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With the "warmer" weather many websites experience a reduction in visitor numbers as people are spending less time sat in front of a computer. This generalisation of course doesnt expand to all sectors eg travel websites generally experience an upturn, but many retail websites see a drop off through the spring and summer months.

With any business marketing activity, tracking where your successes come from is a crucial part of any decision to reinvest in any form of advertising or marketing, and in a similar way monitoring where your visitors are coming from gives you a better understanding of how well your website marketing is performing.

How do you Track Visitors?

There are many software solutions available to help you to track who is coming to your website and where from. In complex applications we use advanced codes to pinpoint visitor movements but for many websites we can recommend a free piece of code that can be accessed by registering on www.statcounter.com.

When you register you are given a piece of code to add to your website that records a limited number of visits to your website before the history is replaced by new visits, the only limiting factor being the regularity by which you have to check the statistics before they are updated.

By logging into statcounter you can view the history and note where the visitors are coming from. By recording the computer addresses and regularity of visits you can normally isolate regular visitors, such as your competitors and name them for future analysis.

A big advantage of the code is that you can determine how the visitors are finding you. By noting the number of visitors that come to you simply by typing in your website domain name you can establish that these visits have most likely been generated by your offline marketing eg a company brochure or business card.

You can also see how many visitors are coming via a particular search engine and in the visitor history you can determine the keywords that were used to find you. This information is useful in helping you to make future search engine marketing decisions.

When used in collaboration with good search engine analysis software you can begin to build up a profile of your website and its visitors that can help you to understand what works well for you and what doesnt, helping you to make strategic decisions about your website in the future.

Investing in a website can be one of the most important decisions for your business as we continue in the information age, and like any investment, you need to know how well it is performing in the marketplace.

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