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What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of building links from other peoples websites to your own website. A link is the shortened term for hyperlink which are pieces of text on a website that when clicked take you somewhere else.

Link Building is where the link actually brings a visitor to your own site, and the most important visitor is Google. Notice how when you visit a website, sometimes you see pages dedicated to links. Well these links have often been built to help the search engine positions of the website that they direct to, rather than the website that they are on, and often form part of a link swap between the two companies.

Why are Links so important?

Google has many ways of determining the popularity of a website and relevance to the person who is searching and one of the key factors is the number of links that a website has coming in to it. Googles rationale is that if a website is linking to your website then it is effectively recommending you to its visitors and so it gives you a plus point. The value of this plus point is determined by the relevance of the link. A relevant link is one that is on a website that is related to your own in terms of its content. There are several ways that you can build relevant links to help your search engine positions.

Creating Relevant Links

Because a links relevance is determined by the content of the website that it is on, it can be relatively easy to get some good quality links back to your own website, without needing the help of a Search Engine specialist. The easiest links to get are from your suppliers. Ask your suppliers if they would be prepared to add a link from their website to your website to help you promote their products. Perhaps your supplier has a recommended reseller section make sure they are linking to you, as this will ultimately help their own sales. If you have customers who use your product or service, maybe they will link back to your website as an authority on their service. This can be a valuable way to increase the number of links. If you work with a trade-body or organisation that guarantees your service, ask them if they would mind linking to you, it is likely that their website content will be seen to be relevant in the eyes of Google.

Link Building is something that can be done as and when you come into contact with other businesses, and will benefit your search engine positions, without cost and with very little effort, don't miss this trick!

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