Web Talk – June 29, 2018

Web Talk – June 29, 2018

Google has announced that it is dropping its Adwords brand, and will be introducing its advertising service in three new brands, Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

This change is more than cosmetic, with the breaking-up of services designed to make accessing Google advertising easier for small businesses, whilst providing a platform aimed at larger advertisers, and a manager for publishers to manage advertising on their sites.

Google Adwords has been around since the turn of the century and now generates over $100 billion per year for Google, and combined with Facebook advertising, they make up nearly 60 per cent of all digital advertising spend.

In 2016 Google announced that mobile advertising revenues had surpassed desktop advertising revenues. 

Google Ads

Over the years Google Adwords has evolved significantly, with many features that enhance the scope of advertising targeting. With its evolution has come more complexity and this has made it difficult for small business to get started with Adwords and achieve conversion. 

Setting up a campaign can be time-consuming and costly if it is not done correctly, and this often puts small businesses off.

The new Google Ads platform will feature an option called Smart Campaigns.

Smart Campaigns will allow a company to create an advert in only a few minutes, filtering the user through a series of questions that will determine the best ad structure that will meet their goals.

Goals will include ‘receive telephone calls’, ‘bring website visitors’ and ‘get people to visit your store’. 

Putting the options into simple goals will help advertising users to feel safer when entering into a campaign and Google believe that this will further grow their market share.

Google Marketing Platform & Google Ad Manager

These other changes will help agencies and larger businesses to better manage their advertising campaigns.

Combining advertising technology and data management into a single marketing platform will enhance the current Google Management Dashboard (Google MCC) whilst still allowing businesses to view multiple accounts and their campaigns.

The Google Ad Manager will allow publishers who carry advertising content to more effectively manage the third party content that is displayed on their sites.

Currently most of this is handled using Google algorithms but the new platform will give publishers more control with advertising that comes from Google Display and Google Remarketing.

So it’s all change with Google advertising, but some things don’t change, Google are still the leader in digital advertising and we believe that these upcoming introductions will only further enhance their dominance in this space.

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