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Traffic comes from out-of-towners

Letter of the week: B Senior, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

The recent comments in this newspaper about traffic chaos in and around Mirfield may have struck a chord with many residents and commuters alike.

There is a major factor to the volume of traffic entering and leaving Mirfield at key times – it’s the school run, but not by locals, but by people from well out of Mirfield. Cars and minibuses, MPVs etc, streaming down Calder Road, Ravensthorpe, from Savile Town and Thornhill Lees, along Huddersfield Road from up Westtown.

At the other side of town a constant flow of traffic coming up the A62 from Heckmondwike and Dewsbury Moor, all bringing vehicles with children in uniform for Mirfield’s various schools. Waiting for children after school, they park on the pavements, block off people’s driveways, and park, in an often dangerous manner, upon the highways around Mirfield schools.

A couple of years ago, my granddaughter and family re-located back to Mirfield and what a job it was for us to get a place sorted out at MFG. We were eventually successful in this. It was the fact that we had to go to such lengths to secure a place at a Mirfield school that set me thinking in depth as to why people are commuting their kids, four or five miles in some cases, into Mirfield and bypassing other schools in their own geographical catchment areas.

I think, first of all, that every child deserves a decent education throughout our country. But let’s manufacture some practical policies into the framework that makes a fair allowance for travel etc. I do not recognise any common sense or reasonable practical fact why kids are ‘bussed’ into Mirfield from outlying districts miles away, and it’s not just me spouting off; my neighbours all see it happening; folks talk about it in the shops, pubs and cafes.

Our councillors just ‘tut tut’ and, for an easier life, just ignore one route cause of Mirfield’s gridlocked, and often dangerous, traffic situation. If you want our future votes next time around, act on things now please, because there’s a whole queue of us waiting to remind you of how you are failing the electorate.

Let’s sort out these eyesores

From: ‘Anonymous’, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

It appears there is a general concern by the government and councils regarding regeneration being secured through development, and improving infrastructure by securing the re-use of land and buildings.

This, in turn, would improve  the surroundings to benefit the economically-deprived parts of the district, as well as improving its local image.

Whilst Leeds Road is certainly not classed as a deprived or derelict area, its image is badly let down by the long-standing empty property, at the top of the cutting, originally Compton’s Newsagents.

The business flourished under the Fryer family, who sold it on to a couple and here the business ceased trading.

The property was then purchased by a local ‘businessman’, since when it has gone to rack and ruin;

By now the hedge has been elevated to tree status, hiding what can only be described as a slum.

Fortunately, I don’t live near the property but, as a long-standing issue of over 15 years, I fail to see why nothing has been done.

If this was France, local residents would be up in arms, refusing to pay their council tax.

But no, this is England and Brits don’t complain! – or maybe they have and their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

So, can I appeal to local councillors to get their fingers out and do something about this and other dilapidated properties.

Oh, I nearly failed to mention there is also a boarded-up off license on the corner of Bennett Lane, which can only be described as something reminiscent of a war zone.


We have a duty to our own

From: Stephen Cass, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

According to Paula Sherriff MP (Politically Speaking, The Press, 11/09/15): “It is our duty as a nation to look after those in need.” What, all of them?

Of course Ms Sherriff wasn’t talking about the needs of our own folk, homeless families, former soldiers struggling to deal with life after the trauma of fighting politicians’ wars, children who can’t find foster parents, the sick who can’t get the medication they need because ‘it’s too expensive’, etc etc.

Paula has something more important on her mind, like the plight of tens of thousand of so-called ‘refugees’ allegedly ‘fleeing violence’ – and leaving their womenfolk, children, and elderly behind in the process.

According to her we have a “duty” to look after these people (75 per cent of whom are young men) and the hundreds of thousands like them on their tail.

Like the rest of her Labour colleagues, Ms Sherriff is critical of David Cameron’s offer to take in 20,000 of these ‘refugees’ over the next few years – she wants him to take many more.

After all, the Tories only let in 600,000 immigrants last year – we’ve room for 10 times that many, haven’t we Paula?

What was it that great Labour man David Blunkett said – “I can see no obvious upper limit to immigration.” Especially not when the majority of them can be counted on to vote Labour, eh Paula?

This country is in a mess because the people we’ve elected to represent us in parliament are guided more by a lump in their throats than they are by the hard facts of life.

That’s why with every day that passes our streets and towns become less English – our ‘leaders’ have allowed sentiment and wishful thinking to get in the way of sound judgement.

Governments of all complexions have encouraged unlimited immigration without once ever considering its impact on the indigenous people of this land.

That’s the measure of respect they have for us, the people they purport to represent.


They think it grows on trees

From: RK Goodyear, Batley

Dear Sir,

The last election was fought on austerity and living standards by many politicians.

Well, some people think that money grows on trees and they are entitled to the high life without lifting a finger.

I don’t know anyone whose soles are coming off their shoes.

They may be able to fill their car boots by going to different food banks, who knows?

Also, who owns all these top-of-the-range big Mercedes and BMWs that have suddenly sprung up over the past two years, whizzing around the district?

Opposition parties go on about the NHS and housing being stretched to breaking point, and yet want no upper limit to immigration, thus adding flames to the fire.

Our own people, especially the young and pensioners, should be the first in the queue.


EU set-up has many faults

From: Arthur Roberts, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

The way in which the immigrant crisis has been allowed to escalate shows up the undemocratic leaders of the European Union.

The EU’s early roots were formed after World War II by German industrialists – Mercedes, Volkswagen, Krupps (arms manufacturers) and Siemens etc, with an alternative vision of ruling Europe economically.

They have succeeded under Angela Merkel, but the Brussels set-up has many faults:

• Inefficient, corrupt, and undemocratic;

• The leaders are chosen amongst themselves;

• To cover faults, their ‘books’ haven’t been audited for about 12 years;

• The borders fiasco cannot possibly be agreed by 26 different countries;

• Members of the EU parliament only have to sign their attendance in the morning, then they can do what they want all day; fishing, golf, sight-seeing, anything.

UKIP have shown it for what it is; an undemocratic talking shop. Norway and Switzerland are the richest countries in Europe: They are not even in the EU but can trade on favourable terms.

Germany exports far more to us than we to them. We need to expand trade with the growing markets like India, China, Brazil, Canada and other Commonwealth countries.

Why pay £53m every day for 70 per cent of our laws to be forced on us by Brussels?

This should be the first change the trade unions want; sealing our borders to stop the flow of immigrants from the world over, getting most of the jobs.


You did your bit once again

From: Tim Wood, Old Colonial

Dear Sir,

Many thanks to those people who attended the fundraising event for 868 Sqdn ATC, held at the Old Colonial pub two weeks ago.

The event was a tremendous success, and we are pleased with our efforts to raise money for an organisation that puts a lot of effort into supporting numerous events held within Mirfield.

Congratulations and very well done to all concerned, you ‘did your bit’ once again.


So sad to hear about Jackie

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

On Saturday morning I read a number of newspapers which contained interviews with the author Jackie Collins speaking about her life, books and her sister Joan.

She concluded the interview by saying she refuses to ‘mourn people, because everybody dies, death and taxes you can’t avoid either’.

So it was a massive shock to hear on Sunday morning radio that Jackie had died of breast cancer.

The same day a neighbour of mine was cycling from Manchester to Leeds to raise money for a cancer charity and to raise awareness of this brutal disease in which every year 55,000 are diagnosed in the UK and shows why breast cancer care work is so vital.





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