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No room at Pinderfields for post-op patients

Letter of the Week: Name and address supplied

Dear Sir,

I recently had pains in my arms and chest. My wife called 999, and the ambulance arrived in quick time.

A telephone call by the paramedics to Pinderfields Hospital confirmed the hospital was full.

Therefore a phone call to Leeds General Infirmary was made, and they accepted admission.

This was following a rapid ride to Leeds in the ambulance with blue lights and horns sounding.

On arrival at LGI emergency admissions, a posse of nurses and staff were waiting at the door, rushing me up to the cardiology department, and into the theatre for an operation to insert stents.

Some 45 minutes later, when I was back in the post-operation ward, staff informed me I would be sent to Pinderfields to recover. However it would be a long wait as there were six other patients waiting to go to Pinderfields for post-operation recovery, but Pinderfields had no beds.

I was discharged on the Thursday with some of the same patients still waiting to go to Pinderfields.

Meanwhile the Mid Yorkshire Trust, in their wisdom, has closed the cardiology department at Dewsbury District Hospital.



Where were the police?

From: Mr Hirst, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I agree with Mr Lockwood’s definition of Dewsbury being an Islamic Republic.

It was very evident on the afternoon of Friday February 19, when Huddersfield Road from Ravensthorpe to the town centre was gridlocked, and also roads leading out of the town centre, and around Savile Town, because of a Muslim funeral .

In last week’s Press Forum there was a letter referring to Mr Sheard, stating that the demonstrators should be made to pay the police costs for their services on that day.

I say the people responsible for gridlocked roads should have to pay shopkeepers’ and stallholders’ loss of earnings.

What is left of Dewsbury market these days was closed by 3pm.

There has been a lot said about what could and should be done about Dewsbury town centre to get it back up and running.

I suggest they start with problems like these last two weeks.

And where were the police to do something about indiscriminate parking in the areas of Savile Town and surrounding areas?

Not one to be seen, Mr Sheard.


I’ll be voting on the issues

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

I thought Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a fine speech putting the case for Europe in Parliament, but much of what he had to say has largely been ignored by the national media who are making this into a debate between David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

There are far more important issues to debate than the divisions within the Conservative Party, such as jobs, investment, employment rights, environmental protection, peace, security and international cooperation.

That is what I will be voting on.


Cuts come from Tories

From: Ray Holderness, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

The cheek of it!

Following the recent resurfacing of Sugar Lane in Dewsbury, I received a letter from Mark Eastwood, the prospective Tory local election candidate for Dewsbury East, chelping on about it being better late than never and how he has been campaigning for years after receiving complaints about the state of the road from local residents in the immediate vicinity.

All I can say is at a time when deep cuts have already been made in the council’s budget; 1,400 jobs have been lost since 2010, services slashed and another 1,000 jobs forecast to be lost by 2020, does he not understand that it’s his Tory government that are bringing about this misery by imposing their austerity measures on the council?

Kirklees Council have already been forced to make savings of approximately £89m since 2010 and further huge cuts of approximately £84m need to be made by 2020, with £30m of those cuts to be implemented in 2016/17.

Any improvements should be welcomed at this time because it will be even harder to secure funds for similar improvements in the coming years, unless there is a dramatic u-turn regarding the government’s austerity measures!


Had to change my mind...

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

In the referendum of 1975, the question asked was “Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?”

All the polls indicated the answer would be a resounding NO!

The result was yes 67%, no 33%. As a no voter who was against joining in the first place, it came as a big shock.

In the 41 intervening years nothing has happened to change my mind.

Until, that is, Sunday February 21 when along came Boris Johnson, throwing his hat in the ring on the leave Europe side.

If Johnson wants to leave, then I’ve been on the wrong side all this time.

Boris the Buffoon, Bouncing Boris, Jovial Johnson, friend to many, at least on the surface.

But the reality is different. When he stops his happy-go-lucky Jack the lad caricature, he is revealed as another old Etonian, working to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

If he were to become leader of the Tory party, and heaven forbid, Prime Minister, the remaining trades unions would be crushed under foot and workers’ rights abolished.

It pains me to write this, but only by staying in the European community can these rights be protected.


Proof we need to keep DDH

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

My daughter-in-law had her first baby delivered last Wednesday evening at Dewsbury Hospital, having been admitted the previous night.

The treatment she received from the staff there during a very difficult and stressful birth was outstanding.

Constant care and attention were provided her as she brought our little granddaughter into the world, and special thanks go to midwives Dawn and Anna.

Further proof of the need to keep our local hospital.


We will control our borders

From: Graham Turner, via email

Dear Sir,

According to the Office of National Statistics 560,000 people came to the UK to work or study in the year ending June 2015.

So it’s no wonder controlling our borders is the main priority for the majority of people in the UK.

Europe’s most densely populated country is England.

England’s population density is 413 people per square kilometre.

To reach the same density as England Germany could take 67 million migrants, France could accommodate a whopping 160 million, Spain an even larger 161 million and Scotland have room for over 24 million.

The deal, if you can call it one, Mr Cameron achieved on benefits, will not stop immigration from the Eastern European countries of the EU from coming to find work in this country, earning a lot more than they could at home.

If we stay in the EU, you have to accept free movement of people.

If we come out of the EU we will be able to control our borders.


Would EU believe it?

From: John Walshaw, Earlsheaton

Dear Sir,

One can hardly fail to notice that the diggers and planters have been at work again in the parks and open spaces, to produce an array of crocuses which really cheer one up, and confirm that spring should be around the corner.

I met one of them in a suit collar and tie one day on Caulms Wood, sporting a 3ft spirit level, looking rather sorry for himself.

He was having a bad day; they had sent him out of the office to check that all the trees and shrubs were vertical!

He said it was another EU directive that had been passed down to them to action.


We need to be represented

From: Harold Laycock, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Further Mr DS Boyes’ comments “We don’t need any more pointless councillors” about three weeks ago.

There have also been a considerable number of unresolved problems in our area, ie the Old Bank/Sunnybank Road area of Mirfield, where the requests for help have gone unanswered by our local councillors.

As Mr Boyes stated: “Councillors have no power to do anything, they merely pass the questions raised by us on to the army of council officers and managers who know all the rules and regulations etc.”

I find this to be very true, as well as the fact that they then usually ignore the problem, as I have found to be true in our locality.

If we consider the area stretching from Kitson Hill Road, taking in Old bank Road, Sunnybank Avenue and Sunnybank Road, there are, and have been for a many years, a number of recurring problems which remain unresolved.

It would often appear that whilst our councillors often lack the will to tackle the problems, they can usually spot a camera a mile away.

Some time ago I was a member of our local neighbourhood forum. The forum folded due to lack of support by our councillors and solutions to our problems.

A new councillor was elected last year for our area of Mirfield. I never saw him electioneering, nor have I seen him since.

Mirfield railway station is in dreadful state of repair with sink holes in one of the platforms.

The platform for trains in the Leeds direction is inaccessible to people with disabilities due the large number of steps to be negotiated.

Some organisation should be prosecuted! The lack of adequate car parking facilities is also a major problem with cars parked the length of the road into Lower Hopton.

Whilst there is a vital need for major improvements to Mirfield station, its approaches and parking facilities, it would appear that the Ravensthorpe station is going to be given priority over Mirfield under the future spending plans.

Bearing in mind that just over 60 people a week use Ravensthorpe station and with no platform for trains from Wakefield!

It may not be 1939 but is this appeasement?

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