Webtalk – October 5, 2018

Webtalk – October 5, 2018

This month I’d like to talk about websites in general, and answer the question ‘are websites still relevant today?’

It’s a question that many small businesses and sole traders ask themselves, what with the ease of using social media and other forms of online promotion.

Are websites still relevant?

A website is the best place for someone who is looking for your products or services to get all of the information they need, in one place. 

A website is also the most likely way for someone to find you who doesn’t already know you, or someone that is connected to you, these key points make websites very relevant.

A website is just a part of the marketing mix, along with social media, directory listings, brochures and other marketing that works for you. A website, however, can contain much richer information, giving the reader everything they need in one place.

All other forms of marketing act as a lead magnet that can work on their own, but have a better chance of working when backed up by a website.

A website is only as good as the content it contains, so a website that is not maintained can do more harm than good. Where a website is professional and kept up to date it should be the best chance of converting visitors into enquiries, therefor it backs up the other marketing activity that is being done.

Social media still relies on people either recommending, or your visitors being in the right place at the right time because people don’t like being sold to on social media.

It is impossible to get all of the information across using social media and too often the information you would like to be read isn’t because that is not what the visitor is there for. 

If you can divert the visitor to a website they are more interested in reading more because they have taken action.

Top five website advantages

Here’s my top five advantages when comparing websites to other marketing channels:

• They are more likely to be found in search engines;

• They convey a professional image, convey trust and so are more likely to convert;

• They are consistent, in terms of the messaging you want to show people;

• They include all the information someone needs to enquire, all in one place;

• They can multi-task when it comes to handling products, payments, social media feeds etc.

A website is just part of the marketing mix and is absolutely still relevant for many businesses.

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