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So, did you follow any of the New Year’s resolutions in last month’s column? This month I would like to focus on one of them – ‘content is king’.

Content is king

Last month saw a major update in Google’s algorithm. Google Panda (the content review algorithm) used to be a filter that was applied to the search engine’s results criteria on a periodic basis, so every once in a while Google would review your website and read its content.

Any duplicate content (both on the site itself and on other sites) is bad, any pages that don’t have unique ‘meta data’ (the page title and description that displays on a Google search) is bad.

Any sites that remain static and are not evolving are deemed to be delivering less value than before and so will start to fall within the rankings, to name just a few of the criteria.

The bottom line is that the content of your website is key to your success.

Websites that are regularly updated (evolving) within a good structure, offering unique content are the ones that succeed.

They are also the ones more likely to have their content shared, as you know from content you share on the internet, it has to be new, fresh and rarely promotional – good-quality content is thought leading and information rich and the recent Google update makes this even more important.

Google algorithm change

Recent changes to the way Google ranks websites now means that instead of being a periodic filter, Panda is now part of the core Google algorithm.

This means that every time Google reviews your site it takes content into account.

The advantage of this is that if you regularly update your content then this will be recognised more quickly by Google and so you can change your search engine positions quickly.

For websites that only update content sporadically, you may have noticed a fall in positions since the changes came in, in mid-January.

We are finding that longer pieces of content that are laid out with images, that offer a ‘how to’ or have tips and advice are scoring well in the search engines.

These pieces will have the impact of bringing up your overall positions and are more likely to be shared by others.

By preparing some good-quality content and then sharing it through your social media channels you are more likely to get others to share it, the more ‘viral’ your information goes the better and the new Google changes will reward you quicker for this.

Content has always been king but it is now more important than ever and implementing a content strategy for your business is the quickest way to search engine success in 2016.

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