Webtalk – January 25, 2019

Webtalk – January 25, 2019

We’re almost a month into the New Year, and on Monday it is Data Protection Day. A day to raise awareness of cyber security, privacy and all things data. Do you process your client’s data carefully, are you careful with your own data?

Website Security

I’ve been banging on for ages about the importance of HTTPS – this is the security certificate that encrypts the data that is passed to and from a website.

If you own a website that is still not secure then it really is time to get it sorted, it’s inexpensive and it will give more customer confidence, improve your professionalism and you’ll fair better in the search engines.

If you are on a website that says ‘Not Secure’ next to the domain name then the website really shouldn’t be trusted, please don’t submit your data to it.

Are you keeping your website software up to date? WordPress in particular is constantly becoming vulnerable – your website developer should be updating the website for you on a monthly basis at a minimum, if not speak with them because if a website gets hacked it can lead to a data breach, and data breaches can incur huge fines from the ICO.


The General Data Protection Regulations have been in force for over 9 months and in that time we’ve seen some whopping fines being dished out. You can see the action that the ICO has taken here:  https://ico.org.uk/action-weve-taken.

We’re still seeing many examples (not our clients) of businesses flouting the GDPR rules. Emailing people without consent, sharing information with third parties, not making website visitors aware of your privacy policy are all examples that can land businesses with hefty fines with the ICO. Uber were recently fined nearly £400k for not protection customer data following a cyber-attack and there are many other examples of smaller firms getting fines that put the business into administration.

If you receive communications from a business that you had not agreed to then you have the right to submit a subject access request and be provided with the details of what data the business holds on you, when it was obtained, and you have the right for it to be deleted.

We believe every day should be data protection day because the cyber threat is everywhere in our information age. As a consumer be vigilant, as a business be really careful to protect you website and your customers data because not doing so can result in business-ending fines! 

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