Web Talk – April 13, 2018

Web Talk – April 13, 2018

Facebook is going through a tough time at the moment, with concerns over data protection, but I still believe that 2018 will see the social media giant be one of the best channels for marketing your business in 2018 ... if they can overcome the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is built around audience targeting, which makes it a very powerful tool.

Having the ability to target individuals based on their known preferences means that businesses who are able to define their audience can present their adverts to those people who are most likely to become engaged with it.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has seen Facebook audience targeting misused, by allowing individuals to be incited to act through ‘fake news’ – and this swell of activity has been linked with various world events recently. 

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming and the legal requirement for Facebook and other data processors to comply with the law, assuming they get their house in order for GDPR, I believe that Facebook will not only pull through but will continue to be one of the most conversion-effective digital marketing channels.

Audience targeting

Facebook allows you to target not only your own contacts by uploading their details (and if they have Facebook accounts they will appear in your list) but also similar audiences (individuals with similar profiles to your uploaded list) which makes the network highly effective for growing your brand amongst like-minded people.

Facebook advertising is also on average cheaper per click than other paid search channels such as Google, so because you can target audiences (who are more likely to click rather than a scatter approach) your cost per conversion should be lower.

With the added benefit of Facebook being most commonly used on mobile devices, advertisers can create a very personal mode of engagement.

And thanks to Facebook Live and Facebook Groups you are able to get your message to people who really want to see your stuff, which makes it the most powerful platform for paid advertising available.

Always remember data protection and privacy. From May 25 any misuse of data can result in large fines under GDPR. Facebook advertising, when handled with caution can yield great results.

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