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Haven for wildlife, not land for homes

Letter of the Week: Stephen Crossley, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

When one of our local MPs criticised a number of companies, it’s a shame it did not include the Church of England.

What the CofE has just pulled off, regarding land deals in our area, puts it right at the top of the money-grabbing tree.

Without a thought for its existing flock; without considering the potential threat to endangered wildlife species; without a study into how the infrastructure and local communities would suffer.

They have behaved in a manner more like the money lenders in the temple that Jesus threw out on his arrival into the city.

Until I moved to Hanging Heaton years ago, I had not heard a skylark for many a year. Imagine my surprise and delight when walking on the proposed development site, I once again heard that beautiful sound.

In fact, is this a rare nesting area for these endangered birds?

One would think that this area would be covered by the 1981 Wildlife & Countryside Act, which offers protection to existing sites.

The government also decided that certain brownfield sites should be put aside to protect such wildlife.

We also have bats nesting locally which use this area as a food supply.

The odd deer also keeps popping up in the area, not to mention increasing visits of red kites, if only they would nest.

It won’t happen, too many egotistical councillors, whose leaders have grand ideas of getting a post, with a chain that stretches from either here to Harrogate, or the Land of Green Ginger.

How can we, in a couple of weeks from no policy, come to a situation where it’s like kids going mad on a Monopoly board?

Take this with the threat to halve the acreage of one of the area’s few organic farms.

We can only form the opinion that Kirklees Council are in favour of farming with chemicals and are also anti-wildlife.

It’s a shame they will not be living in the area to see the chaos that will result from this.

As for the Church of England, it’s time they stopped greasing their palms with land portfolios and do what they’re supposed to do and stand up for Christianity.




Powerless to stop tragedies

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

It would have been former Beatle John Lennon’s 75th birthday on October 9.

His life was cruelly cut short when he was gunned down in New York in December 1980.

In 1968, while the Beatles were recording the White Album, Lennon noticed a magazine of America’s National Rifle Association with the slogan ‘Happiness is a warm gun’.

Lennon thought correctly that it was an insane thing to say, for it meant that you had just shot someone.

He immediately wrote the song ‘Happiness is a warm gun’ one of the album’s best songs.

In 1993 when Bill Clinton was US President he signed the ‘Brady Bill’, the most important gun control bill in 25 years which prevented thousands of fugitives, stalkers and felons from buying them.

But it still hasn’t prevented the 41 gun massacres gun this year of innocent people, of which Oregon is the latest.

President Obama has expressed his sadness and calls for more gun controls.

Many Americans favour more sensible gun controls but opponents of such legislation are more vociferous and even Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, who can incinerate millions of people at the push of a button, seems to be powerless when it comes to the gun lobby.


Commuters spend in town

From: TL Weston, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I go to work by train each day, as well as many other thousands of Mirfield folk, we  drive or walk to the station where parking is limited.

Our wages that we earn often get spent within Mirfield.

The lack of parking for commuters like us is quite dire, and this proposal to impose parking measures on the car park opposite Mirfield Library needs a better brain behind the thinking.

Restricting earners with a spending capacity whilst trying our best to go to work to earn money does not make viable sense.

What Mirfield needs is a larger variety of shops to attract shoppers to use the library car park, that’s why there’s always space there.

What would happen if, say, the commuters held a month of action ie on the first day you, restrict our parking we all boycott Mirfield’s businesses for one week, then two weeks etc.

Mirfield town centre is a great place to come if you want a hairdo or a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.

But for now, there’s a whole army of us workers out there trying our best to get to work via all manner of ill-conceived traffic mayhem.


We need more volunteers

From: Tim Wood, Royal British Legion, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

It is always a busy time of year for RBL members throughout the country as we approach Remembrancetide and, as usual, I am asking for volunteers to help us sell our wares on our week-long stall in the foyer of the Yorkshire Co-op on Huddersfield Road, Mirfield.

As the years progress we sadly lose some of our experienced volunteers, and it’s always difficult to staff all the time slots on our stall.

Always we are assisted by our town councillors, mayor and deputy mayor, who put in quite a good number of hours for us. Even so, we need extra volunteers.

Also, the Remembrance Parade at 2pm, on November 8, I need to recruit a further six marshalls to assist us in marshalling pedestrians and shoppers exiting by car from the various stores that are likely to be open as the parade marches through.

Senior marshalls Coun James Taylor and Mr K Mold will be along to help supervise the various points.

Last year we delivered over 200 collecting tins, and over 500 pieces of kit that go with them within our branch area of Mirfield and Ravensthorpe minor (we only cover part of Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury branch RBL covers the rest).

We could do with a hand in taking these items out, as well as bringing them back in to count.

We can’t pay anyone, we’re all volunteers ourselves, so, if you can help, please ring me at the Old Colonial Pub on 01924 496920. Thank you.


Surprised and shocked

From: Name and address supplied

Dear Sir,

As a constituent of the Dewsbury West ward I was surprised and shocked when told that Dewsbury West Labour Party de-selected their sitting councillor from next year’s local election.

This was very shocking news as there was no reason why a sitting councillor does not get through to stand again. I wonder if Dewsbury West is becoming another part of ‘Asian Town’.


I think Jo’s skipped town

From: Darren Whitley, Cleckheaton

Dear Sir,

How well educated the supporters of Spen Labour Party must be when they don’t even know where their Labour MP has her office!

John Appleyard of Liversedge wrote in last week’s Press that Tom Myers House, Cleckheaton, is the office of Labour MP Jo Cox.

For the information of Mr Appleyard, Jo could not get out of town quick enough, her office is now in the neighbouring town of Batley!


Traffic chaos due to schools

From: ‘SGW’, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

Regarding the recent letter in your paper about the number of pupils attending Mirfield’s schools from far outside of the town.

My daughter has just moved up from ‘little school’ to MFG, and on a recent open evening after the presentation the person handling the appeals was almost flattened in the mad rush to register their pleas.

Surprisingly enough, one guy I knew, who I went to school in Westborough with, was wanting to appeal so he could get his child into MFG.

I know for a fact he lives in Morley because I pass his house most days in my delivery van, and I often see him washing his taxi.

Make no wonder Mirfield’s road network and schools are creaking under all this extra outside pressure, and it doesn’t look like anything is being done to put right these wrongs.

I also have a friend who rents out a house into bedsits, and the amount of times he has been approached for short term rental just to get a Mirfield address for obvious reasons; enough said.


Duty to provide has gone

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

At the North Kirklees CCG AGM Chris Dowse, chief officer, said we are living in a ‘new paradigm’ (pattern for health).

Chris referred to the  increased need for local services which started last October and never lessened.

But the new paradigm began after the 2010 election. Uniquely since 1948 the Secretary of State for Health had his ‘duty to provide’ removed by the Health and Social Care Act.

Since then the policies adopted by the government moved NHS funding away from patients, up the ‘food chain,’ to quangos and ‘the market’.

Cut budgets for mental health and social care land problems in A&E.

A government being investigated by international bodies for discriminatory policies toward the disabled, doesn’t care about your health.

Face up to the fact that current policies are intended to break the provision of healthcare in England, so that it can be ‘rescued’ by the private sector.

Yet digitalisation, so promoted by North Kirklees CCG, contributed to the failure of Addenbrooks. We are the sixth richest country in the world!

What is North Kirklees CCG doing modelling with patients how to spend £300,000?

We now have ‘grace and favour’ services. A lack of oversight of legislators by an investigative national media, means compromised democracy.

Ask your MP to support the NHS Bill in Parliament!

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