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Do you know what remarketing is? You may not, but you will surely have experienced it as an internet user.

Have you had the feeling that businesses are watching you, because everywhere you go you see their adverts?

This is remarketing. It’s not new, but it has become a key marketing method for website owners.

If you own a website, here’s why we think you should be using it.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is most commonly used within Google (via Google Adwords) and Facebook (called Retargeting) and works when a cookie (a small piece of identification code) is placed on a user’s machine, when that user has accessed a website that has remarketing in place.

Then, when that user visits other third party websites or their Facebook account, they will see adverts relating to the website they were originally on.

This means that two people accessing the same third party website or Facebook at the same time, will see different adverts depending on the websites they had visited previously.

It sounds complicated, but it is actually very easy to set up and it can be highly effective.

Here’s why!

Why is remarketing so good?

Stats suggest that 96 per cent of us don’t make contact, or make a purchase following our first visit to a website.

We are often using the web to do our research. We may happen across many businesses that provide the product or service we are looking for, before making a decision.

Remarketing helps business stay in the mindset of users who had previously visited their site and shown an interest.

Remarketing used to feel a bit creepy, but because it is now so common, seeing repeating adverts is generally expected by users.

Remarketing tends to be much less costly than other pay-per-click channels.

This is because adverts have high numbers of impressions but are generally clicked less – this makes remarketing a great brand-building tool.

Remarketing set-up involves advert design – each product or service area can have its own adverts in more complex campaigns.

The process of setting up the list requires some marketing knowledge to ensure you are capturing relevant people at relevant stages of their visit to the site.

Adding the remarketing code to the website may require some technical help, but it is a very simple process.

If you own a website and you are not using the power of remarketing then you could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your sales!

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