help the poorer Eastern European countries.

3. UK skill shortage.

If our industries are too shortsighted to reinvest some of their profits in training and modernising, then a work permit system is surely a simple answer and we can leave our own unemployed on the scrap heap.

Who does this help? Big money?


We need truth on local NHS

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury Moor

Dear Sir,

Last Friday saw the first downgrade to Dewsbury Hospital.

On Saturday I learned that Barnsley Hospital had stopped taking stroke patients. These are being sent to Pinderfields, now serving an area which used to have three hospitals.

How can we be sure that it will not get stroke patients from Leeds with the new STP reorganisation?

Leaked West Yorkshire footprint documents indicate the equivalent of five ward closures in Leeds hospitals.

People need to write to their local councillors and ask them to demand the West Yorkshire footprint plan be published and to refuse to sign it off without seeing and agreeing the full document.

Do not take the health service for granted!

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