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With any form of advertising we have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. 

With websites, once you a visitor’s attention, how do you get them to interact with you?

Website conversions

Generating website traffic is huge subject that we have covered many times over the years.

Regardless of how you encouraged the visitor, encouraging them to engage with you and then make contact is a whole other science.

We are all so used to using the internet on a daily basis by browsing from one website to another, so what is it that actually makes someone stick to a website and become a conversion – meaning they place an order, make a phone call or send an email?

As website owners generating traffic is only half the battle, so what are the things we must do to prevent someone leaving and encourage them to stay?

Top tips to gain interaction

Ensure your website is not only mobile friendly but also loads quickly. We have less patience online than at other times and no-one wants to wait for a slow load.

Ensure your website has a Secure Certificate, which helps to build trust and is also now a ranking factor that Google considers for any site that includes data entry fields.

Ensure your navigation is clear so a user can always find their way around.

Visitors getting lost can quickly become frustrated and leave.

Make sure your website is a combination of text, images and if possible video – we love interesting content and big blocks of text don’t cut it any more.

Ensure your content is error-free, poor-quality photos and bad video are worse than no photos or video and spelling mistakes in the copy are a no-no.

Include clear calls to action; that is instructions to your visitor on what to do next that may include ‘call today on…’, ‘click here for…’, ‘hurry, visit…’.

Feature trust signals such as any accreditations you may have or website security icons to give the visitor confidence that you are a genuine site.

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