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Where are we all going to go?

Letter of the Week: Tyrone Bowers, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

I am writing because I am really concerned at the proposed closure of Huddersfield’s A&E department and the downgrading of Dewsbury A&E services.

Where are we going to go to get treatment in the future?

Do the trusts take this into consideration when making these decisions? No, I don’t think they care to be honest with you, and this is very worrying indeed.

How are we going to treat people properly with the right treatment if they have to travel extra miles?

People who don’t have a car will struggle to get to other hospitals out of the area.

The system is already at breaking point, the NHS is crumbling and you want to close hospitals.

I think it is ludicrous and short-sighted of the government wanting to cut and cut until there is nothing left of the NHS.

And as more migrants pour into our country this will put added pressure on a failing NHS system.

It about time David Cameron woke up and began to live in the real world because the Tories are responsible for everything that is happening at the moment.


Greatest leader got the boot

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Needless to say I don’t agree with Danny Lockwood’s assertion about  Churchill being our greatest leader in last week’s Press.

How does Boris Johnson find the time to be Mayor Of London, an MP and to write a biography of Winston Churchill?

Even Dewsbury’s former part time MP Simon Reevell didn’t find time to write a book!

Winston Churchill began his political career with the Liberal Party claiming he hated “the Tory Party, their men, their words and methods”.

He did introduce reforms such as a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, improved prison conditions and safety in mines, but when workers stood up for their own rights he dealt with them brutally.

During the First World War the navy suffered a series of failures and ships destroyed because of his interference in operational decisions.

He quit the Liberals for the Tory Party, and it’s important as we remember Holocaust Day not to forget that during the Second World War he refused appeals to bomb the railway lines that carried the cattle trucks transporting Jews to the Auschwitz death camp.

We can all argue the pros and cons of Churchill, but where it mattered at the 1945 General Election, he was given the boot and millions of working people gave the Labour Party a massive mandate to run the country.


God forbid that Trump wins 

From: Robert Cowan, Sandal

Dear Sir,

I must admit I used to enjoy watching billionaire Donald Trump in the original American version of the reality show The Apprentice as he pointed the finger at hapless candidates with the now famous words: “You’re fired!”

But now that he has launched himself as a candidate in the preliminary rounds of the US presidential elections, it is time for the American public to address those unequivocally dismissive words to him.

Never have I known such a prominent, aspiring politician to express such disparaging remarks about his opponents, including the allegation that democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton is a major national security risk.

Trump prides himself on telling it like it is, but in doing so many of his extreme comments go way beyond the eschewing of political correctness into the realms of immaturity, insult, and pure ignorance.

His PR department has come up with the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’, but Trump’s ways to do this, such as his plan to build a huge wall between the USA and Mexico and then sending the Mexicans a bill for its construction, must leave any right-thinking person reeling in disbelief.

His aim clearly is not to unite people but to divide them.

His reprehensible views on women, immigration, ethnic and religious minorities, all expressed with the rhetoric of a true zealot should cast him into a political wilderness from which there is no return.

What is deeply worrying however, is that despite all this Trump is apparently admired by a wide cross-section of Americans and is garnering much political support from working-class voters.

God forbid that he should ever end up in the White House with all the power which that confers.

Our already unsafe world would be a lot more unsafe, and our special ally across the Pond would surely be special no more.


Thoughts on abortion debate

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

Occasionally TV soaps have a storyline that stirs up emotions on both sides of the argument.

Emmerdale has one at the moment, where Laurel is pregnant but because her husband Ashley has dementia she feels she couldn’t cope with a new baby, and at the same time care for her rapidly-deteriorating husband.

Laurel wants to abort the baby, but Ashley believes abortion is wrong.

In real life, there must be couples in the same sort of predicament,most likely for different reasons,

But at the end of the day, if a couple have sex then a pregnancy, wanted or not, could be the outcome.

Why though should the baby have to die? The baby is like a witness to the couple’s actions.

If two people rob a bank and are taken to court and a witness gives evidence which leads to their conviction, the culprits would go to jail, not the witness.

Why then should a baby lose its life for the actions of others?


Left without critical care

From: Wendy Senior, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

If plans for Huddersfield Royal, and Dewsbury District hospitals’ A&E downgrade go ahead, the whole of Kirklees will be left without critical care.

The nearest hospitals providing these services will be Halifax and Pinderfields, which are roughly 25 miles apart.

There are also plans to demolish Huddersfield and build a new hospital, again with a downgraded A&E.

The government no longer make hospital decisions, as they have passed all responsibility to the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust chief executive Mr Stephen Eames, who is now trying to run two hospitals when he can’t run Dewsbury Hospital correctly, and he now says there will have to be more cuts.

I went to the council meeting on Wednesday January 27.

I asked what they were going to do regarding there being no fully functioning A&E in Kirklees.

All the councillors were in agreement – they were going to look into the PFI contract and have meetings with the trust.

The NHS everywhere is in a mess; we have recently lost young children through doctors’ and 111 call centres’ neglect.

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, says the 111 service is not working correctly. How many lives are the government prepared to lose before they stop the downgrading of hospitals?

People have paid taxes for a good healthcare system, it is frightening hearing people’s stories about hospital failures and reading about he deaths of young babies.

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