Web Talk – February 23, 2018

Web Talk – February 23, 2018

Google have recently announced that their final escalation of non-secure website notifications will take place in June this year. 

Would you submit your details to websites that are marked as ‘Not Secure’?


Web Talk has covered HTTPS a number of times over the past two years since Google announced that to build a safe and secure internet experience for everyone. Websites should carry a secure certificate and be found on HTTPS domain names.

Over the past 18 months Google has been ramping up its efforts to force website owners to upgrade their websites to HTTPS. 

HTTPS websites are clearly marked as secure and include a green padlock next to the word secure, adjacent to the domain name and any page URLs.

Google have also rewarded secure websites with advanced search engine positions. We see this clearly where a site is converted from HTTP to HTTPS and the resulted shift in positions for popular search terms.

Currently non-secure websites have an ‘i’ for information next to the domain, and when clicked a user can see a warning that states that elements of the website are not secure.

Google have finally announced that from June 2018 the ‘i’ will be replaced by the words ‘Not Secure’ and this will be prevalent on all devices.

Converting your site

Converting your own website is a straightforward process that your web developer can do. For free websites and website builders this is often a service that can be added via your administration portal.

The process involves the purchase of a secure certificate (TLS 1.2 minimum, if you currently have an SSL certificate or an older version of TLS then this should be upgraded as you will not be showing as HTTP any more), the conversion of your pages to HTTPS and finally the redirection of all old HTTP urls.

This applies to all websites and if you have purchased your website within the past 12 months then it should already be HTTPS.

Website security is of paramount importance to your visitors, having HTTPS will help you get more traffic and will improve your conversion rate. If you don’t, from June 2018 we would expect a loss of existing conversion rates and we believe that the next move by Google will be to completely block HTTP websites from their search results pages.

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