Webtalk – December 14, 2018

Webtalk – December 14, 2018

As it’s the last Web Talk of the year, time to take stock of the past year and have a think about the emerging trends for 2019 – what does your business need to do to keep up with your competition when it comes to digital marketing?

Some 2018 digital talking points

This year the mainstream emergence of progressive web apps into the market place has transformed website user experiences.

Websites are able to utilise much of a device’s innate technology (especially Android devices) to deliver app-like functionality, whilst providing the core benefits of a website (relative lower cost to an app, and they can be found in a Google search).

In a year when Facebook got into trouble for misuse of data, we have not noticed a decline in platform usage, in fact quite the opposite. 

GDPR came into force this year, and whilst small businesses frantically introduced policies to deliver compliance, consumers seemed to be mainly unaware of the legislative changes underfoot.

Key tech growth areas in marketing automation, machine learning and AI, in fact all forms of data driven communications activity have ramped up during 2018, because they help consumers save time and help businesses to be more relevant.

There’s no turning back from the digital revolution!

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend witnessed a drop in spending (by 21 per cent) but numbers of transactions were up (16 per cent) suggesting that there were fewer bargains to be had, which is the general feeling amongst retailers we speak to who are uncomfortable with heavily discounting at a time when sales should naturally be higher.

A few things in store for 2019

We expect Apple iOS to further embrace progressive web app technology, allowing websites to use more of their hardware and software.

It is doubtful that they will go as far as Android, after all they earn too much revenue form the App store purchases.

In 2018 we’ve seen significant demands on the accessibility of websites.

With the screen resolutions of many devices (mobile, tablet, TV, watches) continuing to increase the potential for websites to make the most of this technology increase, and websites will need to keep up to get the most out of the tech we choose to use.

We expect social media to become more engrained into other services we use, in particular smart speakers, smart home devices and basically anything that could be connected to the internet.

The demands on website owners to appear in search in different ways, such as voice will grow as consumers use ever more innovative ways to find what they need.

What are your plans for 2019? Is it time to revamp your online activity? 

Whatever your plans we hope 2019 is a huge success, seasonal greetings from me and everyone at Ascensor!

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