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What does your website say about your business? Does your website demonstrate professionalism, does it represent the way you operate, the way you would like your clients and future clients to view the business? 

If it isn’t keeping up with the competition, then a content overhaul may just do the trick?

Content is king

This is an over-used phrase but is such an important message for website owners.

Content takes various forms from text, to imagery to video. Whatever type of content you have online, does it look professional?

A website says exactly what you want it to, so it is important to make sure that what it says is good things about your business.

Poor-quality images, home video and error-ridden text may be a common feature of social media, but when it comes to websites it is important that the content is of a high standard or you may lose the visitor before they navigate on.

Website pages that feature video will generally perform better in the search engines than those that don’t.

This is because users generally stay on a website longer to watch the video as pages of text can be off-putting.

Text, though, is important for conveying messages and it is always useful to break text up into bite-sized chunks by using video and images in between sections.

With blocks of text, try and ensure that each section has logical headings and try and use colours to make the page more interesting.

Evolve your website through content

Each time Google and the other search engines visit your website they compare it to the last time they visited.

Websites that are updated more frequently will do better because they have something new to offer.

When you create new content on your website, ensure that you share it through social media, this can encourage the natural sharing process, providing the content is not overly promotional.

Even if your website has seen better days, we see many websites performing well just because they have a commitment to adding fresh content on a regular basis.

If website owners are able to add content, using good-quality images, video and text, broken up into easy-to-digest sections, then generally website traffic and engagement will be on the rise.

Having a content strategy is key to website success in 2016, if you are not updating your website content on a regular basis and using social media to distribute it then you could be missing out on opportunities.

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