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In last month’s column I talked about digital PR and how website owners can use these techniques to boost website traffic, as well as helping with search engine rankings.

This month I am going to talk about video marketing and how you can use video to give your business an online boost.


Online video


Video is such a powerful medium because it engages multiple senses (sight, sound and feeling), and as such, the content of a video is so much easier to process than reading text content.

Video content is ‘stickier’ than text content and Google will rank video higher than static text-based content, so having video on your website is better than not having it.

Just like photography, bad video is worse than no video at all and even though Google will give you a boost, if the content is of poor quality, is inconsistent or is pointless you will quickly lose the interest of the viewer.

With the ever-growing use of smartphones video is easier to create than ever (but note the point above!), and with Vine and Instagram video sharing through social media is on the rise.

The stop-motion technology allows hand-held and very short videos to look effective and quickly communicate messages.


The best ways to benefit from video


If you are putting a video on your website, use a streaming service. We recommend Vimeo as there are no adverts; youTube shows adverts at the end – which could be your competitors.

Ensure any videos on your website are of a good quality, they don’t have to cost a fortune but they do represent your business.

Create a youTube channel for all videos and when you upload them ensure you add a relevant title, description and add keywords as this will help the videos on your channel to rank on the search engines.

Create a Google+ Local page and reference your youTube videos onto the page.

You are allowed five and this will help speed up Google’s manual review of your page and help it to rank well when live.

Try using Vine or Instragram on your smartphone and use social media to share it.

Twitter is particularly good and because Twitter posts now rank in Google, referencing your website in the post can help your search engine rankings.

Next month the journey through digital marketing continues with a review of blog writing and how you can best use blogs to build your profile.

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