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There have been a few studies recently into the impact that mobile technology has on our lives, last year an estimated £10 billion was spent by UK consumers using their mobiles.

Mobiles are now so integrated into our lives, it is vital that businesses take note of the millennial generation.

The impact of mobile on our lives

A recent market research study found that 76% of mobile consumers reported a dramatic impact on their lives, from social behaviour through to memory and also health.

Of the study of 2,000 British consumers aged between 16 and 64, the survey revealed that 41% bought more products and services using their mobiles this year than the previous year – so the trend is upward.

Social media usage is now a daily facet of most people’s lives and the study revealed that 47% could now not live without being able to use social media on the move. Some 24% could not be without entertainment (such as music and video) and 21% rely on their mobiles for reading the news.

A recent BBC study challenged 1,000 schoolchildren in Cheshire to give up social media and the feedback was fascinating.

The children who were on a social media detox reportedly struggled with having ‘proper conversations’ and were relieved when the amnesty was over.

This research is probably not surprising and most of us can associate with those statistics, but what is the potential impact on our lives? Is being so reliant on our mobiles so bad?

The study found that 40% of respondents reported an impact on their memories.

In particular they had seen an impact on remembering details – as more and more information is stored on a phone, the need to remember numbers and other information has become less important.

Mobiles are now very much essential to our getting through the day, not just for communication but for accessing key services such as banking.

These studies demonstrate how engrained mobile life is amongst the millennial generation.

In the next 10-15 years millennials will make up 75% of the UK population and so businesses looking to impress upon the consumers of the future must take heed of the essential role that mobiles are playing, whether you like it or not.

Is your business embracing the mobile generation?

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