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Now we know who we’re paying extra for

Letter of the Week: ‘Angry Ratepayer’, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I am appalled by just how many councillors have been summonsed to court for unpaid council tax after reminders sent out to them were ignored for non-payment.

You overpaid elected representatives should take note; I have paid my full council tax for over 45 years; known as ‘rates’ since I was 19 years old, and never missing a payment in all of that time.

I won’t deny I’ve been a couple of days late on occasion, while this rabble of councillors couldn’t run a brothel between ‘em, oops!

Well, probably they could if there’s plenty money in it for them; and they have the audacity to send me a letter threatening to take me to court after a late payment.

I’ll tell you what you useless lot, we already pay extra for non-payers, now we know it includes councillors.

I think we should all miss a few payments, so over to you.


Be proud of who you are

From: Jonathan Scott, Vote Leave Campaign Co-ordinator Dewsbury and Batley & Spen

Dear Sir,

A vote to leave the EU on June 23 is a vote of confidence in our country and in ourselves.

We can take the opportunity to take back control of our law making, our courts, where we spend our money and of our borders from the EU. The EU is undemocratic and unaccountable to you or I.

A wise man once said that “a nation that gives up its independence for economic advantage, deserves to lose both”.

This statement goes to the very heart of the debate of the EU referendum.

The Remain camp consistently talk our country down, they try to make us all believe that we are washed-up as a country, finished, no longer able to stand on our own two feet as a strong, independent nation.

They have attempted to predict everything from world war three to the complete economic collapse of our country if we dare to leave the EU.

The political elites, the corporate giants who refuse to pay their share of taxes and the bankers who crashed the world economy all made the same predictions about Britain joining the ERM and the European Single Currency – that it would lead to our economic demise.

Of course, none of these predictions came to pass, they were wrong then, and they are wrong now.

Our country is a great one. We are the fith richest economy in the world, we are a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we are a lead member of NATO, we have a highly-regarded and well-respected military and diplomatic capability.

We have a global network of contacts and allies through the Commonwealth and beyond, our reach through the English language is truly global.

We still lead the world in the arts, music, science, medical research, pharmaceuticals, financial services, aviation, civil engineering, gas and oil exploration, multi media, telecommunications, digital technology, space technology and much, much more.

We achieve all of these things, not because we are a member of the European Union, we achieve all of these things because of our genuis and our innovation and our skill as a nation and as a people.

The Remain camp will always try to scare you, what will it mean if we leave the EU. But they never tell you what it will mean if we remain in the EU.

If we remain, we will continue to be part of the developing European superstate. We will continue to become a nation called Europe, with its own flag, anthem, president and army.

Our nation will become a region of Europe, we will cease to exist as an independent nation state.

If we remain, we can look forward to more years of uncontrolled, unlimited, unrestricted EU migration to the UK and all the pressure that brings on jobs, wages, houses, the NHS and local schools.

We are currently importing a city the size of Newcastle each year, think what our country will be like in five or 10 years from now if this goes on?

The remain camp want more Europe, more uncontrolled immigration and they want more of your money to pay for it. You can stop them on June 23.

On June 23, I urge you to be bold and resolute. Believe in your country. Believe in us, the British, as a people.

We come from a long line of noble and distinguished people who have contributed so much to the world over the centuries and who have so much more to give.

We survived very well for 1,000 years before the EU came along, we will survive as a global, outward-looking, strong and independent nation state.

Our best days lie ahead of us – be proud of who you are and be proud of our past and our future to come.


Leaders and led

From: Steve Cass, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

In last week’s Ed Lines Danny Lockwood wrote ‘How on earth do we end up with such immature, insincere people leading our great country?”

Maybe it’s because people vote for them – Cameron is what we want, apparently.

I know, it’s incredible isn’t it? And it becomes even more incredible when one considers the alternatives on offer: Labour’s caricature lefty or that bloke from the muppets who fronts the Lib Dems.

But we get what we deserve; leaders are a reflection of the led. The problem is with ourselves. You refer to Britain as ‘our great country’.

Wrong on all three counts. It is no longer either ‘ours’ or ‘great’, nor is it a country for a country has its own borders and government which Britain quite clearly no longer has.

At one time we were renowned for our inventiveness and engineering, now it’s for our ‘tolerance’.

Aw, don’t it make you feel proud. We excel at putting up with that which we don’t like – and then struggle to understand why Britain gets worse by the day.


Make your mind up time

From: Jack Hesketh, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

We are now approaching the last three weeks campaigning before the EU referendum and it is “make up your mind time” for a decision that will affect us for better or worse for years to come.

It is pointless to pretend that either side has all the answers and whatever the result there will be choppy waters ahead.

However, after a great deal of thought I am firmly in the Brexit camp for the following reasons:

1. The EU is financially incontinent (some would say corrupt) and for the last two decades the auditors have  refused to sign off the accounts.

2. The EU is wasteful in the extreme, it spends circa 100 million pounds each year transferring headquarters between Brussels and Strasbourg on a monthly basis for no logical purpose whatsoever.

3. The EU is undemocratic. Laws are proposed by unelected Commissioners, ie political placemen and women -–think Neil Kinnock, Chris Patten, Kathy Ashton. The President of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is elected, but his was the only name on the ballot!

The Council, ie heads of state or senior ministers, holds its meetings in private – lots of transparency there then!

4. The slow-moving car crash that constitutes the Eurozone trundles precariously onwards with understandable cries of ‘ever closer union’ from its supporters. The self same people who actually believed that you could have a country that exports BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and VWs sharing a currency with a country that exports olives.

5. Immigration brings many benefits and should be welcomed as a controlled policy, this is impossible while we remain EU members.

Does anyone seriously believe that our schools, hospitals, housing etc can cope with what amounts to a new city the size of Oxford every single year?

We are currently on board EU Titanic. Do you want to stay on the ship until it hits the iceberg or man the lifeboats and take control of our own destiny?


Tories forever if we leave EU

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

The day of destiny is fast approaching. The day when we decide to stay with or leave our European neighbours.

There are some good, compelling reasons for voting either way, and I think many people will make a last-minute choice as to where they put their cross.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the EU, or anything else for that matter, but I do very strongly believe there is one clear-cut reason for voting to stay in the EU, and that is the certainty that if we leave the EU, we will have a Tory government forever.

If the UK decide to leave the EU, it will be the end of the UK, because Scotland will split from the UK to rejoin the EU.

Without the Scottish vote (traditionally Labour, but at the moment SNP, with the Tories in second place) the Labour party will never again be in power.

And it matters not if the Blairites in the parliamentary party, with their own Tory agenda, or the party members’ preference Jeremy Corbyn with traditional Labour principals and values is leader, without Scotland, the Labour Party is finished.

If we vote to leave the EU, any protection of workers’ rights will be flushed down the toilet, the unions, or what is left of them, will be crushed under foot, there will be nothing to stop them finishing the war on the working class started by Thatcher.

The rich will grow richer, while the workers will be left to fight among themselves for zero-hour jobs, and the one who is prepared to work for least wage will get the job.

But we do live in a supposed democratic society, where everyone makes up their own mind, and has a free vote.

I am, and always have been a pessimist, that way I never get disappointed when things go wrong, but every now and then, something turns out right, maybe this will be one of those times.


We achieve so much more in EU

From: Ednan Hussain, Dewsbury Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Spokesperson

Dear Sir,

The leak of the ‘Panama Papers’ shows how powerless and unwilling the UK Government is to bring a halt to the extreme practices used by some of the world’s richest people and multinationals to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

To tackle this problem, we need more international co-operation and the most obvious way to do this is to remain in Europe.

Having ordered Starbucks to repay €£30million, the EU’s ongoing investigations into over €7bn of unpaid taxes from Apple do a lot to justify the EU’s position as a world leader in the global fight against tax avoidance.

On Tuesday, the EU also presented its new proposals for clamping down on tax avoidance which will force large multinationals operating in the EU to publicly disclose their earnings and tax bills.

These are crucial steps towards increasing transparency and information-sharing between countries and preventing companies from generating profits in one country and paying tax in another.

In the run-up to June 23, we should remember that we can achieve so much more in the world if we work with our European partners and take a lead in the EU.


Older folk know what’s at stake

From: Craig Westwood, Cleckheaton

Dear Sir,

Many adults feel sorry for the X Factor/Jeremy Kyle generation.

The media, TV, and rubbish movies have fed and soured their cultural tastes.

Successive governments have made life harder for them, with Blair, Brown, Blunkett, Straw, Mandelson and Balls planning behind our backs, by importing three million immigrants, the effects of which will be felt for decades, with housing, traffic, schooling etc.

Now Jeremy Corbyn, who has spent his life preaching against the European Union, has done a typical u-turn and now speaks up for the EU, and yet more immigration.

Insipid Harriett Harman was on ‘Sunday Politics’, and when shown photos of the top six men of the EU, could not name a single one of them!

These are the foreign bureaucrats she wants to govern us, in spite of her being a feminist.

Yes, the Labour Party has let the working classes down, big time. Instead of 30 people after one job, there will be 60 or 70.

Just what puts these illogical ideas into their heads? Are they trying to ruin the country completely?

Why are more older people going to vote ‘Leave’? Because they are wiser, have more experience and understand things better.

I knew nothing until I was 40! The only things worth knowing are never taught in school.

Any young person voting to stay in this expensive, corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, power-struck EU will live to regret it until the day the whole shambles disintegrates; just like the old USSR did.


Blairites should stop whinging

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Tony Blair is the latest figure in the Labour Party continuing the daily undermining of leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Under Tony Blair’s Prime Ministership Labour lost four million votes, Labour’s share of the vote in the 2005 General Election was the worst accrued by any winning party since 1832.

Blair paved the way for the privatisation of the NHS and the illegal war in Iraq is said to have cost a million lives.

In Tom Bower’s biography of Blair he makes it quite clear, and it’s backed up by a number of people, that Blair had no time for Labour Party members, members of the parliamentary Labour Party or members of his own cabinet.

He trusted two people – Alistair Campbell his press officer and the twice discredited Peter Mandelson.

Tony Blair carried out the biggest betrayal of a Labour Government in my lifetime.

Jeremy Corbyn should continue his good work of winning back disaffected Labour voters and the Blairites should stop complaining and start campaigning.


Vote is too important

From: Colin Walshaw, Scholes

Dear Sir,

With many of our local MPs slavishly supporting the party line, it is refreshing to see an important cross-party film called Brexit The Movie.

This can be viewed online at

If you are not internet-savvy please watch the press for free local showings of the film.

Remainers and undeciders should take particular interest; the more knowledgeable and informed will only be emboldened in their resolve and search for the truth.

I defy anyone to not be surprised by some of the previously undisclosed items. Do not make your decision on June 23 out of ignorance, apathy or traditional party political lines, this is not that kind of vote, it is too important for that.

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