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This month I am going to talk about infographics – the visual displays of facts and figures that have been appearing everywhere.


Infographics are ubiquitous – you’ll see them online, in magazines and also on TV.

They are visual representations of facts and figures, often including graphs, related imagery and a flow of information.

Infographics are not new but they are becoming more popular. So why do we love them so much?

Compare an image to a block of text and most people would look at the image first, as it is much easier to digest the information.

An infographic combines the best of both worlds.

They are an engaging way of displaying statistical information which not only makes them interesting, they are also easier to absorb and the data is easier to process, particularly at speed.

Why read a bunch of statistics that are hard to process when you can absorb the information much more quickly and it tends to stick if it is an image – after all, the brain works on images.


Why should I use them?

As well as making it easier for readers to absorb the content, using an infographic as part of your content marketing strategy has many benefits.

Firstly, because they are engaging, they benefit from the ‘share-factor’.

Include infographics in your blog and online news and you will find more people share the content because it is interesting and they understand what you are trying to say.

As the shares increase your content spreads the good word about your business.

When you place an infographic on your website, include an embed link.

This will start to build up your quality inbound link levels in a very natural way.

Inbound links are great for your search results and you will start to see not only traffic coming in from the content that has been shared, but gains within the rankings too.

Producing infographics that include quality statistics in a well-designed container will set you apart from your competitors and demonstrate that you are an expert in your fields.

By producing thought-leadership content others will start to view your expertise and this will have wider benefits as other online operators, bloggers and businesses refer back to your website, blog or social profiles to create a real snowball effect.

If you haven’t started using infographics yet you could be missing out on a great opportunity.

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