Web Talk – August 31, 2018

Web Talk – August 31, 2018

This month I’d like to talk about Messenger. It’s possibly something you use personally, but have you thought about how it could help your business if it was integrated into your website as a live chat feature?

Live chat

Chat bots have been around for a long time now, and where internal resources allow a business to fully utilise it, it has proven to be a valuable tool that can support customer services and sales. 

Where chat is available on a website and a user has a specific question about a product or service, many users report that they have been able to close a sale by responding to questions through chat.

Chat is instant, and so users have a conversation without the need to make a phone call. This is much more user-friendly than email.

These days some chat bots use artificial intelligence to respond, and though this technology has come a long way, it is still not there yet and many automated services can lead to frustration.

If live chat is not being manned and marked as ‘offline’, this can also lead to frustration, and this is where Messenger comes in.

Messenger app

The Messenger app (owned and available through Facebook) is a stand-alone application that brings together communication streams from various sources, including SMS.

Messenger can be integrated into websites to act as a chat box, but unlike traditional chat services the conversation window is active whether the business is there to respond or not.

The advantage to businesses is that you can operate a no-cost chat function that allows you to reply to messages when you are able, but gives a better user experience than email. 

With the conversation taken outside of the website, the user does not need to remain in the website to get a response and continue the conversation, so this provides more flexibility than the traditional chat bots do.

If you haven’t integrated chat into your website yet then you should consider it, and we recommend Messenger because it works well both when you are online and offline and will enhance the user experience of your visitors.

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