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Setting the record straight on Clayborn

Letter of the Week: Committee of Liversedge AFC

Dear Sir,

Could we please answer some of the questions raised in last week's letter from the Gilpins re Clayborn ground.

(1) “It calls for Greater community involvement”

The pitch is used by not only Liversedge AFC but also:  The Heavy Woollen District league finals; Spen Valley Schools; The Old Boy league finals; The County FA representative games; The Spen Valley league semi-finals; West Riding County FA matches; Guiseley Women’s team; Gomersal and Cleckheaton use Clayborn as a base for the 280 girls and boys and hold galas attracting over 1,000 people at the weekend and FA coaching sessions throughout major holidays.

All the above groups or organisations have written letters of support for a new road.

(2) As you “fully support the development of improved sporting facilities in the area” we hope you will back our new project when the club develops new pitches on land promised by Kirklees four years ago (this depends on the new access road).

(3) You are right in that the new road has nothing to do with the 300 homes near Laverhills rejected by Kirklees Council. It is a separate issue.

We would be grateful if you could tell us about your “viable long term solution” to the lane.

It is very easy to condemn and object to people serving the community but very hard to create a future.

Behind our thinking, remember that there is a restrictive covenant on Clayborn. It can only be used as a football ground for Liversedge for the next 60 years. It won’t go away.


DDH is ours!

From: Mrs B. Jaggar, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I echo what Mrs Wendy Senior said in The Press 29th July.  I also have always been led to believe that the Dewsbury Infirmary belonged to the people of Dewsbury, calling the hospital “The People’s Hospital”.

Our forbearers, fathers, mothers, our grandparents paid extra money (tax) so it is the taxpayers of Dewsbury that are the owners, not anyone else.  Do other Press readers remember this also?


Tories not only ‘nasty’ party

From: Mr WK Lambert, Roberttown

Dear Sir,

A few years ago, Teresa May said that the Tories had been called ‘the nasty party’.

Nasty? Has there ever been a political party who has ignored, ridiculed and deceived the British working and lower middle classes than Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown?

Parliamentary ministers included such characters as Jack Straw and Geoff Hoon, who were caught on camera asking fees of £5,000 a day for ‘favours’ to global businesses.

That’s why they didn’t get on the House of Lords gravy train.

Also, devious people, like Mandelson, Blunkett, Byrne, Balls and Prescott (Lord!), in my opinion all charlatans pretending to be socialists.

You needed an Enigma machine to decipher what they were up to!

Remember the preposterous way Gordon Brown said poor old Gillian Duffy was a ‘bigotted woman’ just because she was concerned about mass immigration in Rochdale?

Industrial Stoke-on-Trent has three Labour MPs who all voted to remain in the European Union, yet 72% of the electorate voted to Leave! Conversley, the rural market town of Boston, Lincolnshire, voted even more convincingly ‘out’.

Now let’s see what our next super-hero, Mrs May, can achieve. She could start by sorting out the fraternity  known as the BBC, where hundreds in the club earn more than the Prime Minister.

A prime example is ‘champagne socialist’ Andrew Marr, who even in 2011, was earning nearly £600,000 a year, more than four times the £143,000 of the Prime Minister.


Modern Islam can reinvent

From: Dick Spreadbury, Liversedge

Open Letter to Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (and others)

Dear Baroness Warsi,

I feel yourself and your likeminded European Muslims could have an important pivotal role to play in trying to resolve our problems. Over the years I have travelled to places like India, to Fatehpur Sikri and Agra, and Andalucía in Spain where one can marvel at the achievements of the past Islamic culture. This was a vibrant inclusive, enquiring culture, which celebrated life and had an interest in scientific discovery and a curiosity of the natural world. Where did it all go so horribly wrong?

In case you have forgotten here is an extract from Wikipedia: ‘In the 18th century, a pact between Islamic preacher Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and a regional emir, Muhammad bin Saud, brought a fiercely puritanical strain of Sunni Islam’.

We are currently experiencing the consequences of this. Our way of life is slowly being eroded, armed police on the streets, long security queues at airports whenever we go on holiday, etc.

Here is my solution: Why can’t ‘moderate’ 21st century Muslims have a re-interpretation of the Koran suitable for western culture, more akin to your culture’s past glory days? This time however, ditch input from the beardy men and include women and the western Muslim hierarchy who, after every ISIS attack are forever repeating the mantra “it’s not our religion”.

Actually it is. If you as a parent spawn a psychotic child, you cannot say it has nothing to do with you and ignore it. You have to do something about it. Additionally you cannot hide behind the platitude that jihadists are just loners with mental health problems. You need to ask yourselves why your religion attracts this type of person to do what they do in the first place.

We do not have a problem with radical Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity.

Bite the bullet and actually do something about this problem. We are losing this war, in case you have not noticed.

You cannot bomb an ideology out of existence, it needs to become irrelevant. No one has won a war against an idea, ie Vietnam, the IRA etc.


Point on pints

From: Roger Newton, Mirfield

Dear Sir

Shouldn’t Danny Lockwood be washing down his growler with a proper Yorkshire beer not one brewed in the Black Country!

Editor’s note: He’s still living in the 1980s.


Silence from councillors

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

In last week’s Ed Lines, (August 5) Danny Lockwood criticised our local councillors and questioned their commitment, not only to the north Kirklees area in general, but to the future of Dewsbury District Hospital. I had a letter in the Press (22 April, letter of the week) and the Reporter (21 April) on the same lines. The Press letter got no response, but the Reporter printed a reply from the de-selected carpetbagger, ex-councillor Karen Rowling, who accused me of being “incredibly unfair” to the councilors that I named who I thought could and should have done more.

The names included Coun Kane the then Mayor, Coun Sheard the council leader and Coun Light, the then opposition leader.

All of them with north Kirklees seats, and all with a great deal of influence, who all voted to save the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, but not a word in support of DDH.

And yes, I know the position of Mayor is non political, but the fight to save HRI was supported by all parties, so I ask again, why was DDH not given the support of the whole council?

I did send a reply to ex-Coun Rowling, but the Reporter declined to print it. Maybe Danny can draw some response from our representatives. We can only wait in hope.

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