Your Letters - Friday September 27, 2019

Just throwing in cash won't help 

Letter of the Week: Steve Cass, Mirfield

Ah, so that explains it.

I’ve often wondered what makes Dewsbury such an unattractive and uninviting place, but I could never quite put my finger on it. That’s what we have politicians for I suppose, to answer those questions that are beyond the capacity of us ordinary men in the street.

Whereas the rest of us are left scratching our heads after considering the state of Dewsbury, the politician has his incisive thinking to call on.

Dewsbury’s problem, or so they say, and the Libs, Labs and Cons all agree on this one, is that it is struggling with ‘post-industrial decline, austerity, and long-term under-investment’ (The Press, Sept 13). 

Sounds terminal to me. But not to the politician – it’s nothing that a hefty injection of cash won’t put right.

The Government has thrown Dewsbury a £25m tempter. Of course Labour doubts it’ll materialise and even if it does it won’t be enough, but all agree that money is the medicine.

The plan is for the council and businesses and community groups to put their heads together to come up with ways of spending this money to make Dewsbury better.

No, don’t laugh, this really is the plan.

Mark Eastwood, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Dewsbury, is thrilled at the prospect of all that dosh to “...regenerate the community.” 

He says: “... I firmly believe Dewsbury still has great potential and possibilities.” Yeah, yeah, of course he does. 

I’ve heard it all before, many times, and I’m sick of hearing it. Hasn’t he worked it out yet – the only people who take any notice of politicians’ flannel are the mass media and other politicians. Everybody else knows it’s BS.

What Mr Eastwood doesn’t say is far more interesting than what he does say. For instance, he talks about “community” rather than “communities” – why is that? 

He talks about Dewsbury’s “potential” and its “possibilities” but doesn’t put either in any context. Why not?

Seems to me he’s scared of stepping on the cracks. Just what we don’t want from politicians.

But anyway, why does Dewsbury need all this money spending on it? Hasn’t it got everything it needs? 

Paula Sherriff has argued that immigration brings billions of pounds to the country, and she and the rest of her parliamentary colleagues never tire of telling us how much better off we are thanks to all the benefits ‘diversity’ has bestowed on us.

Dewsbury is what the politicians have made it – their pie in the sky ‘vision’ hasn’t materialised as they’d expected. Isn’t it about time they stopped flogging this dead horse and owned up to their monumental ‘cock-up’?

Time marches on for us all

From: David A Wood, Gomersal

It was really good to read your feature on village life, especially as it covered my very own Gomersal, though it was disappointing to read the continued intention of our council to sell off one of the district’s leading historical buildings.

Seemingly it is okay for a councillor from Denby Dale to see no reason why Gomersal and Spenborough should not accept that its demise is part of improving museum and galleries services in the district! 

Improving services? Sir, you have closed Red House down and now put it up for sale! 

When I was but a lad I can remember a dozen coaches every morning arriving at Thomas Burnley’s full of workers, Hill Top Post Office run by Mr Wilde and on the opposite corner the Co-op building with a toy department down the side. 

Time marches on and only recently two well-known older Gomersal residents have passed away. Thank you Mr Gawthorpe for your special tribute to Michael Balmforth, a former stalwart of Liversedge Football Club who as a lad along with several of us mates formed Gomersal Park Rangers which he also helped run and organise.

‘Bandy’, as he was known to us, was all the Liversedge president says and more. 

I can remember attending Town away games with Michael and talking of his many other interests. 

Sadly it is many years since Mr Balmforth and I had the pleasure of renewing our acquaintance, but I would like to endorse all that was said in the tribute to him in The Press. 

Living on the Shirley Estate we had lovely neighbours, among them the Hurst family, Vonda and Alan and the girls. 

Your family notices brought to my attention the passing of Vonda, who had a character all of her own.

I distinctly remember one New Year’s Eve when whisky was most generously available, leading to a January 1st never to be forgotten!

To the family and friends of Vonda and Michael, I am sure I can speak for many of my ilk when I say you will be missed but the memories you created in life will live on. 

I offer mine and my family’s deepest sympathies on your loss. God bless.

Development adds to woes

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

I agree entirely with Gerald Christian’s letter regarding the Fountain traffic lights, the Child Lane ‘rules’ and subsequent extra traffic at the Yew Tree junction.

But I suspect the current ‘improvements’ will need further improvement with the sad sight of a ‘For Sale sign’ on the nine-acre former PYO field at the back of the Rydal Garage and the top of Sunny Bank Road.

The inevitable ‘development’ will have the entire already overwhelmed traffic systems stretched to the limit again.

Sadly I can see the entire stretch between the Fountain and Stocks Bank Road being ‘developments’ within five years. 

I say again, why aren’t the brownfield sites not developed first, and if they are, why don’t we ever hear about them?

I’m not a fan

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

With the Conservatives in such a mess, the next election should be a walkover for the Labour Party if they had a leader, but Corbyn, McDonnell  and Abbott ... oh dear!

Have a heart, send a reply

From: Jean Hodge, Dewsbury

May I through your letters page have a rant?

Where has the decency in this world gone? Why when people are going for a job do they not get a reply as to whether they have got a job or not? 

It’s awful to be waiting to hear about the outcome and very distressing when they don’t get one.

So employers, please have a heart and send a reply.

Not many are originals

From: Michael Stott, Ossett

I read with interest your review of Showaddyaddy’s show and noted your reviewer won’t forget it for a long time, despite being fully aware of how much of the band she really did see.

However with only one of its two drummers and the bass player still in place out of an eight-piece, that is a slim proportion to represent the name  and emphasises the blurred line between the current version and a ‘tribute’ act. 

However with an enviable catalogue of hits to lean on there remains a sizeable though diminishing bounty to be made at any box office.           

The singer is usually the focal point readily identifiable with the name, and in a revealing interview with UK Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine this year, former frontman Dave Bartram disclosed he still manages the band  along with the original drummer, and while he quit performing as far back as 2011, the drummer was indeed part of the line-up your reviewer witnessed. 

He also disclosed that not all eight participants contributed to their recordings but having so many in the band gave it a strong visual impact, the only downside being come payday, in hindsight thinking a six-piece would have been more manageable.

With individuals of course the problem resolves itself but bands apparently present an endless conundrum. 

After all the Glenn Miller Orchestra emerged pre-Second World War yet still occasionally performs in name despite all original members now being long deceased!

Bring us out as you promised

From: Anthony Doyle,

via email

I watched the BBC breakfast show this morning and see a retired judge say that a vote of 52 per cent to 48 per cent does not constitute a mandate to leave. The 52 per cent must enter into negotiations with the 48 per cent to agree a way forward!

In any walk of life the side that ‘wins’ takes the spoils.

The debacle we have witnessed at the Supreme Court this week, the undermining of every step the PM takes, the jibes, the ridicule, the millions of pounds that have been thrown away fighting the will of the people is an 

absolute travesty. The sooner we have an election and let the people decide which of the time-wasting, self-centred losers are put back in the better.

Whichever party you support, whether you voted leave or remain, you have witnessed the worst possible betrayal of the voting public. 

Boris, bring us out as you promised, and silence these hypocrites once and for all.

Millions are turning off

From: Arthur Roberts, Dewsbury

Perhaps the aspect of Brexit which leaves the nastiest taste in peoples’ mouths is the blatant bias served up by the BBC. It should be called the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. 

In programmes like Question Time and Newsnight, we have not only the biased presenters but often three Remainers against two Brexiteers. 

I have even seen four v one.

It spoils the BBC’s reputation for all the good news and entertainment they have. 

They’ll find it a lot harder to get their licence money in because not playing it is not now classed as a criminal offence with a prison sentence. 

Bias has set millions and millions of voters against the BBC.

Lining pockets of landlords

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Democracy is definitely dead in Kirklees (not cremated at the still inoperative Dewsbury Crem).

Evidence has been printed that Kirklees Cabinet have dictated that £ 1.5million of honest tax payers’ money will be used to line the pockets of the owners of properties in Dewsbury.

The same owners who have over the years removed millions from the economy of Dewsbury without maintaining the structure and fabric of the town centre!

Only inept politicians could expect a lick of paint would regenerate an area!

Since the dictators of Kirklees seem incapable of rational thought, I will repeat advice given to them by the intelligent public many times – provide us with products and services we require at what we believe to be good old Yorkshire value rather than what you dictate we should accept in accordance with your beliefs!

You can't bully us 

From: Daniel Goodwin, via email

The propaganda machine is now running at full throttle and we are been subjected to a laughable and desperate attempt to derail the biggest political mandate in British history with all manner of ridiculous scaremongering tactics. 

The Remainer politicians, mainstream media, university-educated pro-Marxist middle classes and politically correct virtue-signalling international companies have joined forces to stop what they believe is going to be the ruination of the UK and EU alike.

They hope to bully and frighten the British people into a second referendum, as the Irish were railroaded into a second vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

When, despite clear and obvious collusion between big business, politics, media and academia, the majority of people still vote to leave we can only assume the ruse is over. 

We’re on to them, and have been for years, so the circus of obfuscation and lies serves only to further confirm the utter contempt in which they hold our country and its people, and the lengths they are willing to go to continue lining one another’s pockets while selling our generations down the river. 

We will soon witness the death rattle and final leg twitch of the EU as Britain leaves and Italy, Poland, Greece, Hungary etc follow suit. 

The EU central bank has now introduced negative interest rates and the bell tolls. 

The politicians, councillors and intellectual elitists are not our rulers or our masters, they are our employees. They have become arrogant and contemptuous, it is time we reminded them who pays their wages. 

Roll on the next general election, as it is clear to all that the three main parties are nothing but controlled opposition and so there shall have to be a change.

Let’s get rid of the lot of them, if not only to show the next lot how quickly they can be despatched, and the same at the local elections, let us have a right good clear-out.

The tide is turning, we’ve put the willies up them, and they are on the back foot so let’s finish the job.

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