Web Talk - September 29, 2017

Web Talk - September 29, 2017

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Google website page speed is an industry-standard tool that enables you to check how your website performs on mobile and on desktop.

The speed of a website makes a huge difference to whether we stay on them or not. 

With our demands for instant information, websites that are slow and unresponsive are left in favour of websites that give us what we are looking for quickly.

This is particularly important with mobile versions of websites, where users have statistically less patience waiting for content to load.

There are many things that affect a website’s page speed performance, including the quality of code, the server that it is hosted on and the content.

The first two relate to more technical aspects of web development that should be managed and maintained by your website provider.

The third, website content, is something that you can control within your content management system.

You can check the speed of your website using www.testmywebsitepagespeed.com.

Website content

The biggest slow-down factor with websites is images. When a website is commissioned we would expect all of the images on it to have been optimised. 

That is they have been compressed to only include essential information required to display the image, and not include information that maybe present, but is not visible via the resolution of a monitor screen.

Once a website is live and under the management of the owner performances often slow because new images are added to the site that have not been compressed.

Large files take longer to download and cause a website to slow down, and without proper instruction it is very easy for a website to quickly lose page speed performance.

A way to see how long your images are taking to load is to use tools.pingdom.com to show you exactly which elements are slowing the load speed down.

When you want to upload a new image to your site, we recommend using www.tinypng.com. This is a great tool for compressing images whilst maintaining any transparency they may have. 

Another factor can be video. We always recommend using a video streaming service such as Vimeo or YouTube. You can then embed the video into your website using an embed code (right click on the video to find this) and by adding this code to the website you can play the video from the third party location, which will have less impact on page speed than if it was uploaded to your website.

Page speed is becoming ever more important and is a ranking factor within the search engines.

If you think your website is running slowly, use the speed checker mentioned previously. This will enable you to generate a list of action points to help speed things up.

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